You put out more DLC, but haven't fixed the game



So do I pay attention to the action behind the words. Not only the actions of the developers and CMs but also the actions of the people playing the game. Some players want to be mad and that is fine; I will not be mad with them as I am playing and enjoying the game and the new DLC. I do not have the stutters mentioned in the OP and I do not have issues with the new DLC. My story ends with me enjoying the game. If there comes a time that I do not enjoy the game, I will stop playing it.


Who is mad? Some criticism and irony is wel placed and warranted considering the mess the game is. No, I no longer enjoy playing and so I’m no longer playing atm. And I rather burn 10 10Eur notes rather then giving 1 to Funcom right now. Releasing a not ready DLC upon a game in this state? That is bad faith, it should be labeled a crime even(now don’t go quoting this and replying to that, ok?). Nice that you enjoy playing in your new armour that has no stats, your building blocks who do not queue and who’s placement is screwed up, no ty, I’ll stick with mine for now. What is see is the actions from Funcom and the work they deliver. The actions from the players I care less about, I did not buy a product from them, I am not using a product they created and I’m not playing on their server(I know it’s (undersized)rented GPortal).


Thanks for your team effort, I will wait patiently :blush:


The fact that DLC production and bug fixes are two separate teams, while probably mostly true, is a terrible excuse. I used to agree with it back in the EA days, because - well, it was EA. It no longer is, yet the game doesn’t feel any more stable or finished than it did then. There’s more of it, which is fine, but it’s not better.

Of course the fact that errors and bugs occur even in (paid) DLC that is supposedly entirely cosmetic is just… beyond words, really.

I paid for (one of) the DLC packs, so I’m part of the problem (if releasing games in this state works, why would they change their behavior) but it will most definitely be the last money I use on any Funcom product unless the most glaring bugs are fixed.

AI behavior being the most glaring, right now. But is that on the roadmap? Probably not. Instead we’re going to get pet taming, which sounds great but since it apparently works almost exactly the same as thralls… it’s just going to be another thing that will sound good in marketing videos, but plays horribly.


My only issue with the DLC is the price. Theyre very content lite for $10, $5 would be much more reasonable, especially considering how many of these there will likely be.


Quite a few of our developers actively play the game and are involved in the modding community, which we love dearly. However, crowdsourcing of this kind requires more overhead - it would require a pipeline set up where we would be able to

  1. contact modders directly (not always possible or practical),
  2. checking their implementation, and
  3. redo the implementation.

Since what the modding community works on is not always the latest version of blueprints, tables, etc, this is bound to cause more problems than solve and require much more time than it seems.

Talking about giving credits, if you look for them, there are actually quite a few Easter Eggs in the game which are direct “thank yous” from us to the mod community and special individuals :wink:


Just to reiterate @Tascha 's point. When one of us modders actually does fix something. Its not so easy sometimes to just open the file in the devkit. You need the DIRECT working files. The mod on the workshop is ‘cooked’ which means it cannot be opened in the devkit.

For example I made a fix to archery. If Funcom wanted to implement it, they’d have to contact me and say “hey, can we have the data table?” It’d be simply easier for me to send them a letter with a printout of the changes and they just enter them in.

That’s just for a data table edit. Some of these mods have very intricate and complex dependencies. You’d need the files and the person explaining exactly how they made the connections via the methods they utilized between objects (look up definition of methods and objects as it pertains to coding).

Rumor has it they did try to get in touch with the Pippi mod devs and even tried to see if they’d move to Norway to help work on the game. That’s pretty much what you’d need to do in order to get a mod implemented in to the base game depending on what it adds or fixes.

Cause sometimes you just need the developer of the mod in person to explain things. It requires alot of explaining, analogies, and comments.

Coding is a personal thing. Everyone does it differently. Some do things one way and others another. Sure typing Print Hello World in basic is the way everyone writes their first program. But when you start doing bigger and more complex things. What works in your head doesn’t always translate clearly to others.


Let’s head back to where we were in the other thread. In my opinion, Aquilonian should’ve been part of the game at launch: it looks like it fits in, and works perfectly for everything I’ve been missing. So when I speak of a composed and full-for-release CE, I speak of it post-Aquilonian. To me, that section of “Build” was sorely missing – a refined, clean brick with a royal flair. Khitan is better than anything I could’ve dreamed of, honestly, so I really think it goes above and beyond. Anyway, that’s the context in which I meant “polished,” as in if it were part of the greater game and not paid DLC, I’d call it a victim of polish.

Realistically, I would have paid $60 for this title on the PC, so including the $10 for the Aquilonian Pack, I’m still ahead of the game when it comes to inherent value. There. That’s my disclaimer.

I believe we are now beyond a faith-based prognostication when it comes to whether Conan Exiles is Abandonware. It is not. When a dev makes a commitment, and sees a cash advantage to continuing further development via DLC, they are demonstrating to the greater community that they are here for a long-ish haul. I speak as a PS4 player eager for parity, because what I’m saying isn’t really a hard sell in the PC world. The DLC says to all my PS4 friends that it’s still being developed, and will continue until we get something for the PS4 that’s close to the PC experience.

