Bug report - corpse disapear for some times (+ bonus lag)


Sometimes when I go to my corpse (or my friend go to their own) they didn’t see their corpse, and when they go away and come back the corpse appear, the problem is that in that lapse of time someone can take your gear away and you can’t do anything, so do you already get this bug? It would be nice to fix this quickly

Also on my server I got some rollback of 1-2 seconds all the day, it happens since 1 day or 2, before that everything was ok, is it because their is too much people playing the game recently?

Our developers are aware of this graphical issue and are working on fixing it in an upcoming patch. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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If the bug is known it’s ok, because I didn’t see bug report section :confused:

Also I saw another thing, when I throw a javelin, he stay in my hand and I can use it (but do like if I haven’t, no damage or can’t throw another one) until I change items (then he disappear, if I don’t get back the real javelin I launched)

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