Battle pass feedback

I get the idea behind it but the optional values don’t really leave too much wiggle room. I mean, going from 1 buck to 5 for a single item is a bit much but I do appreciate you saying it was the maximum and that leaves a pretty wide range of options.

Maybe I’ve become too cynical about how thoroughly people read but I’d want to be especially sure people were aware of this before making any kind of judgement call with the results. (5 bucks maximum is probably the most sensible option, to me at least - I should probably vote in the poll)


Now @TeleTesselator poll is showing different results than mine…

Mine had an overwhelming amount saying they want DLC’s (44%) while Tele’s is showing just under 20%. I believe my poll may have been released too soon to get accurate measure (and I’m also thinking Tele’s may as well) since couping with change is still going on in an emotional level. I’m curious what both of our polls will look like after 30 days.

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the thing i have trouble with, is how you say dlc isnt viable.

you acknowledge the fact that there is a content drought, so of course there will be money drought

they can make more, or at least break up what they have into culture pack like dlc. and keep the idea of a shop

the battle pass will be 10 dollars anyway.
they can have bazaar on top of the dlc model. a battle pass is dlc with extra steps.

BIG edit : I understand how they can justify the exclusivity, trust me i think its fair ive said it a few times now. but its just system most people dont want. at least here on the forum anway.

im willing to see what its like before i totally hate this idea.

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Problem is when they decide to arbitrarily remove furniture from the cash shop. Time limit really? Exclusivity? I’ll take my business elsewhere

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thats the part im not a fan of either.
it sucks but this is the marketing tactic they are choosing or at least willing to accept for their product

It was stated the store will rotate the items so they will return at a different date. As noted below.


Yep and that’s why I don’t think the main goal is $ but player counts. The Battle Pass demands you actually spend time playing the game (not a lot mind you since this is a very easy BP from what I can see) while DLC’s don’t. The numbers are stagnant because of this. If they are moving CE to F2P and BP, it would be interesting to see how this plays out since F2P survival is practically unheard of.


I get what you mean, I just think that since they needed a marketeer to help them with this.

True, but I don’t know that as well, maybe its not enough and that’s why they asked a professional

They want to bring Conan Exiles to a higher level, meaning more frequent updates which I’m a huge fan of, but this comes with a cost too… and I’m willing to pay this.


you are correct, see my edit if you want.

but they can bring it to whole new level different ways

its not preditory, but it is aggressive marketing. and that is what works on mobile games and some console games.
time will tell if this will bode well.

im willing to see how Funcom handles this before i fully agree or disagree.

i will support funcom, always have always will. but it does seem a little much for me. ill just have to wait and see yknow?

Haha I’ve read it
Not sure if most people is correct to say, but definitely the loudest haha

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while i understand what you are saying people log on daily or often to maintain their base,/repel raids

how is that not enough?

this adds a new layer of stress, argueably sure but it adds a new thing to worry about at the very least. wether it makes some one angry or cry is beside the point, its another thing to have to look out for. its weird for a game like this

right lol i guess i need to be even more open minded. i dont speak for everyone. and as erjoh said, this is just the forum community speaking out. theres people who just play the game and have no idea what we speak about here on the forum

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Well thats the thing. At the moment conan is a game which has a steady player base but also a lot on/off players. They play for some months and go take a break again. Many used that as an argument against battle passes themselves because they say: im often taking breaks with a battle pass im forced to be there if i want the content. And thats the goal behind it. Keeping players invested and playing instead of them taking month long breaks. Because If they play → shop rotates → oh there is something i like lets buy + nice side effect player count is higher making it more attractive for people to start playing + if they like the new content each pass it automatically also makes them stay because why leave if i get new cosmetics and content all the time.


i hear you, you can still make the argument that even with new content the ones who takes breaks will still take breaks

those are the ones who get burnt out already, so imagine with this system trying intice them in this aggressive manner?

you gonna keep playing, so am i

those people are gonna take breaks. i do sometimes when i get obliterated online and have to start over, this system wont change that.


This is just a gated concept to entice people to do silly activities to fluff (like for a pornstar) numbers and they’ll make sure the really desired pieces are at the top end of battlepass. They’ll get your money coming and for people that get annoyed with random activity things, they’ll get you going by you buying those levels instead so that you get that desired item at the end of their season battlepass.

I’m sure the black lotus market will be similar and if you look at things with a high entry point, it will be ‘close’ to DLC cost. But if you don’t buy the discounted large amount for Crom Coins, the cost for a “DLC” level of content will probably be about twice as much.


I am against BattlePass as well in any shape and form. I have no problem buying DLCs from the cash shop but paying for a battlepass and then having limited time to grind through boring dailies to get the rewards is not a good design. Adding another layer of microtransaction of buying levels is even worse simply because you wanted the reward on step 50. Give us the cash shop and let us buy what we want to buy.


Because you assume that nobody would pay more than $10. Your poll is flawed.


The question I’d like to raise at this point is: is the time-restricted model economically optimal? Some say it is, and the monetization expert seems to agree with them, but I’m having a hard time trying to understand who it actually benefits.

A three-month Battle Pass with exclusive content will compel people to buy it upon release, yes. But then Funcom is committed into producing a new set of similar or higher quality every three months if they want the model to succeed. That puts a lot of pressure to the dev team because they need to meet the requirements - no chance to recycle old content, or they’d go back on their word of the content being exclusive, and thus lose credibility.

A limited-time release will spike sales upon release, but there will be no trickle of income from latecomers after that. No “old content sales” at discount to get some extra revenue at later dates. All sales will depend on being able to produce new content.

Players may like having exclusive stuff - I certainly have a number of “Collector’s items” in my possession (most of them physical products where a limited production run actually makes sense for logistical reasons), but when it’s gone, it’s forever gone, and no amount of money will get you the content you like (unlike physical collector’s items where there’s always a second-hand market for those with spare coin).

So my conclusion so far is that, based on a three-month cycle, this marketing model is for the benefit of quarterly reviews. Sales spikes every three months, rather than a slower, steadier trickle of income, will make the company look more valuable when timed correctly. And that, in turn, does not necessarily translate into a better product, just higher dividends.

Someone with a deeper understanding of economics or running a public company could maybe explain this to me if I’m wrong.


There will definitely be a lot of pressure on the dev team to deliver the promised content updates timely whether they are ready or not.


In some ways, this one wonders if the Battle Pass and Ages/Chapters system is to force the production crew onto a content treadmill as much as it is to generate revenue from players.

Content release for this game has been whimsical at best. No rhyme, no reason, certainly no set schedule.

If there is this Age/Chapter/BP system, then it effectively forces new cosmetics to be released at a steady rate.

This one hopes the dev team has received significant reinforcement if they are expected to be both adding more included content to the base game as well as cosmetics at a sustained rate.