The Secret World Classic - Seasonal Events

That argument to not work at funcom also goes in reverse:
Always the same people coming out to claim how easy something is. “Just the flick of a switch”
And how they could have done everything better than funcom.

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As an active player of TSW classic, who has tried SWL and couldn’t stand it (since the ability wheel and it’s never ending combination of new builds to try wasn’t present), I would LOVE to see the TSW events come back. If for nothing more than to see that Funcom actually cares about their players, even if it’s for a game that we know won’t get any NEW content.

We still love TSW and with all of it’s features (and flaws) and we still play it for that reason. We know this is a shot in the dark, but that’s not going to stop us from at least trying.

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This thread is all asking nicely what can players do to get stuffs, Except peoples who don’t work at Funcom giving responses for Funcom to those questions. Then those nice peoples respond to players answering for Funcom. It always starts with players who don’t work with Funcom answering for Funcom.

Some passive-agressive hits aren’t what I call “nicely” but OK.
Also… lots of people doubt any actual Funcom employees will answer you so some of them try to save you from disappointment. Do you actually think they’ll answer what you need to do? Like, “hey, peeps, make it 75k and then we’ll consider possibility”, what are you going to do then?
No one can and will make you stop asking, it’s nice to see forum active too. Just. :woman_shrugging:

This purpose of this forum isn’t really for asking for developers to answer questions. It’s for community discussion. Repeatedly asking questions that have been answered before in the hope that you can generate enough attention to pressure a different answer out of anyone isn’t nice.

If you want an actual answer from Funcom, you’d be better off sending them an email. But given that the answer is already known to be “no”, the attempted pressure tactic is being used instead.

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Weird, I didn’t see you post that in the thread where people ask for more hairstyles

Longest thread on the forum is people asking for stuff: Feedback & Suggestions

Funcom will not answer, just like they don’t answer any suggestion that was given in the past.

I don’t see the need for swl players tp feel threatened that tsw players would ask for activation of old events, or why they feel the need to play wall street stockbroker, funcom employee or Funcom IT.
I wonder whether guild wars 2 players also reacted like this when they heard that guild wars 1 got an anniversary event. (fyi, I don’t play tsw)

Good thing you know that Funcom is a champion in rewarding loyalty. :v:


You might have better luck if you’d used an example where people were actually asking for the devs to respond, instead of just asking for something to be added.

That’s why the feedback and suggestions thread is there - requests for things and changes in game are (apparently) welcome. Asking repeatedly for the devs to explain decisions that they probably aren’t even responsible for isn’t helpful or relevant to the forums.

If the OP is addressed to the devs only and not the community, then it shouldn’t be on the forums. If you post something with “What are the chances of that? Thoughts?” then you are asking for input from the wider audience, not just the devs.

First line is: Hi SWL Team, can we have more hair options for hair in the game.
I presume the OP of that thread requests an answer, but we’ve reached the point where forum police decides on the semantics and tone of voice of a sentence if it’s ok or not ok to post on a forum.

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Getting accurate feedback is one of the hardest part of development to my mind, so I’d say they definitely are very welcome.

I think the OP didn’t write its post with the idea it would be answered by any “Dev” directly but to show how much of adoption his idea could gather.
That aside, dev in the video game industry can be a hell of a job (regrettably) but answering the community is usually not part of their obligations. It’s more likely a community manager role and those managers act as spokesperson in the name of the company. As so they do represent the entity responsible, don’t they ?

TL;DR : Devs don’t usually answer questions on forum, nobody mentioned them, so why do they pop up now ?

I share the OP’s hope so I may be biased toward his view but I don’t think bringing a question that have already been answered to the table “isn’t nice”. And at least I don’t think it to be irrelevant.
The fact that TSW will not receive update anymore is confirmed, but some things changed ~recently :

  • SWL is now on maintenance mode
  • Funcom have been acquired by Tencent
  • TSW has regained momentum with people staying at home right now (I think). I may not keep clearing daily the 3 elite raids, a bunch of nightmare dungeons and quests as I do right now but I will definitely keep playing as I met really nice people and want to continue sharing dumb and funny things with them (RP walking raid, I’m looking at you here)

So I would be very happy if this post and what it creates - being pressure, excitement, proof of interest, worth, noise, voice or call it whatever you want as it’s the same thing from a different perspective to my mind - leads to the reactivation of seasonal events because the question it tackles is evaluated again in a different context and the answer is different this time.

Sorry for long post, here is a potato

And once again sorry for my English
Cheers !


Those RP dungeons / raids are fun =P

The CM’s job is not to answer questions about game development though. They aren’t responsible for telling people how to persuade the company how to change their mind about decisions, or to justify them. They’re in exactly the same situation as the Devs.

SWL is not in maintenance mode officially. TSW is in maintenance mode, SWL continues to have content developed for it, albeit at a very slow pace. A lot comes down to how you define the term “maintenance mode”, but SWL is still being worked on, unlike TSW.
TSW’s population will be well known to Funcom, they are the ones who actually have the numbers, unlike the rest of us. It doesn’t really make much difference if there are now 75 people logging in to TSW, the momentum generated is miniscule.

Tencent acquiring Funcom doesn’t really change anything for TSW. The profit potential of the game was so low that they redeveloped and relaunched as SWL. Any potential development funds as a result of the takeover will be focused towards SWL, because that has higher potential profit margins.

