You have completely broken PVE

Base stats:

Strength: 24
Agility: 7
Vitality: 37
Accuracy: 0
Grit: 34
Encumbrance: 5
Survival: 2


Head: Godbreaker Helmet (+3 Grit) [Master Armor Plating]
Chest: Redeemed Silent Legion Chest (+3 Strength) [Weight Reduction Kit]
Hands: Godbreaker Gauntlets (+3 Strength) [Master Armor Plating]
Legs: Guardian Legplates (+2 Strength) [Master Armor Plating]
Feet: Guardian Sabatons (+2 Strength) [Master Armor Plating]

So you end up with 37 Strength, then you eat all the special fishes that add +3 to attributes to get the 4th Strength perk (more damage on heavy hits), more HP and so on. I can’t check the armor modifications right now but I think I used Master Armor Plating for everything but the chest, I can barely carry anything and you might be able to use the weight reduction kit on more items to be able to carry more without losing too much defense.
The defense in the stats sheet is at 80% or 81% depending on whether you use reduction kits or armor plating.

My weapon is a Blade of the Adventurer with a Master Weapon Fitting.

For food I use these two items: Feast of Derketo AND Herbal Tea. Both can stack their regenration effects, they heal a lot by default already but get boosted by 100% from the vitality perk. The feast is rather expensive but the herbal tea (which is extremely strong by itself already) is very cheap. Alternatively to the feast you can use the “Hearty Stew” which is very easy to make and almost as good.

I play on 1.5 damage multiplier (NPC Damage Multiplier set to 1.5), so enemies deal 50% more damage to me and I rarely have problems facing a boss alone. With the heavy attacks of my sword I stack cripple effects so whenever I get low I can run away a few meters, eat and drink my food stuff and regenerate in basically 3 seconds from almost dead to full health.

To further add some damage I take a stack of Scorpion Queen poison with me, this stuff is extremely cumbersome to use but can add some nice damage at the beginning, in some fights (crocodile boss) you sometimes have enough time to reapply it fast enough to keep the x10 stack for longer.

The only bosses that are hard to do alone and require lots of running are the two-handed sword skeleton in the wine cellar (he basically takes half my health with a single hit), the last boss in the wine cellar (due to the adds) and the Arena Champion (is doable but still hits like a truck).

Obviously, all bosses require you to dodge and manage your stamina. You are not a tank like in Age of Conan where you can just take like 15 hits before getting critically low on health (it’s simply a different game) but with this build I am very durable, can sprint a lot (seriously, the stamina bar barely moves if you sprint) and still dodge if needed while also dealing a decent amount of damage.


Learned some stuff here. Nice post!


I have 40 vit and cant tank anything. But then again, I use medium armor.

  • heavy armor?

Can you even pick up anything, without being over-ENC?

Wait wait wait… For me tanking <> spaming a crap amount of healing items. Tanking = you dont lose health barely at all, without using healing items.

If I still have to use it, then whats the point?

Thats what I think would be a Tank. In any GAME…

So thats why I was wondered, when you talked about a “tank build for most bosses”. When I still need to use healing items, I can still use my medium armor. I dont die on a single hit (2h sekeleon wine cellar or arena champion). 2 hits is death :smiley:

I would say, its more a “paladin” build. Decent dmg and can reduce dmg by alot, but not all. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I have found that Conan Exiles is as fun as a person makes it. I like to play using the daggers. When my husband played, he was my tank who uses a sword and shield. Then he stopped playing and I had to adjust to playing alone.

The thralls allowed me to do that. I did not send in my thrall alone and watch them fight. That would make the game boring.

Thralls only seemed as powerful as the time I put into leveling and equipping them. I don’t have a lot of time on this game.

It seems most people on here have been upset because they could send in their thralls and not fight.

I’m sorry that those of you who did that found it dull. I never sent my pet or thrall in and watched them fight for that very reason. Honestly, I never even thought to do that- my thralls always seemed to need my help.

Not once did I ever feel like my thrall was the hero.

With these changes, it seems the variety of weapons are useless now because we must all play tanks. My evasive dagger damage-dealing character was so much fun. Although I never got into the bow and arrow, my husband used it occasionally when he did play, to lure enemies into an area for an ambush. From what I’ve been reading in these forums, the bow wasn’t powerful to begin with.

It seems like the people who felt like the game could be “cheesed” decided to play it that way and then complain. Now, the game has been changed and we must all play as tanks with swords and shields.

I truly hope these changes make most people happy. Personally, I liked having the choice and variety before- in weapons and play style.

If the game is changing permanently into this direction, it is going to lose me. I can’t imagine that I am alone.

At least it was fun while it lasted. As my time is limited on Conan Exiles, I never got to explore the entire world and I never felt the need to rush through it.

