Agent Missions spreadsheet


2nd mission


Amir shows 8%, also presumably because of his trait. It’s nice to have a solid number on what those effects are.


Finished the 2nd mission:

The Future is Now - T4 - 1 hour
550cc Distillates


3rd mission


In that third mission ^^, it is T4, 15min.

6 Intel Reward by default.

440 CC Distillates with an Intelligence Bonus Objective yielding a 220cc Green Glyph Distillate.

It can’t be run by Jeronimo (0% even with Mythic Crystal Ball).


Amir shows 8%, Petru shows 5%. Seems to be their increased Affinity. It’s a lot less than I assumed it would be.


4th mission in 3rd Jeronimo Chain:

T4, 15 min
Rewards: 440CC Talisman Distillates
Bonus Objective: 220CC Glyph Distillate

Edit: Can’t be run by Jeronimo.


just sent an agent on this one. How much further does it go I wonder!


5th mission


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Here is the 5th Mission with Mission Successful Text included:


I’m guessing this relates to the esoteric requirements for purchasing his Special Dossier… “Once More Unto the Void”.

Mostly because of the plot we seem to be seeing. I could be wrong, of course!


That is what I was thinking. Since I couldn’t find or think of anything in-game already that matched that requirement, I decided it is likely something to come in his quest chain.

It is pretty cool that the chain keeps going like this though. I just wish you could get the next step more reliably. :slight_smile:


Thank Gaia for that addon that hides the animation effects on “special” agent cards, right? Pointless.


Is there a mod that hide the special effect? How is that called?



I just did the 5th mission of 3rd Jeronimo chain again (The Horror in Fungus), and I got 2 new achievments today. Must have been put in with the patch today.


Does that mean it’s the last mission in the chain if there are no more achievements? That doesn’t seem right. The plot line doesn’t seem resolved. I don’t think we’ve ever had hidden achievements in the game before, so I can’t even suggest that as a possibility.


My best guess is that either no more missions are implemented yet, or just no more achievements. Those last two achievements came after the missions, so I suspect in the near future we will see another update that puts more of the line in.


Hmm. If that’s the case then it might stand to reason that FC plans to add them relatively soon and doesn’t want to spoil the ending of the chain just yet. Could be we’re going to get another update in the next week or two then. If the chain does continue and is unimplemented then they’d certainly be added no later than the downtime that ends the Samhain event.