XBOX - Update 33 - Character Creation

I noticed that since the update the character creation has been changed to allow FEWER choice options. I hope the final release changes this as I think the options for character creation prior to the update were better. IMHO

On a side note, in both pre and post update I notice that the female characters look like they have MAN-HANDS. I hope this too will be fixed with the 08-May Release.

EDIT: How is RED hair not even an option? What about the Nordheimer (Vanir)? Now to be true to the Norheimer you basically are forced to (Aesir) blonde hair. I would say that I feel like a red-headed step-child, but there is no option for red hair!


is the battle braids been added to the hairstyles for the male? i heard it was mentioned somewhere that dreadlocks was going to be added

I do not know. I will test it today.

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Thankyou, is there way to change hairsyle or beard after creation?

I went through the creation process for a male character on a different server. I did not see any hairstyle that was braids for the males. Only the females have braids as far as I can tell with the 33 Update on XBOX.

At this point, I do not think there is any way to change the hairstyle for the head or face after the character is created.