Can you please remove the name of players in event log PVP? It is killing the game



Maybe you should since you are afraid to hit some one randomly, not knowing the consequences. I think the event log should be some where in the middle. Stealing, just states it was a player, no name. Destruction shows name only if your thralls are present. Outside of that, it would make the political games on pvp way better. being able to trick the alpha into attacking the wrong clan, back stabbing, etc…
That or remove event log outside of admin checking for bugs, and also remove who is logged in. That would make offline raiding take some scouting. Right now most alphas, not all, like to not have stuff stolen by a low level just logging in, and if there is a clan that grabs their attention, they wait until they have the upper hand in numbers to release all their resources to wipe them. I have not found a server that has an alpha that fights straight up. And i am not complaining, just stating a fact based on my interactions. That is why i am kind of burned out on leveling for 4 days, only to be wiped (usually my first base at T1) when i go to spend time with my 80 year old Dad or visit my daughter and my grandson out of state. By having the no player list and no name event log, i would stand a better chance of staying off of radar, be able to join a side and then get involved in wars. I really can’t wait to officials to die down to the point private servers are that is left. And i have screen shots of every cheating alpha/player, so i can ban from my servers. The few alphas and players i found legit will always have a place on my private server.


Like I said a second ago, all people really need to know is they didn’t guard they’re stuff well enough. If anything, beyond admins knowing absolutes, maybe clans could track members interacting with their holdings for clan management but I draw the line there.

I’d rather there be no event log all together (for anything below admin) but what can ya do.

Besides, some people have multiple accounts to bypass it anyway.


If only we had event log in real life then people wouldn’t steal from us or other crimes.:grin:


I have an idea. What if we had a thrall that was sort of a Medieval messenger. If you dont have it you get no information in the logs of who stole and destroyed your stuff. But if you have it, you can have all information BUT there is catch. IF the raider manage to kill him you get no info so he must be hidden and well protected.


The Event Log and Player List are a welcome feature in PvE, but I can’t even fathom how PvP is supposed to be playable (as I’d think it was intended) when omniscient intel is being freely given away like this. :flushed:


Then alpha clans would have tons, event log data would be at a premium requiring a specific thrall, and your solo players/small clans would be at more of a one-sided disadvantage especially when their smaller stock of thralls gets depleted. This would just create a bigger imbalance and favor alpha clans even more than the game already does.

Besides, alpha clans generally don’t care who they raid, and even with the logs, regularly raid other big clans.

Removing the system would cause solo’s and small clans to take more action against them and lead to the weakening of alpha clans game-wide.


And that’s bad??


Did I say it was?


What if he was old and dont remember well and occasionally give you the wrong information, would be fun :rofl:


Not but It seemed that you are implying in favor of the Event log.


The official pvp server I just joined is not at all what I expected. Basically seems like a bunch of pve folks on a pvp server. Fighting and raiding seems strongly discouraged. I wonder if the event log is contributing to that.


I have a 68yr old coworker, we’ve been paired as a team by our boss for the last 5 years and he’s just like that. No thank you lol.


Well, there are some people who want to misbehave. The event log tells on them. No burglar wants to be known because their activity is cowardly by its very nature. So the cowards who want to misbehave don’t want to get ‘told on’. That’s why they object to an event log that identifies them.

The implications of an event log are divided. If a player wants to strike back at an alpha clan, they may want to strike them when off-line and remain unknown. Why? Because the retribution from an alpha clan will be swift and likely, devastating. But an alpha clan who wants to pick on solo players or small clans, don’t want to be known when they are griefing people. So again, the event log for these players is bad new because it tells on them.

But raids, as intended in PvP (ie. “player vs player” - not “unknown event vs player”), are supposed to be straight-up fights where the attacker(s) are clearly seen and its obvious what the raiders want (and who they are).

So its a mixed bag of implications. The event log helps prevent burglars and griefing, but it also means smaller clans probably shouldn’t pick fights with powerful alpha clans (at least, not alone).


That was the intention, but we would be kidding ourselves if it wasn’t more of a gang bully mentality that instead wipes bases, for no other reason than boredom. Alphas by their nature do not need resources, land or anything else. They raid to wipe. And with a very few exceptions, they wipe because they have more resources and are bored. Few alphas are truly policing server to keep it healthy. look at the numbers on Officials, and you see Alphas on servers with average login of less than 10 during raid times. That is not healthy as far as keeping gamer’s invested in CE. The event log should be there, but definitely I see the benefit of anything non damage being unidentified at the very least. If i didn’t destroy something of yours, then it should only confirm it wasn’t a bug that caused the lost loot. Building Damage and thrall kills i can see being an act of war, and thus i get what i deserve if i show up in your event log.


