Base builder in a survival game skin

This opinion will be unpopular but you asked me to give you my feedback on the forums so here it is.

Frankly, this isn’t playing like a survival game at all. Sure it has survival elements but so far the whole game is structured to have you settle down and build a base and keep expanding that base.

The different races and tribes implies that being barbarian nomad, or a tribe of barbarian nomads, is part of the lore of the world, yet it’s almost impossible to actually play the game like that.

The durability system is such a garbage repetitive time sink. You cannot fake content by making tools and weapons break so quickly that a player cannot actually just travel the land being rogue and wild.

Stone tools break fast, cool. Makes sense. It’s stone. Why is iron breaking so fast? It’s so lazy to pretend that farming materials to keep repairing your stuff is content or playing a video game. A game is about progression. Right now I’m playing construction worker blacksmith simulator.

Imagine playing a game about being a pirate roaming the seven seas but you’re spending 80% of your time plugging leaks in your ship.

I wanted to play a survival game and I’m basically playing a glorified Sims 4.

I don’t care that there are epic level 99999 majestic items that never break or whatever. I shouldn’t have to grind miserable chores for days and days so that I can reach a point where I can play a survival game instead of a barbies fantasy castle set in a barbarian landscape.

I wish I had something to say about the world, but I’m stuck in one spot smelting piles of iron so I can actually maybe explore the world.

You’ve probably heard all the other stuff about lacklustre combat, bugs, rubber banding etc. Idc about any of that. I care that I’m playing barbarian house sims when I wanted to be playing an epic nomadic warrior travelling the world and surviving off the land.

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Sooo… You are complaining about how it’s supposed to be a survival game where survival depends on you living off the land but you don’t actually want to play the part where you are surviving by living off the land? Weapons tend to need maintenance when they are being used to hack body parts to pieces, tools tend to need maintenance when you are using them to harvest up hundreds of pounds of ore and wood.

Iron and steel weapons take forever to break compared to stone unless you personally have your settings say otherwise, or are on a server that does.

The trailer for the game shows pretty explicitly that building is going to be a thing you do in the game, personally I love how creative you can get if you work at it hard enough, mind you it would be nice if upper grade building materials had lower costs so they were more accessible but I wouldn’t give up being able to build up pyramid/castle/greek temple hybrids on my single player map for anything, it’s great being able to sit down after work ad create something amazing in between bouts of slaughtering people in camps around my place to use as sacrifices to derketo or sending them to the greater gym of pain to to get shredded so i can dress them up and watch them throw themselves at the local wildlife.

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I like your comment, and unlike the other guy, I don’t believe your opinion removes other play styles.

The thing is that the community like too much this Disney princess castle building system, I like it too but I tend to stick with that in my single player or no decay friend server, since I don’t want to travel for work for a week and see my beautiful nordheimer village gone.

I agree with you, this game should support a more nomadic, raid based playstyle, I believe you are saying that you do want a sort of base, but nothing more than a camp with basic infra structure. Nothing like a castle with 20 improved furnaces to fuel the clan wars. Basically you want to be the Hyborian age Attila, I believe the game could improve a lot with that feeling.

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I think you are right because gathering as solo player takes you simply too much time and thats like 80% of your time if you play solo , i play solo and it’s really annoying to reset skills every time i leave base to gather/reset to fight / reset to gather / reset to craft , this is not the system that should be in survival game that you choose your “path” in my opinion you are totaly right about smelting , crafting, gathering simulator . This takes way too much time for smaller groups or solo players that want to move all the time.

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Exactly. Right now only one play style is viable and it’s the same play style as the sims so why don’t I just build pretty houses in the sims

how about the system in my different post? it might improve gameplay by improving what you want to achieve in game and choosing your playstyle without resetting , please check this topic

I think crafting station should be pickable, with that being maybe a server option. This way, a more nomadic style of life could be achieved. Nothing more is really needed because the only real drawback to moving around is exactly that : building all the crafting stations again.

However, as told already, I still believe the whole game is indeed more oriented toward a very sedentarized style of game with a central hub and potential advanced outposts with the bare minimum in them ( most notably I believe wheels of pain, which actually reflects the beginning of the first Conan movie quite well ). It’s more a notion of preparing wisely prior to launching expeditions from your base to gather ressources, explore, fight, and unravel the story because, unlike most survival games, there is an ongoing story. And then going back home with the loots.

In that regard, I like Conan Exiles more than any of the other survival I did so far. Both the non-procedurally generated world and the fact there is a very discreet, won’t-take-you-by-the-hand story going on ( very Secret World like ! ), as well as bases being meaningful, got me. :slight_smile:

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How about the system I recommended before? don’t you think that picking up crating stations is not the actual case? if 1 person is doing everything solo as a solo player, it should be rewarded by “higher perk in everything” as gathering lvl, crafting lvl , smelting lvl . In my opinion, this game just needs the solution that I propose. For example, if you kill players on the same lvl 3v1, or 2v1, shouldn’t you be rewarded as solo to get more “warrior or assassin” exp in that kind of system?