Zero content, Beta test

So, theres no story at all just mini missions, some challenges and a custom mode. One single faction (could have stygian, defari etc) two heroes one behind a 12.99 paywall. Pretty much one map, highlands snowy areas anyone? Maps are all the same, nothing unique about them at all. Fire? I have to delete buildings/walls to solve this. Maps are too small. under 10 different unit types most of the game is based around only ever using 5-10 units anything more is pointless since defenses are the only way. One god, Mithra. idk man we need more to bite into.

This is a beta test or a unfinished game cash grab.

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Yea its a complete rip off. Me and my gf beat the 25 waves after i shamefully bought the dlc… Theres NOTHING to do after that. And look at the patches… nothing the community wants. Just doing work that should have been done months and months ago. I will never give another penny to either funcom or petroglyph. I don’t think anyone who bought this game will. What a terribly blatant cash grab. Disgusting human beings. You know its a rip off, don’t even try to act like you don’t. And even if you’re just a hardworking dev, ur just as bad. You’re fine being part of a scam as long as you get paid. Have some self-respect.

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The sounds music and effects are also just straight out of conan exiles. They probably just thew it together to make a quick buck. There will never be updates im sure.