Buff 30 Vitality Perk

funcom can say that the pvp and the pve are the same but the only thing I have seen so far is a clear direction towards the pvp. Regarding the cure, we have: ambrosia, aloe potions, etc. the fault is that eating increases health. Increasing the level of generation is not the way. that is the previous road and it was discarded.

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Really, got a flag on a screen shot of a classic game, and just challenging people to remember how hard games used to be. Geez…


It’s very difficult, nearly impossible in fact, to balance a game for both pve and pvp and have them use same armour stuff, same weapon stuff and same way of healing. The needs for a balanced pvp game will unbalance a pve game, and vice-versa.
We see that in Ce with the spear overpowered in pvp, thus unbalanced, but no more powered in pve than other weapons, thus balanced. And the 3rd vitality perk that was overpowered in pvp and nerfed ans is now fine and balanced for this mode, but has become underpowered in pve being now unbalanced.
And if the dev make a different 3rd vitality perk for PVE games by restoring its former value, but keep its current value for PVP games then there will be two different Conan Exiles games. That means double patches, double works to do them. I think it’s something Funcom really wants to avoid.


Not sure about you, but I play video games to feel heroic. Being able to heal naturally over time and ignore small injuries like Conan did in the books fits that. Having to run around in circles sucking down an inordinate number potions, or hiding in trees cramming my face full of food feels cheap and cheesy to me. IMO, that’s not any sort of realistic survival, but gaming the system.

Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, because I don’t see much room for compromise between our polar opposite viewpoints save if Funcom starts issuing separate balance patches.


I don’t expect it to carry players in combat, but I expect it to not be terrible if it requires investing 30 points to obtain it.

If they are worried about people using it in PVP, just make the heal not work while in combat.


For the gods sakes, here we go with this flimsy argument again. I have been playing this game since it launched on ps4. I have killed obtained all of the 6 artifacts needed to create the Keystone, killed 5 World Bosses all up, and done a number of Unnamed City runs; and this was prior to thralls being overpowered, and being able to do the work for us.

It is NOT about making things easier, it is about reducing the sheer burn of resources, and the grind of having to replace with a greatly increased frequency. I dont have a clan of 4-10 people to share the resource gathering duties. As an Offline Singleplayer, I am a one man workforce. I have to do ALL of the resource gathering, the building, the fighting and the prep work. Food has been nerfed to oblivion, so has the Golden Lotus potion and Bandages. If I am going to a challenging area, I usually need to take (give or take some) 20 Aloe Extract (×2 stacks) and 100 food (×2 stacks again). So goodbye extra carry weight which could have been used for loot and resources. I now need twice as many pieces of food to completely fill my health bar. And by the time I clear out somewhere such as the Mounds of the Dead, or do an Unnamed City run, almost all of that is gone. Back to grinding…yay. Oh and did I mention that if I want a food which offers respectable healing (if there is such a thing anymore), such as Exotic Meat, I then have to go and solo a Dragon, and that takes a LONG TIME in Singleplayer. I have a very limited amount of play time each week, and I would really like to be able to spend a session I have available to play the game doing just that, not getting ready to play the game.

And no its not just PvE players complaining, check the link above. Singleplayers do exist and are actually a mode too.

Ps- @WhatMightHaveBeen yes it is Ghosts and Goblins, I played it in the arcades and its console counterpart Ghouls and Ghosts. And for the record it didnt have ‘health regeneration’. You get hit once you lost you armour, an second time and we died. The thing is that we dont 1 hit kill most enemies in CE. An invalid example, but a great game!


I swear there is a sub-set of PvP players who behave like spoiled ADHD children. They cant seem to handle, and actively go to pieces when an enemy actually heals themself, and they have to start wearing their health down again. Its as if this sub-group is incapable of spending no more than 2 mins killing an enemy before they rush of to the next encounter. And if they do, they complain bitterly until Funcom nerfs something else.


This exactly.

For people on pve/solo it makes it much more of a grind.
I don’t mind the difficulty or grind of most things in this game but this is a failed attempt at manufactured difficulty.
It doesn’t really make it more difficult, just more grindy.
Instead of clearing the mounds or assgarth in 10 mins with some near death experiences, it now takes 20 minutes with the same level of near death experiences, with 10 minutes spent on top of a hut eating far too much food to be healthy.


Boss fights were not 1 hits. So it is valid. It was about learning the game and how to beat each level. Just wanted to remind people games have gotten more player friendly. Save points (Tomb Raider was the first one that really started to use this as a crutch), insta-heals, all made with easing the game play in mind. Not that it is a bad thing, but in a survival game, it shouldn’t be easy to run into a MOB (PVE mind you) and slaughter everything because i will cheese out and heal in seconds when i get to 25%. We are in Conan’s world, but we should not be Conan. I haven’t checked, but i do believe there is a damage modifier in game for Solo Players/CoOp.
My thoughts are with Officials, where it is already easy to harvest (2x) meat in abundance. that is 1 clan person can make a 30 minute run that will last the entire 10 man clan 3 or 4 days . Not counting hide hunters returns.

