Agent Missions spreadsheet


It looks like Gravity Resistant Spores item needs outstanding result of mission.


It does.

I believe the Hagstone is guaranteed. Not sure.


Yes, both others are guaranteed.


The Reluctant Conquistador - T5 - 15min
Glyph Distillate (600cc)
150-1500 Anima Shards
Gravity-Resistant Spores
Bonus Objective (Charisma): Talisman Distillate (300cc)


Edit: New version of mission Both Gravity Resistant Spores items can only be obtained via Outstanding. Regular Success does not yield them:


And for now, I assume, the final mission!

This mission grants the achievement ‘Once More unto the Void’.

Again Into the Void - T5 - 1 hour
Talisman Distillate (750cc)
Mushroom Coated Hagstone
Weapon Distillate (750cc)
Bonus Objective (Resilience): Weapon Distillate (375cc)



I’ve finished all jeronimo achievements, but only received the map. Hagstone doesn’t seem guaranteed.


Oh, that is interesting. I didn’t get the Hagstone either, but I figured that was due to my inventory filling up with the distillate and Special Agent Dossier from the Achievement, so the item was lost to the void.

If it is indeed not a guaranteed drop, and is instead random or requires Outstanding, wouldn’t that make it the only mission in game that behaves this way?

My reward listing even shows I should have gotten the item.


Are you sure you didn’t fail that mission? You get no rewards unless you get Success or Outstanding.

Yes, the achievement does say it’s the final mission so I assume it’s over until whatever this thing the Daily Login window is hinting at…

On another note, Mysteries of the Sphere finally popped for me today so I can start on the T4 mission chain… :confused:


I got the item on my 2nd completion of the mission.


That sounds like a good explanation. I’ll send him on that one again when it’s available.

Edit: I got it on the second run.


I didn’t even relize this was a new one until it came back. Unfortunately I didn’t get the mission text, just the success text. Only Jeronimo could run it. It’s T4. Seems like it might be stand alone and not part of any new chain.

Edit: Here’s another T4. Jeronimo only.

Edit again:

Actually, it looks like maybe a chain. The Agartha Cartographer looks like part 1 and Mapping the Past part 2, maybe? I was throwing Jeronimo at some T4 missions while I was running dungeons today so I wasn’t paying attention, but they were all definitely new and Jeronimo only. I think I did The Agartha Cartographer earlier today.


Interesting. Those are definitely not part of the original chain. Though the context makes it seem like they should be inserted somewhere between “Mysteries of the Sphere” (End of Part 2) and “The Future is Now” (End of part 3).

“The Agartha Cartographer” could be either before or after “Once Again Into Agartha”


Here’s the text that I missed.

And yes, they definitely seem like they come after Mysteries of the Sphere since they showed up IMMEDIATELY after I finished that mission. Seriously, it was 5 minutes later. They weren’t here before or someone would have noticed them by now, I’m sure. The last patch was the 26th which was 6 days back. How could they have gone unnoticed for so long?

Dark Agartha was officially announced yesterday, so perhaps FC has the ability to flick agent missions on and off without a restart? Not sure.


The ones you posted have been up on the spreadsheet for a couple weeks now so I assumed they were all ready known.


I finally could “finish” the Fungal line this morning again and now the tier 5 chain is popping, got the first two missions already.
I guess in my case it was bugged since I got the fourth achivement prior to the third one, which was only possible because the missions popped long before those achievements were patched in.


They haven’t been on my spreadsheet and nobody else mentioned them here.


He is probably talking about the other spreadsheet.

I didn’t think they were on that sheet for as much as two weeks, but I can’t honestly remember when I last looked at it. I thought it was only last week or so that I checked and none of the new stuff beyond the 2nd chain were there.

A few errors there that need fixed, but still a nice resource.


Yes it’s a bit messy (not sure the order is 100% correct) I know I’ve been trying to get the tier 5 missions for almost 2 weeks (which luckily started to show up after completing one of the final missions in the previous chains) but I used that mostly to find everything. A lot of it showed up around the same time as things showed up on this forum post so I assumed it was linked.


Yea, nobody mentioned it here and this post became the hub for all things Jeronimo so I didn’t think anyone had seen them before. When @Piankhi indicated that he hadn’t seen them, either then I was convinced that they were new.

Anyhow, after Mysteries of the Sphere the next mission to appear was T4 The Agartha Cartographer and then Mapping the Past. That’s the order I have so far. Waiting for something new to show up after those.


Here is one that is definitely not on the other spreadsheet. Jeronimo only.

Edit: Ok, it might be on the other sheet, but they have a typo. The other sheet lists “Into Deep Past”.