:news: Age of War: Chapter 2 - Known Issues (Updated)

Greetings Exiles,

We hope you’re enjoying Chapter 2! We’re already hearing the news of your bravery in the face of the strongest purges.

As we go into the second day of the update, we’ve been continuously gathering your feedback on the issues you encountered in Chapter 2 so far. Whether it is the forums, social media, Reddit, Steam, or anywhere else. We are all ears.

Here is a list of all the known issues we encountered since the release of Chapter 2. We are actively working on fixing these and we will keep you posted through all of our channels. If you have any other issues that you don’t see on this list, feel free to comment down below.

AndyB Edit September 28, 2023: Updating list to clarify what should have been addressed with today’s patch.

:white_check_mark: Addressed in September 28 patch:

  • Performance and connection issues on servers.

    • We know not 100% of reported issues were resolved, still investigating
  • Some mods causing crashes and other issues after the update. We’re conversing with modders about these and helping them with fixes.

    • Devkit was updated to current retail version last week and additional fixes are being performed

:calendar: To be addressed in next patch, scheduled for Oct 5:

  • Imbalance with some two-handed spears
  • Imbalance with javelins
  • Client crashes related to in-game events (such as near Sepermeru, Summoning Place, etc.)
    • Events were erroneously re-enabled in the Sept 28 patch and have been disabled again :sweat:
  • Wight Horse geometry :eggplant:

:mag: Being Investigated:

  • Minor bugs and glitches during the purge
  • Some players face an infinite loading screen when connecting to some PVE-C servers
  • Additional server performance issues and optimization

:point_up: Working as Intended

  • Vendors formerly at Mek-Kamoses’ spire have been moved or outright removed. You may still find two vendors plus the Master Carver NPC by Mek-Kamoses’ head, but the others have vacated the area.

Thank you for your continuous feedback and we hope you keep enjoying the new update!


Infinity rolls is not an issue?
and fix abyssal bow…


Nah, that’s just how we roll :stuck_out_tongue:

For this, the fix was posted in a thread, not sure if it got to the devs though as it was posted AFTER customer support already handled the ticket :slight_smile:

@Pliskin just in case it helps save time tracking it down, I’ll post it again, but the jest of it is that the spawned arrow isn’t assigned to a character so later on stats cannot be looked up on it since it relies on them having multipliers etc.

Here are the illustrations from back then :smiley:


i do not understand what this means, can you provide more details?

We would like to keep this topic focused on directly reporting or clarifying issues. Off-topic commentary will be removed. Thank you!

The AoW Ch. 2 update re-introduced some of those world encounters from a while back, such as Blowback or the Serpent Caravan. Unfortunately, it appears these may also be causing the game to crash for some players, as we saw an increase in crash reports specifically citing some of these encounters. Until we know more and can find a proper solution, we have turned these encounters off again.

If you look around at the forums and see topics reporting crashes near Sepermeru or the Sinkhole/Summoning Place, that’s why.


Any elaboration here? Are they being seen as overpowered or still underpowered? I get that riptide is like a predatory weapon now, but it has no heavy combo and it’s really not worth throwing since it drops 1 at a time and rarely. Now if this implies that can a level 10 craft a serpent man javelin with basic materials then yes, that makes sense. Require a weapon handle and make the BP craft 10 at a time. But the rest of javelins cannot be bladesmith improved or even modded so they balance out with other weapons. Also performs worse with a shield…

From what I heard its that specific types of javelin are OP compared to other javelin.


We’re being intentionally vague there since it potentially affects balance, but Javelins are not statted in an intended way as of this update and will be revised.


Tryed those new treasure hunts on exile lands and some gameplay on siptah

  1. Treasure hunts - those ambushes are not ok, each time npc spawns it spawns in water ( if nearby ) or makes other players to start phasing ( lags )

  2. If teleporting with treasure in hands ( big one ) - those npc may spawn in that time i guess, and then everything is hanged like froze screen ( personally i waited like 5 min till all loaded in while getting stabbed by ‘‘air’’ what clan mate told was ambush npc ) and those ambushers by lag is basically teleporting…

  3. on siptah its mega slow loading any house like lags out

  4. I fell out of my base and waited big time for house to load in…

this so far personal things i found not sure if its meant to be like that or also issue maybe …

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Ive had numerous game freezes while using the teleporters. Thanks for the fast response on the bugs.

At metkamosa spire ( I hope I spelled that right ) there are no merchants just fighter thralls

This is intended. There are two vendors and the Master Carver by Mek-Kamoses’ head, but other vendors have vacated the area. Updated OP to clarify.


All purge related bugs i found today: (only purge t5-10)

Player corpses
When you die during purge the corpse is often invisible so have to cancel the purge that it shows up again.
And you die many times before you can recover the corpse while waiting to load the inventory back in, would recommend as well to up the corpses per player from 10 to like 20 before they despawn…

Loot carrier
The guys who move the loot out sometimes switch back to their weapon to attack u and then the bag does not get placed on ground and disappears/floats in the air, so u cant recover the treasure anymore

Other feedback
The loot and thralls for difficulty 5+ is well underwhelming and it makes more profit now to loot a few chests… the purge losses feel higher as the rewards.

Melee gets punished a lot more as defeating purge with archery.
I die with the best gear within seconds while 20 dudes run to me and stun me, interrupt all attacks, while i would take zero damage as an gas poison archer on a foundation.
I think the npcs maybe hit too hard and fast for a maxed out str focused melee build.
Or its just too many thralls at same wave after the stam nerf (remember less aggro range in camps, so can fight pretty with less stam…) from chapter 1.
I do not even think about taking more fighters with me coz they get chopped up within a few seconds, and take too long to rank up. The mercenaries same not worth the gold sink.

Anyway i think it will be a lot fun once some stuff gets tweaked/fixed.


Nooo not events again :sneezing_face:
my friend so exited to finally see one (he miss all previous random events)…


Now this is the communication I like to see! Acknowledgement and expectations set, bravo :star_struck:


This isn’t game breaking, although it’s been an issue since the beginning of AoS, and one would’ve thought it would’ve been fixed along with the other invisible things;

Sepermeru Tavern. The furniture is still invisible.


I have not made a thread, so I’ll let you guys know here.

This is from Official 2505, Exiled Lands. Dying during any purge makes you spawn in the desert. On death you cannot select bed or bedroll.

Some cages cannot be opened, even with the correct key in your inventory. I’ve ran into the same thing on Siptah before so it could be the same deal.

That said, when lag isn’t present, this update is fantastic.

  1. Hatch doors no longer function if located under a ramp.
  2. Summon corpse results in invisible body with loot still lootable where body would be expected to be at circle of power.

100% agree they have been fast in the reports I have personally submitted. Too bad they could not have been found and addressed before release. But clean up crew has been rocking the mess left behind! Also encountered there is no way to move treasure from found location to base in this game. Also experienced base rendering issues even in exiled lands.

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Remove this!
You are the best Community manager this forum ever had!
Thank you and congratulations for this!
In this weekend i will melt the game to gather the most i can.
What source is the best for you, online gaming (official) or single player?