People who play this game, like any, develop systems of workarounds because they want to play this game. I want the PS4 port to be as free of that as possible, because that community really deserves access to Conan Exiles with few limitations.

Furthermore, the userbase on Steam shows steady traction, in numbers averaging just under 10,000 players. I think that number will jump significantly at the release of Pets and taming. I know you speak derisively about the thrall system. I bleed thrall blood, man, I lost 13 Conchakas by deleting a single piece of Tier 2 Fence, as chunks of her formerly-glorious tower flew off, victim to vagaries of a patch. One of my duders came back from an amazing romp out killing human players, only to grunt and fall to his ignominious death through the floor. I weep for my duders. I know how good it can be though. So this really is just a “give it time” thing.

Lastly, the people who develop the PS4 port also do the AI. It makes sense that they’d roll up an NPC adjustment into an advanced/improved thrall mechanism. Considering creatures have apparently always had their own stunbar, this seemed only hand-in-glove reasonable through all of early access (even though we won’t be knocking out little hyenas). For this reason I can make a calculated stab that what we saw around Patch 32 for NPC/thrallie goodness will return with a vengeance with Taming.

TLDR: DLC good for community, brings in new blood, but an improved thrall/NPC system (which includes creatures) brings players back. :smiley:


DLC is good ofc, after the core mechanics work… good that you bring up the steam statistics…. now take a very close look at those stats… And Funcom has only themself to blame for that… Do you see a spike when this DLC was released? People are not stupid… Funcom acted in bad faith and is paying the price for that.


I took part in the preflight contest for free DLC, and got in and out quickly. So did most everybody I know, and that means every swinging tasset around here, and Steam, was playing. It seems to me this might put a dent in the urgency for a great deal of people, as “free” things rarely set the world on fire at first.

Now maybe I’m biased, but then again when you put the hours in you reap the rewards. Last night on 1X Vanilla I benefited from someone else’s Purge by recruiting a unique and my first T4 Smith, and I found a T4 Armorer all on the post-baking trip to collect So it’s been going pretty well. There are still glitches with thralls, but I can even reliably rope them with elevators now. Seems fairly good.

The thralls on the other guy’s tower were laser-beaming me with arrows and axes. I collected about 30 dragonbone axes in 30 seconds, so I’m extra bubbly. I’m sorry you feel like the game is broken.


Try the official servers first, then tell me that the game is not broken. I can go in SP and spawn whatever I want and trigger whatever I want whenever I want it, but that is not how I play the game.

You are biased? noooo? Common Barnes…


Yeah I’ve had a great time! Clearly that makes me happy with the game, and thus positive about it.

Most of my 2,800 hours of gameplay is on official PVP servers. :slight_smile:

When I lost my Conchakas on Official, I wrote a poem about it, then joined a server where the purge is operating correctly. A poster here named @science came up with the solution, and it has been quite satisfying on a Private 1X Vanilla PVP.


I’m happy for you that you still enjoy the game without the thralls working, without the purge working correctly and with the countless bugs. Good that you found yourself a private server. I play on an official server on which the core mechanics do not work, as on all the official servers and I expect, as many others clearly on this forum(not taking you into account), funcom to fix it before they release money grabbing rushed flawed DLC and pets that will work like the thralls that do not work in the first place. I want funcom to come with solutions, and they do not include playing SP or going to a ghost private server.


I bought this game today, spent hours getting iron gear, only to die for the first time and have my body no where to be seen, relogged, ran away, died again and still nothing. I’ve seen countless post about this bug and by the looks of it its been months with still no word of being fixed? Can I have a rebate for wasted hours?


How did you die again the second time if I may ask?


lol, I think you got the wrong topic here. You can get a refund if you played < 2h in steam.

About your body: if you do not see it at the marker, leave the area and return. Your corpse will be there, it in indeed a know bug that has been around for a long time and has been flagged ‘solved’ in past patches. Clearly it is not. If you cannot get a refund, welcome to the club of unhappy funcom customers.


Well no, I’ve played tournament tennis where I could pick the court, from among a bunch across town because of my Bye. There are some places in town i just stopped playing, you know? I took a break from the courts downtown because the nets weren’t adjusted right. Officials are like that now. When they get adjusted correctly, I and we will return to Officials in hordes.

I offer a lot of my gaming time to TestLive, so after the 16th, honestly I’m going to be out of cycle with something as easy as a Raid Window. TestLive is 24/7 raid. Who’s the OG now? :stuck_out_tongue:


Broken is an oft used phrase that is oft used in the wrong context
Broken is not being able to play at all. Or having a game breaking bug so bad that it prevents any playing. Obviously that is not the case.

Mod edit: Very minor typo :grinning:


Also your corpse may have blown into seperate pieces so watch out for a foot or hand sticking out of the ground as they can be hard to spot. If you died next to a slope your corpse may have slid down a hill. If you died next to a node your corpse may be inside the node.


“Funcom Quality” I guess