There have been plenty of previous attempts by TSW players to try to reactivate events. That’s why it gets irritating to see it resurrected repeatedly by the same small group of people. The answer was given years ago, and nothing significant has changed. But every time we get near halloween, xmas or the anniversary, the same threads start popping up.
At some point, you’re just going to have to accept that the official line that TSW will receive no further updates was not an opening position in a negotiation.


Officially, yes. But let’s be honest, when was the last content update?
I have been looking on their Steam-News-Page and honestly, I do not consider a new boss in Dark Agartha as a content update. If you do, that’s totally fine, but I personally can just shrug at that (I consider the introduction of Dark Agartha or South Africa as a content update, just so you know). The only difference between TSW and SWL at the moment is, that SWL is getting weekly maintenance (I think?) and the events, but that’s pretty much it.
Also, I’m not sure, so please do correct me if this is not true anymore but SWL finally got the missing two raids and the rest of the dungeons? Or are they still MIA?

We speaking of years here, right? I wouldn’t name this “slow pace”, really not. Again: A small update doesn’t satisfy anyone, really. A new boss in Dark Agartha feels like a filler, nothing else. And I’m not the only one saying that, just check their social media and have a look at the comments. I understand why you are saying that, and that’s totally fine. But SWL doesn’t look like a game that’s being “worked on” anymore. More like “Let’s try to get as much money out of it, as possible”. That’s personal opinion, of course.

Even if it was the same small group, as you say, what difference does it make? They still are allowed to ask for these things. It’s not like they going on a riot or anything like that, it’s one single forum post. And most of the people I’m reading here, are new/returning players that simply have a very huge interest for TSW. There’s nothing wrong with trying. Even though, it has been stated years ago that there wouldn’t be any events, nor updates, people can still ask or at least bring some attention to it. It’s not on you to decide.

You can state your opinion as much as you want, I don’t think anyone would disagree on that, but on the same side: let them have their opinion and let them try to reach something. I have my doubts too, but I don’t need to be a grumpy cat then and throw around with reasons as to why they can burry their hopes. Just let them. :smiley:

Soz for my englando, been a while.

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The rate of content updates is very slow, there’s no argument there. The valentines day event brought something totally new to the game and added to the story. It wasn’t big, but it was new content. There are plenty of people who say that it wasn’t enough, and I can understand that people were underwhelmed, but there is stuff being released.

The fact that SWL still hasn’t got elite versions of all of the dungeons or all the raids from TSW doesn’t change the fact that stuff is being added. If you want to ignore that, then fine, but you’re just in denial. The idea that stuff doesn’t count because you personally feel that it’s just “filler” doesn’t change the fact that it’s new stuff.

The social media accounts are full of salty people complaining that TSW was mothballed. Regardless of what gets posted there, there’s always people moaning. They could post news about a massive new update and there would be the same salty comments, because some people just can’t let it go.

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Ahaha. “Tell me when was last new content in game? But wait I have 100 items long list of what I personally don’t count as content so whatever you say I’m going to disregard it unless it fits with my personal opinion and feel of what, how and how many things should be there to count”, all SWL-maintenance-mode arguments in nutshell. Why is this even a thing, why it’s so important for people to make everyone else to share this feel.
We literally had new mission for 14 Valentines event. And some cosmetics. Neither were in tSW. Pack of new mechanics for DA, including new boss. If that’s “only weekly maintenance” I don’t even know.


Passive aggressive? The OP is being zero passive aggressive

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Implementing the already developed aspects of TSW that everyone loved & looked forward to is a fantastic way to appease the loyal fanbase of subscribers and grandmasters, alike. I have spent more $ than I care to admit on TSW via item store purchases AND gifting multiple grandmaster accounts to friends and family so that we can all enjoy the rich story telling and awesome atmosphere of a game that is both fun and clever. I did give SWL a shot and without impugning the work that was put into that, I will only say that it was not for me.

I am also asking that our beloved seasonal events be reinstated. We are a community of loyal gamers asking for something that already exists. (As OP has pointed out.)

You could liken this request to a form of alimony, if you like. :slight_smile:

TL;DR - We didn’t abandon TSW. Funcom, please don’t alienate those that were with you from the beginning. :pleading_face:


I’m someone that has played the game since 2012 although I did take breaks in between. I have spent a lot of money on all of the dlc’s etc and I would be more than willing to pay for events to come back, wether it’s in the form of a subscription or something else. I tried SWL but heavily disliked it for numerous reasons, among other things the combat system. I’m not going to spend any time or money on swl regardless what happens but as I mentioned I would be happy to pay you money if you reactivate events funcom. it seems like an easy way to make money and remember, we aren’t asking for new content we are asking for recurring events that have been in tsw for years. it doesn’t seem like that much work to me to bring back events if it is i’d like to know why. also, why the museum is for completionists, you do miss out on a lot of lore if you don’t participate in events imo, you could read it up on the internet or something but that’s just not the same as experiencing it yourself.


Events in TSW would occur at the same time as events in SWL, that means less people playing the SWL events.

And not all of the seasonal content from TSW has been put into SWL.

Do I really have to explain why this would result in negative community feedback?

No. Because it doesn’t matter what u say. Tsw player want what they want and have all right to ask.

Did I say they don’t have a right to ask? I stated reasons why it’s not going to happen.