More Hair Styles for both Female and Male Toons


Hi SWL Team, can we have more hair options for hair in the game, like long female hair ans long braids, better male hair bun and some cool new hair styles please ^^. Thanks


If I recall, when it comes to long hair the Devs have said in the past it will always be tied up. I think they talked about the way the hair is created and built. It seems like braids are unlikely or if they do appear will not go past the chin.

As for hairstyles in general, we could do with getting some of the selection we had back in TSW. The colour and styles seemed pretty varied there.


I asked this on a stream once back in TSW and they said they were working on something.
Guess they are still working on something.
Can we have the pencil moustache back too please? I see one of the NPC’s is sporting it on the intro cutscene for Lumie starting chars.


Totally agree

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Dissapointing that our options are more limited than what we had in TSW.

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Are they? At least for female characters, all of the styles that were available in TSW are available in SWL, plus a few extra. There are also a lot more color options. The only thing we’ve lost are some of the old two-tone colors (and a black that isn’t dark grey).

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I’d love to see a long hair style. I keep getting stuck with the bun cause everything else looks silly on my girl.


Really wish they add more long and cool hair styles, and abetter Manbun XD