Broken A.I. on some thralls

Game mode: | Single-player)]
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type: | PvE]
Region: Canada

Go to Volcano, thralls are all fighting and killing each other.

  1. Go to Volcano
  2. See Thralls
  3. Watch kill other
  4. Report bug

T4 fighting with other lower level thralls / The 3 lower level thralls killed the T4.

Named Crafter fighting will a lower level thrall

Could you fix this, its hard enough with the new leash A.I to get a named T4 thrall in the volcano but now everyone just kills them.

This happens on multiplayer too

I saw them fighting each other at the exact same spot just yesterday.

Kinde sad that i have to do this and not someone from Funcom…
There is a new patch on the test server that addresses at least some of the problems. I can only advise you to join that to test if it fixes the problem you have.

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