Are the 20k HP door buff a reason to spend 10 more $?

they say no pay to win but clearly the person who buys he DLC has an advantage in the form of 20k HP buff to T3 doors



Well depends on how you look at it is 20 k really that much considering how easy the raid mechanic already is in the game. Second it’s not hard to keep up with the dlc. Just recruit or make friends with someone who has it and ask them to make you doors with your mats it’s not hard. I have dlc and don’t even use the doors. My experience is most the time it’s a raid by cata. That’s so cheap and easy to make the extra 20k doors don’t do sht.

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Next up is the fact if someone spends more money on extra stuff is it not fair they get a little more. I have never complained about someone having something better or stronger than me if they paid for it. It’s not like it’s unfair cause I have same options. Either buy it or not. If I truly feel I’m at a disadvantage by not having it I either buy it or adapt to smarter game play.

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if you consider a path with 10 doors it looks more better +200k hp -)

Still yet I don’t believe I have ever went threw doors on bases I have raided. I know it’s just door after door I just go threw roof or sides

As everything else on the DLC is worse than normal stuff on that level, besides needing more materials for less experience gained on building, that will shure be some oversight.
DLC balance is being looked at, as pointed out somewhere on this forum.

Will shure change in the future…

some base have no roof or sides at all

I wouldn’t buy the DLC just for the doors as all may change stats wise. According to DLC balancing is currently being worked on so all could yet change.

If you like the look of the new stuff, go for it. I personally love it but that’s the beauty of a sandbox game, everyone plays it for different reasons.


For those I don’t waist my time or supplies.

I do walls cause doors are easy to replace if walls are stacked foundation and not stacked correctly you can open several floors on one foundation being broken if it multiple floors

As has been said, you should not buy the DLC for the doors. FC has stated this is not paid to win which means there is a high likelihood that the doors will be reset to a proper value. If you buy the DLC for the doors and the hit points are lowered to be in line with other doors, you might get upset thinking you were cheated or the doors were “nerfed.” This would not be the case. The doors would merely be fixed. They were never intended to be more powerful.

Every game now has this vocal minority of Bernie Sanders gamers who take infinite pleasure in bashing gaming companies that NEED MONEY like trees need water to survive. Like somehow Funcom can release a game and then “live on love and communism” to keep improving Conan.

“Pay to win” comment over a 20K DOOR buff of all things is absurd. Massive “Sanders Bros” style hyperbole.

Let’s bring this down to Earth, realize that bashing on Funcom is a total morale killing cycle of death and support these guys (and gals?) better as they improve the game.

There are ALOT of game reviewers that are hating on Conan, and they are hating on Conan for political reasons: Conan has slaves, naked bodies, dark gods, hedonism etc. They want to kill Conan because so many young men (and some women) are finding this game incredible.

PVP moves fast. Having honeycomb through which you can move, without losing wall HP to a door, can make a huge difference in gameplay. When doors are liabilities, you need bulk and airlocks. Via tunnels and OP doors even a single player can ratfink a big base into a hassle castle.

Please help. Conan exiles is completely broken post dupe glitch. Even Ark wiped all servers when they had a similar incident a month after release. They knew it was the only real solution. People currently have 1,000s of black ice foundations they duped as well as unlimited materials to make unlimited explosives, unlimited everything. We had our base with at least 800 black ice foundations foundation wiped yesterday by a solo player who said he has 1,000s of demon blood alone. The same player who by the way has almost every good base location in the game blocked on official server 2650. He said they had basically unlimited everything and is demanding everyone with a good base spot move. We spend 100s and 100s of hours grinding base materials, they destroy it all with stuff they duped in a few days of cheating. Why would funcom not wipe after such a game breaking dupe glitch? Removing explosives did absolutely nothing. A couple groups still have unlimited everything they cheated to get and the rest of us have no chance. At least give us some new servers so we can at least have the option to go to a non broken game. No one was really upset when they wiped Ark after the similar game breaking dupe there. Game population actually went up after wipe, not down. The cheaters are the only ones really not wanting a wipe. Most of us feel the game is pointless after funcom allowed some players to cheat and get unlimited everything, and use it to ruin everyone else’s game. Please help.

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