Blocks and block collision changes

Hedge set: I love this and have been building a hedge maze on the roof of a castle I built. However, I do not like that I can’t build hedges taller than one block in height. If you could either add a set that could be stacked, or make the current set able to be stacked, I would be eternally grateful.

New Blocks: 45 degree angle foundation block, and any appropriate walls\ceilings, would be extremely useful in building

Collision: It would be extremely useful to be able to push many block into each other, in many many use cases. One specific case that comes to mind immediately is with your hedge block set. I built a hedge maze garden on top of a building and walled it in. After I’d done that, I noticed that the tile set doesn’t snap to the edges of those tiles like other “wall” tiles do, and that you can’t overlap them very much, which makes it so you have situation where you cannot follow tile lives and get path width that is consistent throughout your maze.

Bonus ask: I would love it if there were stone benches, in they same style as the different statues. The only ones currently available are wooden, which are nice but tot fitting with the aesthetic I had in mind when I started my hedge maze project.

Thank you for all your efforts on this game, it’s extraordinarily fun.


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This will never happen, because of geometry and the resulting combinatorial explosion of the necessary building pieces. I wrote a more detailed explanation a while ago, you can read it here.

I’m pretty sure they won’t do this, either, at least not in the base game, to avoid abuse of that on PVP servers. They had to go out of their way to impose additional restrictions on how close you can place certain building pieces, due to a popular abuse of building techniques called “fence foundation stacking”.

However, if you’re on PC and you’re open to playing either on private servers or in single-player (as opposed to playing on official servers only), I’m pretty sure that @Multigun’s LBPR mod (Less Building Placement Restrictions) can do what you need.


Search a little bit more the things you unlock on the artisans bench. Plus try to find the recipes of extra vanilla decoratives. As the matter of fact i suggest you to enter your single player, play creative mode and open the artisans bench. You will be amazed with the decoratives you will find in this game, especially if you have all the dlcs too. It’s freaking amazing. This was the reason i bought dlcs slowly, piece by piece, i wanted to try to learn all the pieces they have.
Yet… I am still learning, welcome exile :+1:t6:


I do own all the DLC’s but I haven’t started a local game and popped into creative mode. I’ll keep poking around, of course, but I just haven’t seen anything that is a stone bench yet so I made a suggestion. It would also be nice to have a better recipe system so you could easily find everything, what it takes to construct and where it needs to be constructed.


On single player you have the creative mode :grin:. Place on your filter “show none” and this way in the artisan bench you’ll understand what’s vanilla. Mark what interests you and you dont have it on your online experience, upload a photo of it and the members here will help you to find on the map you play the recipe you need! This is giving joy and reason in here, above all, this is the most important reason this forum exists, to help each other :man_shrugging:.
And trust me, from your questions even the most experienced players can learn something new, so practically your questions will benefit more than you can imagine!
Give us joy exile, share please :pray:t6: