Can't connect to 1977 for days. Where are the developers?

I understand your suggestion, but I hope you understand that it sounds somewhat exclusionary. It would be similar to suggesting that North Americans get together and rent a server if there is a problem with their official server that has been around for more than 1500 days, you know? It is an option, but far from being viable, there are several unofficial servers for Brazilians, but many, like us, want official content.


Okay, i understand, but have you checked your routing, perhaps there is a problem?
You can open PC W10 the cmd or powershell as admin and do a tracert to the target. Normally you reach the target “server ip” very fast.

a tracert seems like, my server is reached @10hops 20ms

if this is also okay at your side, than i hope g-portal can find the problem.
Perhaps, only a idea, write directly to the support-team from g-portal.

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Oi gente parece que voltou consegui logar de madrugada e as 10h da manhã vou tentar agora de noite mas tem 22 players já deve ter voltado.

Corrigindo num voltou, ta na tela infinita de novo

Hello i think that our server problem could be a full disk on server side, if that server is a linux machine a partition full event can cause a large range of unexpected behaviors, usually the log and tmp folder could get full often due to high activity, that is the case with the 3.0 launch. I was suspecting of it because exectly when the server restart, the OS clear the tmps the server works fine, past some hours the some disk get full and problem returns. I think this could be a strong indicator of partion full. However its only a suspicion.

o único jeito é evitar desconectar, to online ainda :disappointed_relieved:

pois é eu tive que sair voltei so a noite, hj já era kk só 5h da manhã

The error returned. I was excited about the game, but it’s the worst support i’ve ever seen and that discourages me to continue.

Its baffling how they just ignore us

eu cai lá pelas 21h até agora num consegui voltar

como q ta a situação do server hj pessoal?

tá dando pra entrar depois do reset das 5h, fica disponível até umas 18 ±, depois só joga quem já se conectou nesse período

vlw pela atualização man, pelo jeito num vou conseguir jogar hj kk eu chego só depois das 18h vou tentar a sorte. Os cara responderam meu bug report com a resposta padrão ontem “estamos investigando bla bla bla mande ticket pra zendesk”.

In case this information is useful to you.

When I managed to enter, there was a mountain of unconscious players floating above me.
I appeared in Midnight’s dungeon at the pool in Midnight Grove.

Possibly the login is collapsing due to the number of visible bodies in spawn zones.


Although it appears to be resolved, I will not jump to conclusions before a proper announcement.

While I was having trouble connecting, I managed to connect early and stayed in the game until the time the problem returned, then my clan tried to connect and I saw their characters stand up as if they were connected, even though they were stuck on the loading screen.

This justifies us dying of starvation several times and losing items trying to connect during the problem, and also the purge being started.

It was fixed for a day or two, now it’s back.

i don’t even think they are looking for a solution , last answer was days ago

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problem returned this week, three days and counting every day by night server becomes unjoinable.

and now its back again, server off, hope they fix fast that time

Greetings Exiles,

We continued to monitor the server and it had normal traffic of players throughout last week. From now on, please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket. Make sure to select “Official server performance” as the issue type:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: