Bazaar refunds for misrepresented items

I bought the Apothecary assortment strictly because of the description of the apothecary cabinet. It says “A large cabinet meant to ““STORE””…”. This meant to me that it was usable as storage. I feel this was misrepresented and want a refund. How do I go about getting a refund of crom coins for a purchase from the bazaar?


Quote from the EULA you accepted :frowning:

“All purchases of virtual currency or items are final and are not refundable, transferable, or exchangeable under any circumstances, except as otherwise required by applicable law.”

So short of getting a lawyer, not likely.

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Maybe its a bug? Like, the item is intended to function as advertised, but its not working yet.


Applicable law is available at :


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A misrepresentation is a false or misleading statement or a [material] [omission] which renders other statements misleading, with [intent] to deceive. Misrepresentation is one the elements of [common law] [fraud], and other causes of action for fraud, such as [securities fraud]

Misrepresentation through the act of making a false statement can take may forms. For example, in [Commonwealth v. Scott], a Massachusetts Supreme Court case, a forensic drug laboratory chemist made a number of affirmative misrepresentations by signing drug certificates and testifying to the identity of substances in cases in which she had not in fact properly tested the substances in question. However, statements of pure opinion are generally not considered misrepresentations. For example, in [Virginia Bankshares v. Sandberg], the Supreme Court held that statements of reasons, opinion, or belief are not per se misrepresentations, but may be if there is a context of [trust] or [reliance] between the person alleged to make the misrepresentation and the recipient and the statement is objectively false. Additionally, in [Omnicare, Inc. v. Laborers District Council Construction], the Supreme Court held that statements of opinion, such as statements prefaced by “we believe,” may be misrepresentations if the speaker does not actually hold that opinion. Also, the opinion stated, if the statement of opinion contains underlying [factual assertions] (e.g. we believe that our product is the best [statement of opinion] because it outranked other competing products in our laboratory testing [factual assertion]), that factual assertion may be a misrepresentation if untrue.

An omission which renders statements misleading may also be a misrepresentation. For example, in [Striker v. Graham Pest Control Co.], the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York held that a sellers’ agent who did not disclose a carpenter ant infestation misrepresented the buyers, since “[n]ondisclosure of a material fact is tantamount to an affirmative misrepresentation when a party is duty-bound to disclose pertinent information.” Material omissions in marketing a product may also be misrepresentations. For example, in [Drew v. Sylvan Learning Center, Corp.], a New York state court found that a tutoring service’s failure to disclose that they measured “grade level” with their own standards in their brochures, as opposed to the common connotation of public school system grade levels, was a misrepresentation through omission."

Your lawyers may want to look over the wording in the description of what you are buying for the Apothecary Assortment. Claims are made as to the product and those claims are fraudulent.

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This. People jump to the worst possibility rather than a charitable interpretation.

Same issue with the Arcane armaments set.
Descriptions of the items are simply not true.
I suggest watching youtube videos from not so numerous CE-oriented YouTubers before purchasing anything in the Baazar.
You may find yourself with another Yamatai heavy chest or even even worse.


I hope that is all it is and will be fixed in the very next patch.


I have no words for this, its very upsetting, I’m glad I haven’t purchased anything from the bazaar yet. I’m between angry and sad with how they are misleading players. First the insane pricing, now items are not what they seem? Why? Why do this?


Maybe, but this wouldn’t be the first time they did this. There are three different kinds of barrels you can craft in the artisan table, and all three share the same description:

Not a single one among them can be used for storage.

The way I see it, it’s much more likely that there’s no malice involved and the team is used to using RP-oriented descriptions for items, regardless of their accuracy, because players would get to see the description after making the decision to purchase, not before.

In other words, I believe they’re not used to writing descriptions that inform the players’ purchasing decisions, but rather descriptions that fit into the game world.


Even if the chances of a refund are low, you could still try to issue a ticket about it
at least that way they will know their descriptions are misleading role play stories.

On Steam I said something similar to what @CodeMage said here, but I put it into the perspective of creating Ad Slicks. Sometimes the team that does the fancy stuff doesn’t get the collab from the team that writes the tech stuff and then you end up with a melted Peanut Butter Cup. I do ascribe this set of errors to one hemisphere not being in sync with the other on the dev team. I’m happy to see you again, and share some of your despair.


I am a new player, like a week playing. I bought this cabinet thinking I will get storage and of course I am sadly disappointed. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice… I still enjoy the game, but my days of paying real money for items are over.


There’s one thing missing for this bazzar to be completed!
The sell back option!
This way the players wouldn’t be upset like @TheCrazyness or @titsmcgee is. I purchased for this, but I see that I don’t like it. What the heck I sell it back to take my Crom coins for something else :man_shrugging:. This action could work as feedback too. We speak about digital assets here, nothing physical, so the costumer cannot ruin the product. So if people buy something a lot but at the same time sell it back, that means that the asset is no good. Either fix it, either remove it from the bazzar! Isn’t the same company who runs Fortnite? Why they didn’t put the sell back option here? I do understand that people could abuse this situation, still if they put a timer for sell back nobody would had an issue! So we should ask for this and people feel safer when they buy something you know.
Another thing they could put in the bazzar is a dice rolling option. People should be able to buy dice rolling and win different digital aspects or nothing. I am not a gambler and I probably never buy this, but let’s say that I have a spare off 100 Crom coins and with these I can roll the dices once, I will probably do it!
@TheCrazyness welcome to the forum! Thank you for providing feedback for this item, because now that I know I will surely not buy the item!

I’m betting your statement to be most likely. Unless you’re a RP’er I couldn’t recommend buying anything from the store.

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Have you tried first to contact customer service before coming to forums ? This sounds like something that they would better able to respond to and maybe help with.

Just a case of a description of what an item actually is, leading people to believe it does something else.

All they really need is a disclaimer on the Bazaar saying these are cosmetic items and not to expect them to have functionality from the flavor text.


Unless explicitly stated, all items are cosmetic in nature. Weapons are star metal equivalent. Void in Tennessee.


…and made of star metal even if they’re called dragonbone weapons.

The inconsistencies between Bazaar stuff descriptions and what the items actually do are really making me put my spendings on hold, too. I want to support Funcom, and I’m willing to shell out some cash for virtual home decor, but I want to know exactly what I’m paying for before committing to a non-refundable purchase.

I don’t think I’m asking too much.


Bazaar is well… bazaar! I took one look at it and it was yet another reason I won’t play this game anymore. I’ll pop into forums from time t time in hopes of seeing real change, but 3.0 was a really poor money grab, wrapped with a mildly interesting sounding sorcery update.

If you buy everything in bazaar, you end up with far less than traditional DLCs, which I loved, but pay far more. Less for more sounds really crappy Funcom.

Please go back to making the much better quality DLCs and just charge $15 rather than $10 for them. I think you will find your revenue stream much improved. Stay with the Bazaar and I won’t be surprised if you end up getting Conan shut down from loss of revenue.


Let’s be realistic here: we consumers have no clue about their revenue streams, or the effect of different marketing strategies on said revenue stream. Funcom does. They have a hired monetization expert, and they’ve done at least some background research on the subject as well (remember the gods-awful questionnaire back then?). So it’s likely that they have made calculations and projections on various business models and this is what they came up with.

It may well be that the Bazaar is intended to cater for the few and wealthy, rather than the masses, and the Battle Pass is for the plebs. We’re not likely to ever know because marketing strategies are usually not transparent. Let’s just not pretend that any of us know any better.