Your local admin panel or How to quick fix game stats

There are plenty of people complaining, and rightly so for their specific games, about the various changes to thralls. This also leads into a general argument involving character and boss stats. I would simply like to point out, there are dozens of controls in the admin panel that allow you to change these very figures. Unless they have removed these options (they were there for me two days ago) you can adjust both up and down your characters damage given/received. This can also be done for the rest of the creatures/npcs in the game.

Is it a perfect fix? Of course not, but a little tweaking by whoever has admin control can resolve many of these issues.

However, you cannot change thralls independent of npcs. So a nerf to thralls and not bosses cannot be readjusted. The setting MinionDamage was deactivated either at launch or shortly after. Now, minions are affected as npcs from the server. So while yes, you can buff your player to make up for the thrall being a potato, you cant restore thralls to their former prowess without buffing bosses for example by the same factor. If MinionDamage and MinionDamageTaken (which is a round about method of a health boost) were enabled, those of us who rent private servers or own our own could adjust the experience to our own player’s taste. I honestly cannot think of any justification why this cannot be reenabled and welcome the explanation for it. Instead, we must all apparently suffer the results of changes made for PVP. It does not seem unreasonable to me that the settings be reenabled, but then again there may be something I dont know. All I do know is, buffing players will make bosses more enjoyable to solo, but it wont make thralls more relevant.


As I said, it’s not a perfect fix to be certain. It certainly does resolve many issues I have seen, i.e. ‘my character is too weak for boss fights’.

I rent a server myself and it can be a tad difficult to find a happy balance or perfect blend but I would contend that every game comes with that. Unless we program our own games we’re always going to find something we’d do different.

I think in this case though, its not that there’s something we’d do different, its that something is being post facto done to our game experience. Many of us have a game we like. We play it to ourselves and dont ask for changes that would impact others. In this case though, on the altar of “game balance” (a phrase that makes me gag especially since there are tiers of everything in the game and none are by definition “balanced”), the game play of all must be changed for a subset of the player base. What you suggest can be implemented to make bosses defeatable in the same amount of time yes. I will be doing just that after the thrall nerf. But it doesnt change the fact that thralls are less relevant and we will need MORE thralls for the equivalent level of base defense as a result. This will lead to more strain on the servers who dont implement thrall caps and people on officials will likely be even more unhappy with thrall caps. Add to that thralls that die because of their poorer health due to friendly fire, after grinding them up to level 20, and there will be many unhappy players indeed. But someone somewhere will be happy that the game has been “rebalanced”. Yay. I cant even fake that enthusiasm…


What i believe is simple and i believe that you tottaly agree. This is the game, this is the gameplay. Learn how to and all the others are just conversations. The creators decide, they fix and we play. I don’t say we must not wish, they fix this forum so they can hear our wishes, still they only know what to do and how to do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Yeah I’m not going to ascribe ill motives or anything, its just hard sometimes.

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The frustration is understandable but it was never my intention to delve deeply into the subject. I have simply observed that many complaints, though by no means all, are base level in this regard and can be overcome using the admin panel. I’ve actually been surprised to learn that a few people aren’t even aware of it.

Yeah, this has been my solution so far. NPCs have a 0.5 damage multiplier, so my thrall won’t die in battle, like ever, but he/she also won’t contribute to battles as much so I need to work for my legendaries. And I won’t go insta-splat if I happen to miss a dodge against a charging rhino. I get enough sense of danger for being a mediocre player.

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Yeah, it is at least somewhat of a fix. A bit annoying to switch settings when you face specific enemies (don’t want to make some creatures too weak, but I don’t want bosses so OP as they are now compared to the player). Player will never be a tank if our stats like health are so low. I don’t know how it is in PvP, I don’t play it, but for Solo game I switch settings around. Game modes need to be decoupled and get decent rebalances.

With the right limited set of gear, you can tank bosses on vanilla settings. I agree though you shouldnt have to farm for one set to do it though

customize follower strenght attribute, it may fix pve, did some testing on testlive, something like 500 strenght okish. but people playing on oficial pve wont able to do this. lets wait, maybie they will change the mindset of nerfing thralls

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