Zavek and Werk...T4 thralls NEVER spawn

Seriously, what gives with the spawn chance for the heavy cimmerian armorer Zavek and Werk? I know all their spawn locations and been scouting them out for the last 6 months and they never spawn. Spent least 100 hours looking for either of them but no luck. I played on two different servers and no other players have seen them either.

Funcom…toss us a bone. Can you please check these two thralls spawn rates? They vanished from their respected spawn locations.

Official PvP servers


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I found a lot of them ( and one not so long ago ) on official server , I think it’s just a streak of bad luck .

Where…the regular locations?

Got 2 Werks from Mounds of the Dead and several Zaveks from Sinners refuge. Never farmed exile camps… Waste of time and way to much to run.

I still need … and she is is also driving me insane.
I needed 1.5 weeks, where I spent >3hours each night for T4 Derketo Priest.

Also Chieftain Aslaug is the next nightmare… I never understood this hard nerf of the Chieftains, when the game has sth like Chosen of Asura…

Targeting specific thralls is always a struggle or you have insane Luck :smiley:

yup , at the mounds of the dead 2nd village ( from the south west ) where the armorer spawn . and in sinner’s refuge for zavek ,

@jot29 yes derkehto named priest are a pain to get ( one of the rarest spawn with grr legbitter ) It took me a lot more than you to get one since I got one only a few days ago , after 3000h of gameplay ( of course I didn’t spent all this time looking for it :stuck_out_tongue: but I did camp several nights the pagoda of bounded lust )

Same as the other guys, mounds and sinners. Make sure everything dies when you leave. As an admin on a server I have watched many a player jet through a place complaining that thier target thrall never spawns, and they leave everything alive. ( apologies if that does not apply to you :D)

I see 1 or 2 grss a week in the little unnamed exile camps

Please, not on official PvP servers! Not talking private server here…

Well some private servers have vanilla settings and no mods that make them pretty similar to officials so it depends on his servers settings , but to see 2 grr per week i suppose you must have the mod to have a bit more T4’s to spawn than actual vanilla settings , on another hand , he is right about some players not killing the low tier npc’s to come back later ( same npc will be there ) and leave and come back without understanding they need to kill it so that it respawns with a < 1% chance for Grr legbitter in example on any of his potential campfires spawn as shown on the map ( )

ps : i have all armorers (non purge) the game can offer atm on officials , just took some time to get them but it’s doable

I had some trouble getting Liarn Steeltoe, spent about 4hrs straight slaughtering Dogs of the Dessert until I eventually found him at 2:30am :rofl:

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I believe I got one in the mounds last week

on live official pve, i still feel your pain…no Werk…no Zavek…i do have 6 Njorn Battleborns, why can’t the lost tribe spawn as well as nordheimers?

I actually got a zavek from a random black hand camp in the jungle 2 weeks ago

Got Werk last night. You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a pooooooor RNG. :confused:

Ya I got him out of sinners refuge after 5ish weeks farming exiles camps. Still no Werk, 3 months and hunting.

also I got a werk 3 days ago on a different server now (both official the werk was from the mounds)

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