PS–everyone says PVP is different than PVE, but truly, PVP is 75-80% PVE, the other % is looking over your shoulder. Harvesting and Farming are just as hard for PVP players when it comes to MOBs of NPC’s and animals. So for me to like the new regen, says alot of how hard i like my games.

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This can all be solved by simply adding a slider to the admin panel and adjusting it to suit all game modes.

One simple bit of code could make this problem go away.

In fact they could do this for most of the things that have improved pvp but crippled pve/solo.


Im aware of that, enemies such as the winged demons and jumping goblins in spiked vests were not (haha are we that old being able to remember this mate…!?). If you check my phrasing, I said we dont 1 hit MOST enemies.

My friend this game is about as far away from insta heals as I am from the South Pole. I am seriously looking at, give or take depending on type, 10+ pieces of food just to refill my bar. Again, it is not the difficulty which is in question here, it is the now utterly ridiculous levels of grind! Virtually every second trip is just dedicated to grinding healing resources.

Whether you are PvP (which I thought you moderated) or PvE, you still have other players to share the work and combat load. We dont have such a luxury on Offline Singleplayer mode. The grinding is becoming absurd. Furthermore, many PvE players are in agreement with myself on this issue.

Well then perhaps we should consider reducing the harvest rate from 2× on Officials, instead of creating more grind and utterly rubbish healing rates across the board. Not to mention making higher level healing items redundant. We need only open the link above to see the sheer amount of disenfranchised player who are reporting a downturn in the quality of their gaming experience. We already had a similar experience to this when they nerfed the Volatile Gland drop rate (now reversed) back in the day due to incessant PvP complaining. It literally used to take weeks to harvest enough of them just to do a Meteor hunt. :roll_eyes:

Ps- Im sorry WMHB. I like you buddy, really I do, and we seem to be in close agreement on most things. However, it is looking like we are consigned to opposition on this issue.


At least we can tweak the server settings to revert the scalable setbacks back to the level of our liking. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wish I could reply to each of you individually but sadly there are too many.

1.) The game at its fullest is PvP. What do you do after you beat everything in PvE?? Nothing but build and kill bosses over until you get griefed by players abusing the building system. PvP is the endgame and a crucial part of the survival aspect. You can’t seriously say that PvE is the game at its fullest when I constantly see threads about players being griefed with no counterplay. I’m not saying that your fun isn’t as important, but trust me, it’s much more unhealthy for PvP servers having the old regen than it is for the PvE servers having the new regen. For you guys, it’s an inconvenience, but for us, it breaks the fighting.

2.) If you haven’t ever played seriously on a PvP server then don’t assume our reasoning for wanting the new regen. Our reason isn’t because we’re impatient, we want it because fights between equally skilled players will never have a winner with the old regen. It made it too easy to run and heal, and it’s already easy enough to run and heal.


PvP is always the endgame when the PvE side is finished. This happens even then when PvE isn’t finished. It’s about what the PvE cannot offer and PvP does. Depends from game design mostly, but usually the typical reward we all like to some degree is to be able to beat another human player in cunning game. PvE doesn’t yet provide the same feel adequately.


Vit 30 is fine now. You go up in vit for extra hp." perks" should be just that, perks.

Back in the old days I never used any heals only food. Fights where easy just eat roasted haunch and I could run around in the volcano naked with just a pick and a crappy weapon to kill the snakes. It felt like hardly any risk. The only risk was lag spikes and making sure I had enough water.

Now I have to have ambrosia or some aloe soup or I can just take a lifeblood spear with me. Getting a lifeblood spear is easy with the way thralls are right now. Just need to be blessed by rngeesus.

I don’t like the way games have to balance for pvp an pve at the same time. Vit the way it is now is more balanced than what it was. It makes the game more enjoyable for me in its current state than the way it was.


Again, that could be dealt with by damage, including temperature damage cancelling out the healing. You could also have it only be active (or at least fully active) when your hunger and thirst are in the green.

I play PvE-Conflict in a clan of people playing with me only rarely, most of the time, farming Unnamed City etc. I’m in solo.

And when one of them play, it’s to kill bosses or do dungeons, all the time it’s required farming I’m alone.

Honestly I understand other players may fill different, but I never had any kind of problem: food was not more a problem after 1 hour of play, I’ve 4 conservation boxes in the main base and one in each outpost. I farm food not only form me, but like all the clan has to play with me (never happened).

