Arrows that apply bleed debuff - is it really necessary? (Asking for opinions)

Funcom have introduced the new firespark arrows that apply a bleed debuff when hitting targets.

They also changed bleed curing methods so you can only use bandages, which require you to stand still.

This makes you a perfect target for an archer, since moving targets are harder to hit (obviously).

So by the time (5 - 3 - 1) seconds of standing still and removing bleed you have another arrow hit your legs, applying bleed and another stack of cripple.

Fair? I don’t really think so.

This arrows are made to prevent people from fleeing/running away.

Thats why the dmg is so low…

PS.: You never heard of Silken wraps or?

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You can use claws, bombs, arrows, 50 Grit for running people.

Silken wraps still require you to stand still for 1 second.

But silken wraps dont get interrupted when you get bow dmg…

You’ve never been chased by 8 people with some archers, right?


But isnt the problem in this case not the arrows, but rather 8 people chasing you?


No the problem is that you can basically never heal up if you get focused by the archers in group fights

That is working as intended. If a group of archers can’t kill a single fleeing person then we would have a problem.


I guess I’ll take this as a given and join the club.

Archer build here I come!

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You gotta give the rest of us a chance to try it out. I have tested this with a team of non-whiny YouTubers, and with as few as 1 competent bowmen you can put continual hurt on one individual, or a duo out of multiples. Bleed-Cripple cycle seems like a failover loop, and I hope it’s rebalanced to something more fair.

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Maybe the loght attack does cripple, and the heavy does the bleed, bleed and cripple only if you have the full heavy shot.

but in reality, hitting some one the first time in the middle of a skirmish is not super easy. Plus the chance of putting bleed on your ally is there.

Just have to run with a head on a swivel looking for snipers if you are going to be aggressive in pvp servers. It is as it should be. A lot of complaints will be because the meta is now not as OP as it was before. counters are starting to show up, and that makes the game a little more “new” to me.


I can stand in Shattered Springs and my pal, @droch-aon can hit the Hyborian Beetle on my shoulder in the eye, all the way from Darfari Heaven. With two archers, this is actually pretty challenging. We played “capture the token” last night. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun, but I’m glad it wasn’t real.

Maybe we can add to the tattle tale system of PVP servers and if you are hit by an arrow, it shows location, player name, and what their build is. so the Meta guys don’t get sniped. We have to protect them. They are the life blood of the servers, and we don’t want to nerf another Life Blood by Crom, and give them Acid reflux and open the Doors to defeating them to easy.


That is another issue all together, range. The arrows should not have infinite range so to speak. That needed to be addressed even before the new sniper elite set up.

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Haha Player-Tascowat [Barnes] is no longer off the radar.

Grand Theft Acheronia!


I believe this is the problem @SirDaveWolf is experiencing is the shortcomings of the current state of the healing wraps instead of the arrow effect.


I thought bleed (entire stack) stopped immediately, when you used a wrap, and you got cripple effect. The regen healing effect is the only thing affected and stopped if you move. So a quick stop–tool bar flick and bleed stops, then move again. But i haven’t really been messing with healing wraps in general, so i will have to test.

And now switch roles and look at it from the archer perspective… should archers never be able to kill someone?
And not even when you are 8 archers vs 1 melee? Srsly??

Also why do you want to stop bleed, when you want to flee and you are in range from the archer? That makes no sense to begin with…

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I didn’t say that or imply it. I think archer spec is undervalued and certainly a skilled archer should be able to kill most people.

I always want to terminate any detrimental effect on my character but I think you are attributing the quotes I used improperly to ME. I would seek cover first. @SirDaveWolf handled it differently, ask him.
ADDED: Search healing wraps and read bug reports

I think Funcom has ruined a fantastic PvE experience trying to balance PvP. Let’s just make every PVP player combust on login