Bearer flat stats for growth

I had a small army of named bearers. I placed them and 3-4 of them at a flat 40% for all growth percent chance stats. Is this intended or a flaw of the RNG system? The first ones I placed had widely random stats. As I went, I started getting more rounded up or down stats, ending in 0 or 5. by the time I got to my last 3-4, it was just the straight 40%s for all stats.

I did not encounter this on placing my fighters and archers.

My inventory did sort bearers, so they would have ended up placing in order of the inventory sorting - heaviest first. I know they all weigh the same. I have no idea yet if placing them in the opposite order would have similar results, reverse results or if it was a one time glitch in the matrix.

I had other things going on and did not make a note of the bearers in question. If nobody else has experienced this, I’ll hunker down and try recreating.

Question to devs: Are there any thralls or pets that are supposed to have fixed growth rates for their stats?

I’ve noticed this as well. I spawned one of every T4 fighter, and placed them. The last half (or so) all had flat 40% growth for all stats. It coincided with those generally being the “lower tier” T4s (so to speak) so I chalked it up to that, but maybe there’s another issue at play?

Confirmed on my end too.

Steps to reproduce: Place ~ 10 thralls in a row of the same type/name. I’m conducting further testing now.

Edit: Okay so I was only able to get the bug to appear once. And that was with Conchaka of Hyrkania. Everybody else I added (30+ versions) were all RNG. So not sure exactly how to reproduce now.

Edit 2: Okay, got it on the Bearer after only about 5 spawns.

Once the bug appears, every version of that Thrall are stuck with those growth stats.

I think I figured out the reproduction case. If you can trigger one of the Thralls to hit 100% on one of the Growth chances, then every version of that Thrall thereafter will always be 40% for that stat. If you hit more then one, then multiple or all the stats get stuck at 40% growth rate.

Observe the following screenshots. Notice the first one in the list has a 100% growth rate in strength. All the following screenshots, you will notice the other Markos’s all have exactly 40% growth rate in strength. And everything else is RNG. I only uploaded a handful, there were about 15 Markos’s, all with a 40% growth rate in strength, and it only occured after the first one had hit 100% growth rate.

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Dang! Ok, I agree. I remember being excited that I was starting to see 100s on my bearers then boom. garbage 40s.

And here is the sequence with the Tier 4 Bearer, Fairin. The first stat that hit 100% was survival.

Notice in the 2nd screenshot, Survival is locked in at 40%. This Thrall also hit 100% Accuracy.

Number 3, both Survival and Accuracy are locked in at 40%. This is where Strength and Agility both hit 100%.

Number 4, now everything except vitality is locked in at 40%. And Vitality hits 100%.

Which of course, ends with every stat being permanently locked in at 40%. Exiting to the main menu of the game doesn’t appear to fix this (Single Player). Every version of this Bearer that spawns in after has identical, locked in, 40% stats.

I did another test where I restarted the game completely, and this resulted in the stats finally being reset. However, it looks like certain Followers are more easily corruptible, as the very first Bearer I spawned immediately hit 100% survival.


Thank you for sharing this with us @sirvink, we’ll reach out to the developers to determine if it’s intentional behavior or not.

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That bug alone… o_O
What have thralls placed before todo with thralls placed after?
Why can they even “LOCK” the % to 40?
Why does 100% even LOCK to 40% and not 100% after wards.

Thats a massive bug which hopefully does not go live!!

But the thing that you could even reproduce it and figure out the bug… Good job!!

No effin’ idea. The answer should be “absolutely nothing”, but it seems this isn’t so.

Good one @Multigun, this is another must-fix-asap issue IMO.


FUNCOM’s programmer: How do we handle random number generator’s exceptions?
FUNCOM’s lead programmer: just call getRandomNumber()



Well, Sony did the same in the security algorithm for the PS3 :smiley:

Well, true random can be pretty hard, but “random enough for games” isn’t (or shouldn’t be) too complicated.

I would imagine this bug also involves the fact that they’re being spawned in as opposed to knocked out, broken, and placed. I know that would involve lengthier testing, but it’s possible admin spawning them in could be a variable as well. Idk.

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Possible, but I doubt it, since “admin spawning” just creates the same scenario as someone stockpiling a bunch of broken-but-not-placed thralls. Something I know many people have been doing (myself included), and even more will have started doing it in preparation of this patch.

On Dec 5th (if that is indeed the day the patch drops) I could easily replicate scenarios I’ve been doing on TestLive, placing dozens of high-level thralls in the space of minutes. Of course in light of what looks like a pretty serious bug in Stat generation, I probably will not do so.

In fact, my bearers were not admin spawned in. They were my collection of bearers I’d gathered over the last few months. Multigun admin spawned his. We both experienced the same bug.


That was my opinion too. They can’t all be winners. It sucks but then again a fighter with 100% in accuracy might as well be all 40%, no?

p.s. I didn’t spawn in any, just collected for the past few weeks waiting for the update. Got a mixed bunch

Its a bug… A massive one… But the update will still come out at Thursday. Another update released with bugs… I really dont understand the philosophy behind that.

Now there I have to agree with you. I can only assume there are “behind the scenes” reasons for this patch going out when it does, bugs or no bugs. But that doesn’t make it less frustrating to us as users and, I’m sure, doubly so for the people who work hard actually creating the content.

It is certainly one of Funcom’s less attractive traits*, seeing as it’s not an exceptional situation for even serious bugs to make it through to the Live builds despite being found in TestLive.

Here’s to hoping it’ll be fixed soon after in a hotfix.

*as a company, mind.

Old thralls get trashed, because there can only be 1 HP model.

So you have to put new ones out and if you are unlucky, you get stuck with a 40% overall thrall…

And I doubt that the hotfix/fix will correct this values. You will have forever trash thralls, just because Funcom releases bugs instead of simple delaying the patch…

But for me this was 100% clear, after watching the latest dev stream. The patch was in console certification last Thursday… So it was clear, there will be no additional fixes for the patch. Jens even said, they dont know if they will even roll out Testlive, because the TESTED REALLY good on their own… (well, not that good).

And thats the problem with testlive in general… For what is it even here, when patches gets anyway rolled out… Regardless of the bugs someone finds in testlive.

And as Funcom does not test for consoles and looking at this bug:

I really hope that this isnt the case for PS4 and Xbox…

Even Firespark made an own video about Funcom and their releaeses, hotfix and how testlive is handled… I said the same thing in a harsh tone and got banned for that 1 week.

I share your concern. When (I refuse to entertain an “if”) this bug is fixed, any placed thrall will be unlikely to benefit retroactively, for the exact same reasons as current placed thralls will not benefit from the leveling system.

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