Adding this hairstyle to the base game would be super easy to do, just saying

This is one of the male hairstyle options that’s been added to the female hairstyle table in the devkit. It’s ridiculously easy to do (seriously I’ve done it myself, just copy and paste a few things, it takes less than a minute) and it looks great, so I’m honestly surprised it was never a female option to begin with.

A lot of people, myself included, have been asking for more hairstyle options for a while now, and this would be a very easy way for Funcom to at least throw us a bone until they can devote the time and resources to making new ones from scratch or whatever they decide to do.

Whadda ya say Funcom, ehhhh? Ehhhhhh? Ehhhhhhhhh???

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Especially the part about more styles to come eventually!

Agreed but they must implement a hairstyle change too!

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