Can we get live support?

I don’t think its an unrealistic ask.

I also don’t believe it’s fair to the playerbase that servers get held hostage for 1-2 weeks before a zendesk ticket gets responded to. Only for them to purchase another copy of conan for sub $5 and be back the same day.

Live admins to come onto servers and squash these parasites instantly.

Just tryna play the game you know? my region has no active privates so im stuck on officials and this is what i deal with daily.


Not sure if live help is coming for sure but there is light at the end of the tunnel in that others have pointed out a “Request Help” button on the menu in game on Testlive.


Years later the issue of hackers still exists.:pensive:

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Live support for $10 / mo?


I’d pay it.


I’ve been saying something similar for almost a year now. I think they just don’t wanna do it. And that’s that.

Sure would be nice to be wrong tho…

As the ZD “mechanic” exists it naturally promotes disenfranchisement and unfairness. Oh well… I guess just live with it… It’s not like this problem exists existentially or anything…

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You did real good against those cheaters. Thanks for the tip in the video! <3

For anyone else, please watch the vid and see what Katniss does. They move and strike predictively, and score good hits despite the enemy toon being “so distant” or quick. Also please remember to take the weapons off their corpses.


i would pay too


where those speed hackers?

I can speculate but I think @Katniss would know for sure. The main thing is they are caught on camera using lag inducement, and what looks to be one paid-for cheat. Two if that’s a speed hack. I hope we can all stay vague and yet bask in the glory of what Katniss achieved. :person_fencing:


Lets see how the monetization works before we commit to hire folks that may have to be laid off if the revenue isn’t there.

Yeah and the police haven’t stopped crime either. I think you have an unfair expectation of FC ability to stop hacking in general.

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If they take the extra time to really polish what’s on Testlive, we’ll have an amazing experience. My new toon leveling is inviting and almost a little indulgent: it plays smooth and levels slow. As i said over on Steam, they seem to have walked the tightrope to provide us an unobtrusive Conan Experience, while really improving the gameplay. That translates to business success, in my estimation.


It’s required for this industry but my fear is the negative reputation it has garnered from vocal naysayers that do not provide any constructive feedback but trash the game.

I really hope what they are doing gets out in the public and the game gains momentum to break that 10K ceiling that has plagued it since inception…enough to keep it up and running but not enough to fully capitalize on it.

Although I have seen some influencers really come back in a dramatic 180 to be stellar feedback mechanisms for the game.


I started in April 2017, after the 50k player surge. It was a nice static flow of new people and “old” players. Very dynamic, helpful, and pretty cheat-free. Truly there was a culture of “you want to cheat in Early Access? How lame!” which shut people way down.

During various periods we had no ping cap, either in Live or Testlive, and during that time I was blessed to play with a lot of different players. Many different countries and cultures. I really, really enjoyed PvP with and against Chinese opponents. It was a time of interesting strategies and tactics, great grouped fights, fascinating alliances and incredible treason and disloyalty. Very dramatic.

This is what we need to catch fire. To me, the three tabs on the right are enough to make Base Campers come out for Missions, invite new players, and entice returning champions.

This would likely pay for Live Support, which would be a boon to a larger playerbase.


they’re using speed hacks and what people call “magnet” w/e it is it allows them to hit people from incredibly far away.

It’s an incredibly common thing seen on Oceanic servers.


These are the times I am thankful I’m console.

yeah a bunch of people on that server said they were going back to xbox after their experiences the past 2 weeks on that server. It’s a real shame these people just love to kill servers with hacks.

Some similar hacks are being used on console as well.

It is prevalent in every region.

The highest populated Exiled servers have multiple players hacking, at least in NA. People just leave for other servers, learn to live with it or adjust their game style and tactics … which they shouldn’t have to.

Reporting these hackers is all well and good. Most know that it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks before Funcom will respond; even with hard evidence it is not a guarantee that Funcom will take action. Or, in the case of one instance recently, receiving a canned reply with “we hope the situation has improved” after 2 weeks. Improved? Improved. A hacker can decimate an entire populated server in a raid window depending on what type of hacks they have.

I realize there is an allowance of understanding for the financial burden an expectation of reasonably instant action be taken. But let us consider that Funcom is already using an anti-hack program and it is bottom of the barrel at this point. I would tend to think that live support would be a given if they cannot meet a basic expectation of their customers?

Either way, I hope the Request Help function will not just be a way to access Zendesk as it is not solving the issues. Yes, it is informing people that a method to report exists but we’re back to the same report feature…