Agent Missions spreadsheet


Yeah I’m pretty certain that’s a typo. It had me confused for a while.


Preview of the newly redesigned spreadsheet is now available here. Currently, it does not include any mission text. The old spreadsheet will remain available (at the top of this thread) until the new sheet is done.

Please leave feedback on the new design as well as any missing information which is now conveniently highlighted in red or marked by a double question mark (??). However, Faction-specific tags and mission slot will not highlight in the event of errors. There also seems to be some formatting issues with the HTML view of the sheet. Specifically with the Faction-specific labels. This is a Google Sheets error, not a problem with the sheet.

DO NOT POST MISSING INFO IN THIS THREAD AS A REPLY! Either PM me screenshots or use this edit link to post a comment where appropriate. Please be sure to include screenshot links in any comments.


The Jeronimo mission items have been updated. I’ll post them here:
image image image

Interesting to note, the mission “The Reluctant Conquistador” now offers two Gravity-Resistant Spores. A regular mission success does not give one, so Outstanding is still required. The items are still Unique too, so I imagine you will only ever get one from the mission.


The map doesn’t seem available from the vendor. Guess it’s only from the mission. Does it skip over a boss then? The description isn’t clear. There seems to be no real reason to defeat every boss, so being able to skip a particularly annoying one would be nice.

The double spore thing looks like a bug since they’re unique.


I won’t go in for my attempt at Dark Agartha till this evening, so someone else will like post exactly what the map does before then. People in chat were saying it skips a boss though, so that seems likely to be right.


So does the map mission
and the hag stone mission


Finally actually did “the Reluctant Conquistador”, got Outstanding, got 1 map + “Crudely Drawn Map is a limited item. You can only carry 1.” oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark Agartha items from Agent missions

I haven’t even gotten “The Future is Now” from T4 missions. I’ve redone the first 5 missions in T4 several times over. It just won’t show up.

EDIT: “The Future is Now” showed up for me 16 hours after I posted this. Yet again, the tried and true method of bitсhing on the forums has fixed a problem in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be extra odd since that mission drops the Gravity-Resistant Spores. :slight_smile:


That is weird, how did I remember the wrong mission name but get one that actually exists. It was the 2nd one in the chain, The Conquistador’s Secrets.

EDIT: for the record, The Riddle of Dark Agartha’s the 3rd I’ve done in t5.


In trying to complete the spreadsheet I’ve noticed something odd. There are 8 T4 missions in the Jeronimo chain. The first 5 of them are Jeronimo-only missions and the last 3 exclude Jeronimo. Those first 5 missions don’t seem to have bonus rewards for them. I’ve been looking every day, multiple times per day on three characters and have never seen any of them with bonuses. Am I just strangely unlucky or is this a bug, oversight, or just an odd feature?

5 Agent missions in the Jeronimo chain don't have Bonus rewards

I can’t remember any particular time when one of those 5 missions had bonus rewards, and I don’t have any screenshots showing any. So you may be correct in that there just aren’t any on those missions.


I’ve been keeping track as well, and haven’t seen a single bonus for those particular five :diamonds:4 missions. Unless they’re all bugged, they really may not have bonuses for us.


Reported it as a bug.

  • Added new 5-star missions for Dragon and Illuminati, to equalize mission availability across factions.

If anybody sees these before me, please feel free to screenshot them and post! I don’t log into my Dragon very often at all.


Dragon here.

First time I’ve seen this T5 mission:

Agent Gear Reward Bag
270-2700 Anima Shards
Agent Vanity Reward Bag


I figured they’d be equivalent to V is for Vampire Soup, Looks like I was right. Thanks for the info.


And here is the mission successful text:


In case anyone hadn’t seen it, here’s the Illuminati one.


Just a note on where the spreadsheet is at for anybody wondering.

I’ve got all mission details in except for the T5 mission “Bring it Offline” which will not appear for me. Eventually it will show up. All that needs done for the moment is the slot details since I’m sure that’s not complete as well as marking more faction specific missions. I’m just not sure which unmarked missions are faction specific.

After this, eventually I’ll stop being lazy and get the mission text included into the sheet for a comprehensive Agent Mission sheet. I do still have a lot of missing mission text. I’m going to put out an invitation right now for anyone who wants to fill some mission text in to please run a mission that is missing text and let me know. Most missions missing text are “useless” missions with no real reason to run them and I don’t really want to run each them myself so if I can get some helpers to spread the work around we’d each only have to run a few of them.