How it can be purely 'cosmetic' DLC with 70k hp door in it?

Being unable to make the strongest doors in the game without purchasing DLC is a problem for PvP, particularly when that DLC is supposed to be purely cosmetic.

Doors have always been the weakest entry point… but if u buy the DLC u can make the weakest part of the base as strong as the walls around it… it’s just, not right man


Same hp as a gate


They need cosmetic armor/weapon slots badly. Then the DLC could just not even have stats and be truely cosmetic. If a mod can do this I do not see why Funcom can’t.

As for the building pieces they should have made it all equivalent to black ice…including what is needed to make them imo.


Instead of complaining about it but it yourself or recruit someone who has it. Hell even trade for doors. Seriously why do you people want to complain and cry about someone actually getting something good for investing money into a game they enjoy.

You don’t have to buy it to get the perks. Recruit or trade. Stop trying to say it’s not fair for people to buy extra and be no better off than those who don’t invest in a game they like. That’s the same as saying it’s not fair a doctor makes more than a cashier just because they paid for more schooling.

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So, if i understand right you are agree with p2w in this project? As for these doors, as this DLC cost less then $5 in Russian steam shop we already have some of them in our clan.


Because its not “cosmetic” like they say in the stream, and after five 70k doors you have 10 explosives less instead of 50k doors. that makes a difference. thats just a mistake i think (i hope). but atm its p2w.
for pve players it makes no difference but in pvp it can stop a raid.


So you’re a fan of pay to win huh?

Because what you do in a game is less important than how much disposable cash you have out of it.

Ok, fair enough. Not many people agree with you though.

Regardless, it was sold as cosmetic DLC and parts of it clearly aren’t.
Hopefully it’s a bug that will be addressed in the next live patch.

The DLC is really funny.

STRONG DOOR but weaker armor / weapon, lower exp gained from Khitan foundation compared to T3 brick foundation even though both are using exactly the same mats.

Buff something in the DLC means it’s not cosmetic only
Nerf something in the DLC means it’s not cosmetic only
There is EQUAL, why they don’t make them EQUAL, EQUAL with the basegame equivalents = no buff, no nerf, and PURELY COSMETIC.

Here is another cool post about the well balanced dlc^^

not everything is better in it^^

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This is a trick Bethesda does with ESO. Some kind of “glitch” in a DLC that makes people buy it to get an edge then the “mistake” is “corrected” after sales decline.

Yet the hatch door only has 25k vs a black ice hatch that has 70k. Quit your complaining and give constructive feedback instead of being a pack of loud mouth tools.

They don’t need to use the 25k hatch door though, do they?

Plausible deniability old chap.

Don’t need to use a door tho do you? What if I want my only entrance to be on the roof. You logic is flawed your just looking for a reason to complain like most people. Does it effect your gameplay? The answer your looking for is no.

It’s not my logic that needs work.

If you buy the DLC, you now have a more robust door for use in PVP. Is that not a fact?

I guess the fact the light armor from the DLC fixes the light armor journey bug was also a coincidence.

Let me tell you something, because I know from literal experience. These errors are simple text entries in tables that could be fixed in minutes. And yet they aren’t fixed in minutes. Why do you think that is?

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Yeah I’m ok with p2w I have played many games like this and kept up just fine. It’s called trade , recruit, or be smart and resourceful.

So doors have 70k why hit doors. It’s simple take the path least expected. You can bet there are doors behind doors and more behind that. So why go that way just plow threw walls or roof. If you don’t have the res to do that then don’t raid that base. It’s my thoughts and have always been. If you are upset cause something isn’t easy to get then go play Farmville. People work hard to build and supply a base. Explain why it should be easier to raid then it already is. Don’t be lazy farm yourself. If you can’t farm a extra 5 explosive per door then you most likely don’t have enough anyway.

I don’t waist my time raiding anyway. By the time I farm all explosive and raid mats then invest my time in a raid knowing best loot is most likely in vaults or not even worth having. I could have invested that time in farming the stuff I actually need for my base and know I get what I need. me and two other members farmed enough stuff in four hours to build over 500 foundations. Not to mention 16 thralls. To me that’s more efficient than a raid.