So sad.


Yeah… Thats what I also thought… So instead of fighting with your thrall, people are sitting on rocks and shooting healing arrows?! o_O Yeah, sounds boring as hell :smiley: But why would you do that? :smiley: :smiley: Just becaue, you “can”?

And sometimes I also dont help my thrall. But thats 5-10%, when I do sth else (eat a snack, go to the toilet, etc).

Before thralls “cheesing”, most tactics were: get the boss stuck somewhere and/or shoot >200 arrows & snake arrows at it.
Woooooooooooow. So much fun. So much tactic. So much gameplay.

Many dungeon cheese tactics were based on the double jump, so that you are at a place where you shouldnt normaly be (as climbing is deactivated in dungeons).

No need for shield. Just run in a circle, while your thrall does combos and the stupid bosses/NPCs aggro the only thing, which doesnt even attack it… “AI rework” :smiley:

We need boss-killing weapons. The Act of Violence was sth like that, with it random crit-hit. But it was OP in PvP and therefore nuked into oblivion :smiley:

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Encumbrance is at 10, yes. Since I already have most important things I barely need to pick up anything, in the case of legendary weapons I only pick up the ones I don’t yet have or only the really useful ones (like another Blade of the Adventurer for example). This build is pretty much only for fighting.

I guess the term “tanking” is rather subjective if you look at it like that as it is with all of those “class descriptions”. Most games have tanks that work in different ways, while in Age of Conan tanks are more on the “classical” side their healers for example work nothing like normal healers, they are no heal bots and have just as much DPS potential (in some scenarios even more) than DPS classes. In Overwatch there are typical tanks with shields but also tanks who are DPS- and self-heal-oriented (in a way, my build is very comparable to the character “Roadhog” lol) are completely differ from the “typical tank”.
So yeah, I would consider this build to still be a tank build because I can take far more hits than someone with barely any vitality and in light armor, if I run around in a high encumbrance build (for farming) I can sometimes get overwhelmed by a few hyenas… while in my other build their damage is pretty much insignificant.

Being a classical tank like in Age of Conan is not possible in Conan Exiles, that’s why there is the dodge system, the focus of the combat system lies in completely different things and a character who can just take every hit would break the combat system… like the OP thralls currently do. They deal all the damage, take all the hits and you can stand there and do the cheer emote (kinda like when Casilda in Age of Conan follows your through the jungle after you saved her lol).

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Thats why I run around in an “overall build” without respecing at all. My last respec was ~6-7 months ago :smiley:

But I have 2 different armor sets. For heat = medium aqualonian armor = vit at perk4 and for cold is Khitan and thats str at perk4.

But I am mostly in warmer regions… Maybe I will try Cimmerian Fur instead of Khitan.

Stats I know fix:
ACC = 0.
SURV = 5 + with witchdoctor mask & BB tools = 20 for getting resources - thats why I need a BB cleaver, not that damn Maw of Hyena.
GRIT = 17 + with fish = 20 = perk2
ENC = 27 + with potion or Baalpteor razor (always in Inv, as it has 0 weight): >= 30, which has 10% more ENC (insane boost)
AGI perk 2, because I dont want to die all the time from falling dmg
VIT is at perk 3 with +10 vit armor = perk4 (I have 10, because I use the Sobek gauntlets which give +2 VIT + rest of Auqlonian infantry medium) And the fish gives +3 too, so maybe I will fine-tune my VIT/STR better.
STR is at perk 3 with +9 str armor + fish (+3 STR) = over perk4.

I can make >2hours farming rounds at UC and still not be over-ENC. And if I am, i just pop the potion (always with me) and have another 40minutes to farm (then I should run home).

I always have tools with me, also 2 grit potions and 1 enc potion. Also legendary kits, >150 arrows, etc. So ENC is really needed.
Never had a build for “only fighting”.

Edit: Updated the STR and VIT.


Yeah it seems like you have a very different playstyle than me, since I am coming from an MMORPG I like having highly specialized builds that suit a certain situation perfectly, in my case it’s either faming (and building) or combat only. Is a “jack of all trades” build more useful in multi player? I never really played MP here in Conan Exiles (only on a private server where the admin didn’t like my building and simply deleted it) so I don’t know if my build would even be viable in a PvP scenario.

In PvP I would get killed 99% of the time. In PvE it works fine. Yeah, I somtimes still die against NPCs, but thats mostly my own fault…
Like trying to fight 20 people, while my thrall bugs around anywhere at the map.

Or simple just falling to my death, because fall dmg is back :smiley:

Try hearty stew combined with herbal tea… Works better than pork… Also try daggers and avoid the boss with a hilarious backflip and never flee away from ur thrall… U r not strong because u can craft star metal or wield legendary weapons… u r the kickass barbarian cause u can outsmart and get a head over with ur tactics… Btw… Which boss is soooo hard for u?

