Changes I would like to see in CE

Good luck with that. And I’m not being sarcastic either. Just use the forum tools if they get too out of hand.

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Honestly, if we’re going to take an objective description of the current status quo and call it “Funcom bashing”, then I don’t know how we can keep discussing this problem.

There are reasons why your solution won’t work. I pointed out some, Darth Physicist pointed out some others. If you want, I can delete all my other messages to avoid constructive criticism of Funcom and we can ignore the elephant in the room as we keep going back and forth about your idea. :man_shrugging:

No no I’m not saying that at all, just rather looking for input and feedback without dropping names into the reply or reiterating things which have already been hashed out in other threads, that’s all. Sincere as you may have been others will read it and feel the need to turn it up a notch. Your feedback is really much appreciated by myself anyways because I feel some higher up might actually be reading this and consider what we’re saying and just maybe their solutions could possibly be even more creative than our own


That’s a good point, thanks. I edited my reply to try to make my intentions clearer.

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How about “pay to play”? If it’s not some ridiculous monthly fee. Money for manpower is obviously part of the problem. Not sure how that would work with Microsoft also being a hand in the pot. I would pay to play this game (if it wasn’t some ridiculous monthly fee) provided issues like bugs and cheating were actually addressed. Money to use better servers and buy out their contract with Graphine( HAHAHA)

Note: when I say “ridiculous” I’m referring to what such an amount$ might be, not to the fact that it would be a monthly fee :kissing_heart:

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Just for clarification, when you say this, do you mean for Xbox?

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Sounds impossible. Someone will always take advantage of that system for their own gain and abuse it. That always will happen, and people will be even more upset by it.


Yes I do.

And that’s honestly a problem with these forums. They really should have separate forums for the different platforms.

I’ll throw my two cents in to what I want seen changed to the game.

Overall difficulty increased. Or if I were to clarify, difficulty become more of a complex thing. Right now we can adjust NPC damage. That doesn’t do much though. It makes things tedious, but not engaging, not actually challenging.

So here’s a list of good encounters in the game:

Witch Queen - This one is an interesting fight. Its not a challenge because of what level it was designed for. But it is interesting. If we wanted to improve this for level 60s (current I think its level 25-30 content?). What I would change here is make the beam emitters closer together (maybe make it a 3x3 grid instead of 2x2 right now), and fire off more often. But if its not for level 60, then leave it alone, and use that level of complexity as a baseline.

Thag (Pre-nerf) - This one is pretty basic, telegraphs to avoid on the floor (these are good, timing is tight enough to be a challenge, but not so much that you need pixel-perfect movement and get screwed by network conditions) to avoid. Adds that come out in waves based on health, pretty basic boss style stuff. I’d like to see this unnerfed, and then it would be pretty good. You have two ways to take on this boss, deal with the adds, or ignore them. There was a bug that made the add invulnerable, so we don’t need to take that into account here. The idea is anytime you can make a choice in how to deal with an encounter is a great thing.

Sandbeasts and Corrupted Wolves. These are some nasty creatures I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Not so much out in the world, but in dungeons. Using their base stats, they do hit hard, but they don’t hit often. You have to time your attacks to avoid getting hit yourself. And unlike giant snakes, you can get a few hits in before having to block or dodge.

So using all those good encounters, helps build new ones. The idea is just tearing down the player for a single mistake isn’t a challenge, but tedium. We want a challenge. Obviously if you make too many mistakes in a row, you should be punished for that. Debuffs such as bleeds, poisons, and cripple help with that.

Could even introduce something like a sunder, but lasts longer and has more of an effect. This means this attack that may not do so much damage itself, or maybe it does. Needs to be avoided, and getting it stacked too many times means incidental damage becomes more and more deadly. This way one mistake isn’t the end of the fight. But 3-4 in a row… well don’t do that.

But things like this would apply to either existing dungeons and areas of the map, or new ones. Like for example, I wouldn’t mind seeing some changes to existing dungeons and bosses in reference to the keystone. Witch Queen, Degenerate, Kinscourge, King Below, and the Arena Bone Dragon. These encounters are pretty simple for the most part (or in the Witch Queen’s case, easy for a 60). I’d like to see them rescaled in complexity to match their level 60 nature (wouldn’t mind seeing unique rewards from them too).

I’ve already spoke about how the Witch Queen can be elevated.

The Degenerate seems like a good candidate for telegraphs. So in each wave of adds, he would also spawn a unique pattern along the floor that blows up after he’s done casting similar to Thag. Instead blue it would be that purple/pink color of the shades. Getting hit would do moderate damage, but also a knockdown.

Kinscourge needs to be able to walk a bit faster and heavily mitigate cripples. Otherwise his attacks are rather interesting. Maybe give him a ranged blood bolt type attack for those particularly far away.

King Below would need something entirely new added to it. Its a basic mob supped up pretty much. Maybe some unique combos are in need here.

The Arena Bone Dragon needs the same work all dragons do. They’re not bad, but there’s issues with them. They either seem ridiculously easy to avoid their attacks. Or occasionally you take a firebreath to the face that wrecks you randomly. Their attacks, hitboxes, and telegraphs need to be cleaned up a bit. Their attack sequences seem to be pretty good otherwise. Dragons in general should in general mitigate the effects of cripples (with the exception of the hatchlings). Pretty much any big creature to be honest, unless there’s a mechanic that makes them weak to it because they overextended.

