Agent system feedback



I feel like my agents are having more fun than me.


It would have been just as good to not release this system and instead spent time on bringing back some dungeons, or adding the different scenario modes we were teased with on the test live forms in tsw.

Seriously, get control of this RNG system. Low drop rate systems are not good for player retention if there is not something in place to reward time invested. I know someone with 9 agents, that only does dailys… ive been working on this 6-7 hours a day with someone else and we have had 2 total agents drop… 1 each.

It would make a TON of sense to have some daily challenge that rewards even a single hex coin. As it stand, this system is really only for the casual player… if that player spends money. Otherwise, its an grind fest that can end without reward… Thats what makes a bad grind… when you invest time into the system, and get little reward


I have an actual suggestion:

When we get our mission rewards in our search for Agents, do NOT have the blue “Possible Agent Dossier” icon visible unless we ACTUALLY get an agent. Because as it stands, when we finish a mission, the window says, “Here are your rewards. You are getting these things.” It has always been like that. Now it’s, “here’s your reward. You ARE getting these things and…MAYBE POSSIBLY (If you’ve sacrificed your first child) you also get this.” It’s…not confusing, per se. It’s just frustrating. Did we get an agent? Did we not? Have to check my inventory to make sure.

Instead, have the blue agent icon visible when picking up the mission. And then when we claim our quest reward, if RNGesus has smiled upon us, THEN have the icon there. Otherwise, when we don’t get one, don’t have it in the reward window.

It’s disheartening.


One simple solution that I’d like to see is create a (higher) chance of agent gear from agent possible missions. Okay. Hold on before you say this is useless because you need agents to use the gear.

You don’t.

If you got a couple pieces of green gear a day…you could vendor them for the hex coins and in ten days, would be GUARANTEED a blue agent from the vendor. It may be one you already have, which would suck, but hey, at least it’s a guaranteed effort. Personally, I’d like to save for the purple ones since I don’t do regionals that often and those are the ones I want.So it’d take me a while to get the 200 coins, but at least I’d feel like I was slowly making progress. I can verify that I have not gotten a single agent drop yet myself either… I ended up spending too much money on caches. But I really think at least a green gear being fairly more common (and maybe almost guaranteed in, say, a rare box at the end of the dungeon since that IS rare anyway and come on…) would make it feel so much less hopeless and frustrating. Right now it’s a a flat out win or a flat out loss. Giving a chance to slowly earn hex coins would make a big difference in perceptions.


The agent gear that comes from missions is unbound and vendors for shards, not HexCoins. I’d not object if that were changed, though.


I had no idea that they vendor for shards. The only one I’ve gotten I just sold for MOFs cuz the prices were still so high. But -ugh-. I had hoped that that would at least be a small (very painfully slow) way to earn hex coins on missions…hearing that’s not even the case is MORE discouraging.


I was under the same assumption that obviously all gear could be sold for Hex coins… thus creating a slow… but continuing progress path to getting non RNG drops. Sadly, not the case.

For gear drops, I just unlocked T3 missions, and I have seen frequently… new rare missions (blue instead of white). So far, everyone has had a blue gear bad as a potential reward. I havent obtained one yet, but it was nice to see rewards getting better.

Gear is probably rare as you dont need many pieces… since you can only send 5 agents out (4th and 5th slots obviously will get here in the future). Also, there are some agents that dont have a known location on all the tracking spreadsheets I see. Im hoping that there are some t5 missions that complete some of these mission chains that give you some more agents. Just would like enough to start out so I can rotate them and avoid incapacitate status.


Some form of bad luck protection would be nice - not 'gotta catch ‘em all’. just something to protect us from ending up with nothing, or lots of toys and no one to use them :slight_smile:


Half of the fatigue problem is on the presentation.

People don’t like to feel punished and it’s not necessary.

The system could be designed the other way around. Instead of a “fatigue” meter, we should have a “eager” meter that increases the performances of an agent if they have been waiting for too long (and again, we could spend mofs to instantly fill the bar). It is the same system (if base rewards are nerfed) but psychologically rewarding instead of punishing.


I have to agree with most people here. What ruins the whole system is the double downtime you get if your agent gets injured. This needs to go to make the system good. If you could do 20 missions a day and had over 200 agents like you have in star trek online. then a system like how it is now would work. This system is more like the table missions from wow so no injury there. The mission takes up to 8 hours. then you end up having to wait another 8 hours. it just breaks the system. To be real. It makes me not want to use this system


Twisting a penalty into feeling like a bonus is a critical game design skill. It’s absent in so many systems in this game. Drives me bonkers.


Wellll, after playing with this for a week.

