AoC is getting a fairly large update. When is ours?



As this came 12 years after AoC release, 2029 looks like a good bet for SWL.


More people play AoC than SWL at this time and that is fine.

If SWL community was as actively involved as TSW community was, Congo update would be released.

Yup, that’s why TSW’s high level of community involvement got the South Africa zone released in TSW. Oh wait, that’s wrong.

AoC getting stuff is a nice thing, but it doesn’t really equate into us getting stuff too. Wish it did, but it’s not like Oprah giving out cars :confused:

It’s actually relatively certain that the reverse is true: The SWL community is larger than the AoC community.

But it’s easier to make stuff up and trust hearsay than to actually say something meaningful.


That was Deep… :smiley:

Steamcharts (which is often touted here as the benchmark of all knowledge in its divine accuracy) puts the 30 day average of AoC at 102.6, and SWL at 190.8 (at the time of writing).

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This is just Occult Defense AoC style :slight_smile:


Hah, I was just going to point that out. Age of Conan has scenarios now, because repeatable content is what’s on the docket.

Yep, SWL got the update years ago!

Though I certainly wouldn’t call the AoC update for Onslaught a “large update”. A large update would need to be at least a full new adventure zone with associated dungeons and stuff.

At least something is better than nothing usually.

I know nothing about AoC so it seemed fairly large on skimming.

I’m betting this game will have it’s next update on the seventh friday of february…give or take a day o.O

Untill then its just slooowly pulling in the cash with no actual work being done :wink:

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I hope that there is an update. I have not done every mission and I have not even gotten close to maxed out my with my weapons and talismans, but I would really like to see the story continue from where it left off. I used to play tsw and I remember what it was like waiting ages for an update that never came after I had finished the story in tokyo, I just hope that the same thing will have with swl, that it will take a long time but eventually come.

I believe in congo soon.

I wouldn’t take the steam numbers, especially for AoC, serious at all. Most of the veteran players, who probably make up half the player base, don’t play AoC over steam because Steam isn’t required to run the game.

As for SWL, I believe there was an informal survey a year or two ago that showed that there’s an almost fifty-fifty split between Steam and Funcom clients. So you need to multiply that number by two.

As long as one doesn’t assume the steam/standalone split of SWL and AoC is completely different I think the point can be made that while it captures not the whole playerbase it does give a relative indicator on what probably is the game with the larger population. We never had absolute numbers of players for both but the assumption that if the steamcharts for one are around twice the size of the other than it could be that the standalone players are also 2:1 isn’t that farfetched.

However it can be rightly argued that this is an assumption and not an undoubtable fact. Which is true but also opens up the topic of how little inside knowledge we know, even with years of devs saying things and as such a lot of claims sometimes made are more assumptions, before we even start picking the trustfulness of dev comments apart at which point we only know that we know nothing.

I keep mentioning this, but nobody either listens or cares. TSW/SWL is the same. Vets will be using the stand alone client and not the Steam client. We do not know what percentage of people use which. It could be 70/30, 50/50, 25/75. We don’t know. Funcom does not release those numbers.

About as useful as those “What kind of potato are you?” quizzes.


Where is the quiz? Rarely any players use forums or discords.

No it’s not. Steamcharts gives an estimation of 146 players using the Steam client for the respective time period (May 2019) and there are 78 responses indicating its use in the poll. I’d say that’s a fairly representative sample for this population.

There are 72 responses for Funcom client. I’d hazard a guess that it’s safe to assume similar representation for this group, with one caveat - I think that more dedicated players (more likely to frequent reddit) are more likely to still use the original client, as it was the only one available for the time.