Agent Missions spreadsheet



Exploratory Cartographer was awarded to me after completing ‘The Future is Now’ post-patch. I didn’t even complete the mission with Successful or Outstanding! Nope, just needed to have finished the mission.

Observing the Impossible achievement is likely The Fungoid Mystery -> The Horror in Fungus.


Maybe tomorrow’s patch will include something new to continue the chain!



There are several new T5 agent missions now. A cabal mate has them. One gives a map as a reward and he hasn’t figured out where to use it, yet. Using it says “You are not in the right location” or whatever the exact wording is… hmmm…

He didn’t get the mission details, so I’ll still need someone to post them, please.


I haven’t seen any new T5 missions yet. Has he done all the prior Jeronimo chain?

I wonder if it is just RNG, or if there is maybe some other pre-requisite I’m missing. Time will tell I guess.

Edit: There are a number of T5 quests I haven’t completed yet, so I guess it is possible new ones could be continuations of old lines.


Yes, he had finished all previous Jeronimo missions. He named 3 different missions and I don’t remember their names now. The plot centers around Dark Agartha.

He linked us in chat the map that he got from the first mission. It’s an actual inventory item. He was talking about something from the third mission that required an oustanding result to get, but I didn’t catch what he was talking about. It was over voice chat in Discord and I was incredibly busy with something else at the time and missed it.





Dark Agartha in Jerónimo’s chain and a mysterious map and possibly more items all related to DARK AGARTHA?!



My first theory :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Finally! After days of doing missions, a few I’d never done before in T4 and T5, my first Dark Agartha Mission has arrived!

Only doable by Jeronimo.

Into Dark Agartha
T5, 1 hour
Rewards: Weapon and Glyph Distillates - 600CC
Bonus Objective 300CC Weapon Distillate


OOMMMMGGGGGGG :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:


I wonder why the Bonus Objective requires Resilience trait, a quality Jerónimo de Montejo does not possess.


Well, there are items which grant you an extra trait. I have never got one though. Funny that they would do that though. It isn’t like the bonus reward is any good.


The Conquistador’s Secrets - T5 - 15min
150-1500 Anima Shards
Crudely Drawn Map
Weapon Distillate (600cc)
Bonus Objective (supernatural): Glyph Distillate (300cc)


Edit: Added Bonus Objective


After talking to some people it seems like you might need to redo the final T4 Jeronimo mission to trigger the new T5 missions to appear.

EDIT: I also have a total of 5 missions for the new chain. I’ll post the info shortly.


Final EDIT: I don’t have mission text for these missions (these are from a cabal mate). We’re also not sure what those items are used for. Clearly they’re going to be used somewhere, but… where and for what? Will we get to go to Dark Agartha for some mission? It would be neat if the Agent system actually had some impact outside of itself. Right now, it’s mostly self contained. I toss out almost all of the distillates I get (anything 500xp and under). The Mushroom Coated Hagstone as the final reward (or what I assume to be the final reward. I don’t know if there is a 6th mission or not) might imply that you use them in Stonehenge, maybe? Or something… who knows. I trust this community to figure it out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Meanwhile I’m over here waiting for ‘The Hidden Expedition’ to show up… RNG once per several hours is bad

I think they did make the Jeronimo-only T4s stop showing up until you finish the 2nd chain though, I haven’t noticed ‘Once Again into Agartha’ in a bit.


I’m not positive on this one. I regrettably haven’t kept track of times I do missions, just which ones I’ve done and on whom. I don’t think I re-did that mission that recently, but it is possible since it was on an agent I haven’t been using much.


Thanks for that suggestion. Gonna try that out cause I have done all but the last chain and it hasnt shown up for a week now in Tier 5 ill update if that works.

I swear Funcom would have made a killing off of mission refresh for aurum lol


Three people in my cabal said that they got them after they started redoing some of the T4 missions, so that’s the logical conclusion. Of course, it could always be something else.

I’m still here waiting for Mysteries of the Sphere to show up so that I can finish the T3 chain. :confused:


Mission 3. Can’t be run with Jeronimo.

The Riddle of Dark Agartha - T5 - 1 hour
Weapon Distillate (600CC)
Talisman Distillate (600CC)
Bonus Objective: Signet Distillate (300CC)