  1. Booster pack agents/gear. Great we can trade for hex coins versus being totally worthless, but how about passing them to an alt - make it account bound? (Yes, I’d LOVE to see mail with attachments - even account only and more items being account bound vs having to be in your own cabal!!!). I bought a few booster packs, but getting multiple agents/gear that I cannot use on an alt, I stopped and likely won’t buy any more (FC you do have a way of curbing my love of buying pixelated stuff!). Games that make things account bound (WoW, ESO, EQ2, TOR), I’ll spend $$ to support the game.

  2. Fatigue and incapacitate. If there was a meter and we all had plenty of agents, this wouldn’t be such a punishing factor. As it is now, I get very annoyed and want to log out when a SUCCESSFUL mission of 8 hours requires a 10 hour break. WTF?!?!? Yes I have more than 3 agents, but when you’re leveling up and now have a 10 hour time out - okay. I’ll be back tomorrow!

  3. As low as the drop rate is (I’ve had one agent drop in a week doing the full challenges, 5-10 scenarios a day, and then as many other missions as I could stand per day (most in SC, SF, SD), why not have the Kingsmouth and investigative missions too. The drop rate is below 1% so why not.

  4. The AH. How about two searchable sub-sections - agents and gear. I know we can type in something but scrolling through a bunch of gear now returns only some of the agents.

  5. Doing missions for other factions? Why would I do that? I don’t really RP, more immersion player, but I read go help the Lumies??? Argh on that. IDK, I guess once you’re maxed and have all the mission tiers open, but I only have the first three and when you want to do a short mission and that’s the choice…

Interesting system, needs work, IMHO. And no I’m not seeking instant gratification, I expect this to take time like the museum, etc., but between the low drop rate and incapacitated penalty… it’s a bit punishing.

So, back to regular play time for me - do my challenges, maybe a few extra missions/scenarios/weekly raid and if they drop they drop. Otherwise it will be log out and play another game.

I’m not grinding this game so that I’ll hate it for such a low chance of an agent.


That’s actually a bug, click the Item Type dropdown and the subsection will populate itself.


Yes I have more than 3 agents, but when you’re leveling up and now have a 10 hour time out - okay. I’ll be back tomorrow!

Nice for you, that you have more than 3 agents. But my agent system was not accessible for 2 days at all and could only be reactivated by a GM, so that I could send my agent on missions.
But I’ve been taking on my challenges every day since the agent system came out, and for a few days now, I’ve been doing more action and / or sabotage missions than necessary. So far, I do not have another agent, except the one everyone got.
Yesterday I did every action mission in the Besieged Farmland and even today Scorched Desert AND City of the Sun God: Nothing more.
Strangely, a second character of mine got 2 agents over the normal daily challenges within 24 hours. So slowly I have the feeling that either the network is totally bug (as far as agents concerned) or I feel slightly pixilated. Moreover, it is almost a mere time of favor-swallowing with only 1 agent, when the out of action has been set.


Crash still occurs when opening the agent network window after the patch.


Using the Agent tweaks mod to see Fatigue status I found these results:

Thomas Grady
~29% Fatigue
Turn in one 15m mission
~45% Fatigue
Turn in one 15m mission
Incapacitated with 9hr 50min cooldown.

That seems rather extreme and unpredictable.


Faction Recruit
Fatigue: 45%
1 hr mission turn in - Success
Incapacitated for 8 hr, 38 min, 30 sec

Prior to this mission turn in, I did two 15 min mission success turn-ins and they upped fatigue by around 10-12% each time.


That’s my point. It’s not working well for the majority. That’s what I meant. My two alts that have one agent and the other two were both on 8-10 hour waiting periods after an 8 hour successful mission. So basically dead in the water or pay a penalty. No thanks. I’ll play something else and come back when that silly penalty is gone.


One thing that would really help this Incapacitation issue is if Fatigue would be applied (including possible incapacitation) and then start ticking down again once a mission was complete, but before you actually hit the button to finish it. So if in the evening you send an agent on an 8 hour mission, then log back in 16 hours later to hit the button, they should be pretty much fully refreshed.


Somebody with just one agent is in a bit of a fix, even if he’s out of action. Because either you pay to the 8,000 MoF’s or wait for the 8-10 hours. Because rather failures in missions and not out of action.


Concerns about drop rates are known, and we’re evaluating our options.

The first thing we’re looking into doing is giving players a 2nd new agent for free early on so it doesn’t feel as limiting when you hit that speed bump with Ms. Recruit.

Alongside that, we want to focus on ironing out the stability issues players report (i.e. client crashes) and round out some of the QoL suggestions we got such as Build Manager integration, adding the Network UI to the top bar menu, and fixing the (lack of) faction restrictions on missions. We’re happy to go from there.