Agent Missions spreadsheet


There are quite a lot of missions for ‘The Conquistador’ mission series. ‘Mysteries of the sphere’ does appear to be the last one (for now), awarding ‘An Artefact Out Of Time Achievement’.

List to date:

  1. The Lost Conquistador
  2. Trail of the Conquistador
  3. Chasing Jerónimo
  4. Night of the Transdimensional Fish People
  5. Courting the Conquistador
  6. The Hidden Expedition
  7. The Great Map Burglary
  8. The Expedition into Triangle
  9. Attack of the Conquistador Cadavers
  10. Mysteries of the sphere


The last one - I only saw it, not finished it.


That’s all it is. A simple achievement, no rewards and the minimum number of achievement points if anyone cares about those. I hope that’s not it.

I haven’t seen the bonus rewards for that mission. Maybe there is something in there.


I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is the 10th and last mission, bonus included:

“Mysteries Of The Sphere” - T3 - 1 hr
Talisman Distillate (480cc)
Glyph Distillate (480cc)
Bonus Objective = 10% Bonus XP

Pretty underwhelming…


Though, the mission text indicates there may be more. Another chain unlocked? But the success text pretty much shuts it all down. I don’t know what to make of this.


We still don’t know where one of the Druid agents called “Lady of Mists” drops


Please don’t tell me there will be a next chain during Druid event in 2019 :))))


‘Once Again Into Agartha’


I have that one. Tier 4. Maybe this is for Lady of Mists?

Also, is this one bugged? All agents show 0%. Cabalmate says Petru shows 5% (from his trait). My Jerónimo is out already, maybe he’s the only one who can do it? Can someone test?



Equipping a yellow military-grade breaching robot pushes this to 63% … he’s underway now.


Since he’s only level 32 and shows 9% then it definitely looks like he’s the only one who can do it.


well, next time


Level 40 Jeronimo with a purple Specialized Weaponry is enough for 100%.


Jerónimo is indeed the only Agent capable of completing Once Again Into Agartha… if he’s a high enough level or you have good enough equipment to make up the difference in stats!

My conquistador unfortunately failed the first instance of Once Again Into Agartha that spawned for me. :<


I failed with a 73% Success Chance too.

Here is the mission for those interested:
Tier 4 - 1 hour

Both Glyph Distillates are 440CC.

I wonder if this mission will show up for people that have not completed the full Jeronimo mission chains. I have done all 10 T3 missions.


I do not have Jeronimo and I can see this mission. None of my agents can do it as they are at 0%. :roll_eyes:


I haven’t done all 10, but I do have Jeronimo.

Immersion breaking. Game literally unplayable.


Got a success with 76%


Could be start of a new chain to get the lady of the mist agent?
Maybe an epic agent and because of that harder shoulder shrug


Right now it looks more like Lady of Mists is in there but not implemented, same as Kwanele.