Both the event log and the player list are gateways for bullying and harassment and prevent any sort of sportsmanship in game.

To illustrate what I mean:
A streamer was raiding a lot of people with her clan. This streamer is a Chinese girl and the players of that server eventually tracked her steam account via the event log and that name down to her stream. Since they found out she is a Chinese woman, she received utterly despicable insults and rape threats in game. This was made possible by funcom providing private information upon events in game.

Next point, you want to offline raid? Just check the ■■■■■■■■ player list that is even sorting out clan names so you can track which clan can be raided safely. How can anyone see something positive in that?

Another thing: constant bullying of players that are not friends with the alpha clans. They simply can’t stay below the radar and if the server community decides they don’t fit in, they are gonna gang up on them. Really ugly that funcom is encouraging these self righteous hunts by providing bullies with intelligence.


What do you consider misbehaving? Burglaring and thieving are part of the game mechanics and there is nothing wrong doing it. Why do you think there has to be some sort of limitation to playing the PvP meta?

After all every raid is some sort of griefing. It is part of the game and players should not be shamed with their steam names for doing so.

It is fine if a log is telling you that you did not guard your stuff well enough, but naming and shaming the player who was clever enough to take it instead is really awfull.


Sorry, I should have been more clear. Yes, it is in the game. Thus, it is part of the game mechanics, so yes, it follows the ‘rules’ of the game mechanics, but such activity is still morally wrong. Just because something is ‘legal’ doesn’t make it right.

I’m not saying players can’t be pirates, or thieves, or ‘ninja’ their way into someone else’s base from a game mechanic perspective. I’m just saying that such behavior is for ‘bad guys’ (ie. immoral behavior - yes, if you are playing a ‘bad guy’, ‘bad guys’ do ‘bad things’).

So there is something wrong with it morally speaking even if the activity is part of the game. That’s where I was coming from when I was sharing my viewpoint. Sorry for the confusion.

‘Bad guys’ may now chime in and disagree. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know it sucks to get caught stealing. But bad guys have to lose, that’s just how the world works. If bad guys have the run of the game, everyone quits playing cause it’s not fun anymore. So, you can still be bad, but expect for bad things to happen to you in return. That’s the only way you are gonna get to steal from Jimmy, and have Jimmy keep playing. (So he can murder your a$$) And so you can steal from him again… (Or murder his a$$ back.)

This game would not survive if snakes could make off with everything mystically. (You see it on the forums all the time) people crying about how their stuff vanished for no reason. (Rage ./quit) We all know some clever poop sucker crawled into their wam-sackle cave and sackled their wams. Poor poop is you.


This is the way I see it.

The event log plays a decent role in determine who gets consequences. If you raid a clan who can stuff you into the ground, you get stuffed. Why shouldn’t you? Because you’re solo? So you should get off scott free picking on larger clans because its harder to find you than they are, yet they spent the TIME and EFFORT putting together a large clan. Doesn’t make sense.

So you can’t hit smaller groups because they tattle on you to larger clans who wipe you out. So here’s what’s happened. They’ve taken the TIME, and the EFFORT to form relationships with those larger clans. See the common theme here?

How about trying this. Make yourself useful to the larger clans. Either join them, or be friends with them. This way when you raid someone, they come to your aid instead when you get retaliation. See how this works?

Being good at the game isn’t enough. Being max level and best gear isn’t enough. You HAVE to use Charisma, Leadership, and Cooperation to succeed.

Also PVP means there is consequences for every action or inaction you take or don’t take. That includes stealing. If you don’t want consequences, play PVE and raid NPCs instead.


You are entirely correct. I didnt yet read the other posts above though… :joy:
Sometimes, spending time and effort isnt enough either if the ones one formed a relationship with gets their ■■■■■ kicked. (Not to mention my own butt, lol.)

Thiefery still is possible.
Those thiefs just got to become more cautious. Just a few ideas:
Hide your base. I guess most places are known already, but still.
Keep an eye out to the environment. If you see anyone near your base, dont you dare going into your base. Dont lead them back home! (This is what I did with someone else, but since we went to some other server, we ignored that guys base.)
Most importantly: If you arent to be trusted, dont trust anyone yourself!

I actually like this type of playing. Hiding away as I am mostly on my own…
Stealing from others… As it wasnt listed in eventlog before, I could do this without ever being accused. And even if I did, I was able to make them think it was another party… :smiling_imp: :joy:
Another time someone did some serious mistake in their build and I could steal from that guy. I did feel bad and when he was friendly I didnt actually return Rokur to him, but instead I helped him to secure his base, for no other player to break in. This was happening when the new event log was already there…