Your Favourite Org (not what you think)

One of the things I like about AO is some of the randomness that can be found, take Orgs, specifically people who have created an Org just for their bank toons, you get to see some very creative names, that often inspire me to think of what their back story could be.

Personally, I love seeing Orgs like ‘Newland Waste Management’ to me seeing them wander around Newland adds something to the game.

Many years ago there was an Org (I confess I’m not sure on the name) called something like ‘Healers of Borealis’ which was only open to Doctors, Advie, and MA’s. The idea was if you needed heals for a raid/team you got in touch with them. I’m not sure how successful they were in the end, but I loved the idea.

The Rubi-Ka Players’ were an acting troupe that put on small plays/comedy shows that you could go along to see, usually in some odd random location.

So over the years what, if any, have been some of the Org names or Org ideas that you have found fun or interesting?

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Back when player cities were out in the wilds when you entered its zone you’d get the message:

“You are entering a city controlled by xxxx”

“You are entering a city controlled by the KGB”

“You are entering a city controlled by Very Bad Things”

and many others gave a laugh.

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