Which leads to newer encounters in the future. The idea that certain debuffs don’t really work. Until they can and when they do, they have double the effect. Maybe like some armored creature that can’t be bled. Unless it exposes itself after an attack and then bleeds have double the effect. Same thing with sunders or cripples depending on the encounter. Something the player can actively search for, and try to exploit.

To put it shortly, something a bit more than right clicking everything to death. Encounters we have to think through and watch for openings. Not this light attack block light attack block, cheese that we have to do on some things (like giant snakes and the like).

Mixing and matching creature types is also good. This is kinda done with trash mobs with melee, shields, and archers. But do that with a boss encounter, where there is unique attacks and the like, and you’ve got something interesting.

And I wouldn’t be opposed to group content. If needed, make a setting tied to these creatures that turns off certain abilities or reduces their stats so a single player can take them on (so solo players playing single player have this enabled by default), but servers (maybe even officials) can have content that requires a little bit of player coordination.

I’ve personally made custom dungeons with group content in mind, and let me tell you. When you’ve got a shield user, an archer, and a melee hitter, and a healer (mod allows allows for magic). Its a ton of fun. You’d be surprised how much potential Conan Exiles has as a Coop experience. Its there. Its fun. Just waiting to be tapped.


Gotchee, and I think we’re on the same page there. Unfortunately I suggested that Consoles have their own section for their respective platform, and I got called an elitist for doing so. Its not a bad suggestion, we damn near play an entirely different game.

For example, a PC user wouldn’t think twice of pulling a group of thralls, and keeping 3-5 of them crippled indefinitely till they die. I tried that with a controller. That does not work. I’m sure some of your better archer players can do better. But, its nowhere near the same. And there’s various other differences just based on Controller vs Mouse/KB. Acknowledging there is a difference is not a bad thing.

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I’d love it if they added some “premium servers” that you have to pay for and that have active admins. Or, at least, I would’ve loved it before I started playing on a private server that offers me the same, but with cool mods and for an optional donation :stuck_out_tongue:


@WhiteRabbit: About your idea of community moderators: Here is a link to an older discussion of this topic, just in case you´re interested

What if I told you both there is another third solution? One where there is no need for Funcom to hire more employees to locate exploiters. One where there is no need to give special admin rights to a designated player to locate exploiters.

A solution where the player base themselves will be able to locate all the under meshers and people building outside the green wall… Would you believe it?

Maybe. Tell me what the actual solution is, and I might believe it.

Unless it’s a repeat of what has already been brought up in this thread, such as:

  • Giving admin rights to players: won’t work, because it confers unfair advantage, will eventually be abused, and it’s impossible to select players to trust.
  • Giving some players special dispensation to go under the mesh and beyond the cursewall: won’t work, because it’s impossible to select players to trust.
  • Giving all players permission to go under the mesh and beyond the cursewall to report infractions: won’t work, because it’s impossible to enforce this won’t be abused and because just being able to report other players won’t speed up the processing of reports or make the punishment work on the players who use alts to refresh.

I’m pretty sure you’re just gonna say to fix the game but obviously if it was that easy they might’ve already done so

Or maybe the sarcasm is just lost on me?

I personally wouldn’t mind that option in the PVE Official Server that I play on. Which has two bases blocking the Croc World Boss and legendary chest at the small pond near Sinner’s Refuge, and a base on top of Sinner’s Refuge blocking the thrall spawns inside it.

I don’t doubt that I would have at least one named armorer if the npc’s were spawning in there. I had reported both spawn blocks, and have been waiting for both clans to remove the bases and thralls willingly, or have those bases and thralls removed by Funcom.

Here’s a situation I never quite understood:

Official PvP server 2578. A clan had built a fairly sold wall completely around Shattered Springs. Some hero’s come along and wrecked that clan so that clan proceeded into the springs and just spammed T3 foundations everywhere blocking all the brim nodes. Hero clan reports them. Admin comes and bans the bad guys, dismantles the wall… but leaves all the spam blocking the brim nodes… which the decay timers were regularly refreshed by alt accounts I’m assuming

Would it not be simpler to just make the springs a no-build zone?

After all if they did that then it wouldn’t matter if someone built a wall around the no build zone because can be blown open, made climbable, have the gates blown of them etc etc. however trying to clear out a ****load of T3 foundations packed solid and submerged is an entirely different thing, especially when an alt can just come along and do it all over again


I think you could find trusted players; I just think its too big a task to ask them to undertake it. There are many people who would exercise it with caution and reasonably.

Yes, agreed

Which is why I think it should be voluntary and these players are only allowed to proceed under mesh to locate a suspected base, put a hammer up to it so the can see the owners clan tag, screenshot( or maybe clip as much of the event as possible for their own defense) and then withdraw. No attacking, no entry attempts, just get some kind of proof without being banned for being under the mesh themselves. Only problem I can see with my suggestion is that if it was a solo player who wasn’t clan tagged then there would not be a name to screenshot. Suggestions?

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