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PVE single player is a mess, I agree, and it’s a shame because that’s why I bought the game… They over nerfed dodge, which was great with light and medium armor and single player (without thrall as well) making those armors less usefull, now they add this… At least I suppose you can toggle enemy damage in the settings, but still…

Never really liked PVE in this game, and PVE is 50% of the reason i used to play (The other 50% was persuading people to not blow my entire base)

Its not made to be a selling point. Boss mechanics are basically non existant, aside from warmaker and perhaps the abyssal remnant. The rest are just normal mobs with increased size,damage and health and a prettier skin.

Their numbers are not fair for a solo fight. They don’t want you to solo fight them anyways, thats why thralls exist and are the way they are. The colossal damage and hp pool.

Its about PVP And basebuilding. Bosses are merely another way to keep you playing a bit longer and not leaving the loot drops in a mere chest, rather a living creature drop.

IMHO, the only way to make PVE in this game somewhat decent is by completely rebuilding everything, starting from boss mechanics, adding more interactivity in their fights, nerfing thralls so they are help and only that, buffing player stats, turning armor variety more relevant than just weight/insulation. But that obviously won’t happen.

Or raise your shield or back-flip?

Exactly. Instead of running away, block with a shield, then your thrall should not have that much difficulty to hit the boss and get aggro for some time. The only problem is a boss that does the overhead swing with a two-handed weapon, as that goes throught the shield block and has to be dodged.

Ok so I have tested my build today in PvE against a few Unnamed City bosses and I have to say, I actually do tank the bosses like a classical “MMORPG tank”. I haven’t played in a while (a few weeks) and I wanted to confirm that my build still works. The Bat, the Brute, The Commander and to a degree the Guardian of the Flame as well as the Wight boss I could basically face tank while doding whenever they startet to stunlock me.
Only once or twice I needed to kite the boss for a few seconds to regain some health, other than that I could pretty much “tank” them. Took a while sometimes to take them down but I was alone and as usual, “tanks” will deal less damage in order to survive longer.
I wish I could take a video but my computer is just too bad for that. And what I realized, I use a mod that makes my Blade of the Adventurer actually weaker (5 damage and some armor pen less) while still having the increased NPC damage active (tested it again without the mod and the bosses definitely went down a bit faster).

The only bosses I can’t easily take on are the dragons. They smack you around like crazy unless you manage to get below them where they can’t attack you at all but that’s cheating in my opinion.

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PvE is fine and a lot of fun. No game is perfect and this game has gotten a lot better. I am having a fantastic time. People that use the ‘Cheese Method’ are just being lazy. It is kind of like saying

You can walk across that highway anywhere you want, but then you get run over by a truck. Then you respawn and complain that the designers of that highway need to redesign it so YOU can walk across that highway anywhere YOU want. Then somehow the designers DO make a change then YOU decide YOU don’t LIKE that crossing method and change…then complain again. Sounds foolish right?

I play in Medium or Light or a combination of Light/Medium. I play like I played LoTRO/SWTOR as a ‘Tank’…meaning I LEARNED how to not just take damage but also keep an eye out for whom I need to take aggro off of and even switch to DPS for multi-tanking.

In CE similar happens in both team play and solo/follower play. I change the follower weapons as I need to based upon the Type of Enemy and then also have a ‘General All Around’ that works and is 75% of what I use. I also PvP exactly the same (PvP is only 10% or less of game play) and I rarely ever die. Here are pics of my Purge/Defense/Battle armor. Yeah…people laugh and say no way…you play YOUR way and I play MY way.

This works perfectly for any Boss in the game and I can keep aggro almost the entire fight. My sister (in game T3 Hyborian Bearer) and I take down everything in this game together.

Pics of my combat armors for the warm weather.

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I totally agree with the OP, PvE is now broken. Running away or around in circles (“kiting” the mobs) is not fun, nor is it in the spirit of the game as described by Funcom. This game WAS really fun! But having an entire village of high-end mobs swarm you while ignoring your thrall is also NOT fun.

Please fix this–of all the things broken by the Follower Update, this is the worst! The very LEAST you could do is increase the players’ hp, to offset these changes.

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My experience is almost totally opposite, I have difficulties to intercept the mobs when they all run for my thrall instead of me.
What were the commands you gave your thrall? I gave mine the ‘protect me’ command. And it seems to me that it is protecting me by auto-aggroing everything that comes near us.

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that is a typical complain that ussually comes from thrall based tactics… time to adapt, learn to play without one, use ur own builds , armours , weapon setups etc… it is part of the fun of the game… also adds a lot in understanding the mechanics and how to use em in ur advantage