I feel the food-heal system as only an annoyance, it’s not challenging, it’s only to remember to eat and drink and sometimes to lose time farming it.

But I never had problems at all in doing it :confused:

Thankyou kindly Shadoza, it would seem that you beat me to many of these. But please, permit me to make some further contributions to your list:

  • The Spear is overpowered; it needs to be nerfed
  • The Sword of Crom; one hit killed me; it needs to be nerfed
  • The Dismantling Bench is being used for exploits; it needs to be removed
  • Summoning gods is too easy, the amount of Zeals needs to be nerfed
  • The Volatile Gland drop rate is too high, it needs to be nerfed
  • Silent Leigon armour is overpowered, it needs to be nerfed
  • Exotic flesh drop rates too high, they got nerfed and stopped being dropped by large scorpions
  • Cleaver harvest rates are too high, they got nerfed
  • T2 Insulated Wood structures are too easy to produce, extra ingredients requires as a result

I haven’t either, but I’ve witnessed a common occurrence amongst games. That it will be the endgame in any game that emphasises both PvE and PvP, but also in such way that PvE is a journey while PvP is a conflict of distinct portions experienced alongside this journey in almost any part of it, but isn’t necessarily directly influenced.

For example PvP in Diablo 3 is brawling. It rewards nothing except the experience itself. There are some who don’t like it, but I find to love it actually. It’s absolutely lovely. However, there’s only one small map and each meta build sadly one-shots any other meta build while there. So the best experience of an actual brawl is gained with low level characters, but this in turn narrows down the skill pool. Would have been great with multiple maps, themes and the ability to outmanoeuvre your opponents.

For example PvP in Destiny came with the Crucible, Trials and the Iron Banner (rest in peace). I found love toward it eventually in the second installment. An arena where we hone our skills thorough dosen of different maps or so and with different themes. We couldn’t access it from the beginning so we had to earn the right first. It has this solemn, beyond brawl, feeling to it. It’s a form of celebration and a responsibility. However, the Iron Banner (the one form I loved) is now powerwalled so only those who buy the… “controversial”… Forsaken expansion can become more than meaningless cannon fodder. I was about to buy it coz I was bored, but then I experienced my fellow players’ intentionally designed demise, so in solidarity I didn’t and I dropped the company. No more Bungie for me or any other who wishes to follow their example. Think about if Diablo 3 Seasons where suddenly powerwalled behind an indirect purchase, only that you find the purchase not for you in some highly conspicuous way. You feel that Seasons are for you, you’ve played them before, feeling thrilled, but now you’d have to pay to win; we are free to participate, but not to win any matches by any means. Think about if all of a sudden the PvP behind CE went pay to win too. Anyway the arena had statistics, progression and rewards connected to it so it was more than brawling. Rewards weren’t incentivising, but the combat was. Statistics came after that and some of the situations are etched into my mind so deep that they feel like they happened yesterday; so memorable and comical in ways. Since Bungie ruined the continuity for me by dragging their customers into their conflict with their investors, I parted ways. Investors are also customers in a way so we’re technically at least in the same side of the boat, but leaning opposite edges. This side of the boat got screwed.

Basically any game I’ve played repeated a similar pattern. Some developed deeper and wider than others. However, this specific type of direct PvP approach doesn’t hold as well as the rest; the one CE has and Sea of Thieves for example. They repeat the same mundane mistake, that the defender party typically has a short enough variety what comes to means defending what’s theirs; the means they have also lack fundamentality. It’s like playing rock-paper-scissors without one of the components.

This approach would be phenomenal, if only it was balanced properly. Sea of Thieves lacks diplomacy value in its in-game features so the only thing to do besides the boring bottleneck is to circumvent the bottleneck and PvP allows it to happen. Thus it gains emphasis from imbalance of features and efficiently masks the way to troll and grief with it (same behaviour repeats here, in CE). We as players don’t know where to point coz the trolling and griefing is so deep in the design. Hence the accusations and their hit-and-miss nature (we are all too close to the issue so we don’t sense it properly). No one likes this deep down and merely tolerates the status quo thorough roleplay without having proper tools for that either. A gorgeous world, potential like nothing we’ve seen before… and a classic flop (Sea of Thieves, that is). I was to buy an Xbox solely for this, but needless to say that I didn’t.

Direct enough approach is great. Just like any other. However, it needs balance more than any other for that same reason; profound balance.

What do you think @Croms_Faithful? Any insight to depart with?

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Any game that makes PvP mandatory is an instant no-buy for me. Any game that focuses too heavily on PvP (to the detriment of other modes even if it does offer them) runs the risk of me losing interest. Conan Exiles comes dangerously close to that on occasion.

Yes, the PvP market is huge, but it’s also flaky and full of “flavor of the month” players (CE has suffered from this, too).