A Christmas event should have nothing to do with Christmas




Did you deliberately misread my comment?


What are you talking about?


Prescribing to the common myth that Coke made Santa Claus red and white.


No, St Nicholas of Myra probably dressed like a greek priest. The “Coca-Cola” Santa Clause is base on the reformation era papal garments.


Coke just used the fact that Santa Claus has been depicted in red-white garments. Not only that, but they are not even the first company that did it. So, when I hear “Coca Cola Santa Claus”, I get shivers.


Red have by history ben an expensiv color and a symbol of Power, so no suprise that important persen present them self in red. But is was still Coca Cola that made x-mas red and no one ells, the rest was just folowerd. A red santa is promotion for a tastles sortdrink.


Not really, red is cheap. Red dyes can be made from iron, which is found everywhere, unlike in Conan. Typically expensive colours have been Purple (made from rare sea snails), Blue (made from cobalt) and Various shades of Yellow (often made from arsenic). Red Has always been the cheap color. The pope probably used red to signify the blood and sacrifice of christ along with demonstrating his own frugality by using a cheap color.


No long lasting red was only able to make when we got acces to the mexican cactus bug and that was werry expensiv so more or less onlt the king had the Money to be able to use it, b4 Europé was able to import that dye red was not and option.


A vibrant, clear red was not traditionally a cheap color, I believe. Muted, earth-like brown/red is another matter.


Don’t exclude Christ from Christmas.

If you can’t stomach the truth make it about something else, on a different date.

We have all winter to celebrate the cold.

Christmas should be shown a level of respect.

We already have Shemites. Why not throw in some Babylonians and roll with that.


Well… we could probably have a long and pointless argument about that. So let’s not :slight_smile: Seems most people agree, anyway. Specifically that we’d rather have a Winter Solstice-style event. Which, for the record, was celebrated long before Christianity in many parts of the world at (roughly) the same date as Christmas is now celebrated, and would fit Conan’s world much better thematically (which is the only argument that really matters).


Yes corect.


Yes almost all Cultures have celebrated the turn of the sune. Al modern religions specilal dayes are based on old religion cermonis. NO exeptions. And lock at the diferent local type of celebration play out and what day more important then oter is diferent. Its a redmake of what the people alredy selebrated.

But X-mass was never red befor that taistles slurp put it on the walls.


Or we could just dig into the lore and look for their versions of Christmas related to Conan gods and dodge the real world religions safely not leaving anyone out?


HEHEHE now you medded up real good, hehehe. Conan World is the real World, almost all of not all Howards storrys is in oure real World!


Don’t exclude Odin from Yule!


Have a Giant (avatar Sized) boss public event, you get a candycan, snowflake, snowball, whatever each time you participate. Once you’ve collected X amount of said item it can be turned into an NPC for a Gift, whats inside the gift is up to FC. I’d like to see some skins to cover up some of god awful looking armor sets. It’s simple, its not game breaking, it can be ignored if you choose, it allows for everyone of all level ranges to participate.


We all wish it were. Unfortunately, choices were made early in development that makes this anything but simple (according to The Powers That Be™).


I just hope the loot has more variety.