Agent Missions spreadsheet


Yeah I’m pretty certain that’s a typo. It had me confused for a while.


Preview of the newly redesigned spreadsheet is now available here. Currently, it does not include any mission text. The old spreadsheet will remain available (at the top of this thread) until the new sheet is done.

Please leave feedback on the new design as well as any missing information which is now conveniently highlighted in red or marked by a double question mark (??). However, Faction-specific tags and mission slot will not highlight in the event of errors. There also seems to be some formatting issues with the HTML view of the sheet. Specifically with the Faction-specific labels. This is a Google Sheets error, not a problem with the sheet.

DO NOT POST MISSING INFO IN THIS THREAD AS A REPLY! Either PM me screenshots or use this edit link to post a comment where appropriate. Please be sure to include screenshot links in any comments.