Animation Bug prevents attacking/harvesting in single player

@Kaziklu is this the same, or similar bug, that you started that other bug report thread on?

are you playing single player or online?

If Single player try using the Mirror Mod. It has been recreated thanks to others sending game files to the devs. So a fix will come.

I can say I have never experienced it on Testlive with the same saved file copied into it but; that could just be coincidence more than anything. What that means is something fixed in test live may have fixed this too and when that goes live (fingers crossed next week) we will know.

If it isn’t fixed the Devs are looking into it. I do wish there was a Trello note about it sadly there isn’t right now. By all means add this to this thread as it is still open. I suspect that the devs and Mods have an easier time seeing it as a real issue with a single long thread that pops up as a reminder than many little ones.

Alright so i found a fix for this.
Delete all the files in C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor, and the game will create clean files (Your settings will obviously be reset). I guess there is hidden settings or maybe some corrupt file or something of that nature going on here.

Interesting, I am curious to see if the fix sticks for you and if it helps others as well.

Editing this just so there isn’t confusion.

Sadly this did not work for me. Initially it did seem to work however once I shut the game down and had dinner, I reloaded and the issue came back.

This makes sense because the issue can be passed with just the saved game file. As Devs were able to recreate it with that. Which suggests the OP issue was separate from the wider issue.

If taking off your bracelet doesn’t help the issue for the rest of a play session this solution may work for you… however if taking off the bracelet does work (committing suicide) it is likely that this will not help.


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