Changing PvE conflict servers to PvP

lol funcom, server south america PVE- Conflict was always crowded, and come to say that there were not enough people? I’m leaving the game, I play since the EA.

Thanks for take my time and money.

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obviously PvP servers would be more popular, but there’s no reason to completely get rid of a game mode because of it. PvEC was such a good option that made the game more special and appealing to a lot of the casual gamers. If you really needed more PvP servers, you should’ve just decreased the PvEC servers. Converting them all completely was a big BIG mistake.


Wait what, normallt u provide good answers but u say less than 24gäh after launch u have enough data to scrap an entire server type? That like all other servers i spent hours just trying to get on? U lacked servers and punished ppl that have jobs.

This answer not even close to be ok


I’ll be back when Conflict returns…bby!


Conflict servers were an answer to the problem of people not realizing PVP does not mean raiding bases while people are NOT online…PVP requires at least 2 sides or “players”. It’s more like PVB (player vs base). I almost believed FunCom realized this and found a compromise. Now your response to our outrage about changing these servers to cater to the lowest common denominator is shameful. YOU clearly do not grasp how disrespectful and disreputable this decision is.


Even though I play on a rented server, I wanted to post here to show my support to all the players who were just completely devalued in this decision. It does make me nervous to heavily invest in a game where the developers would so blatantly pander to one group of players and simply eliminate another at the drop of a hat. Balance is extremely important in these types of games where gameplay styles are diverse. No group wants to be ignored in favor of another, that doesn’t work out well for anyone.


Ok, ok!!! We’ll swallow it and go to the PvE server. But where are the guarantees that you will not destroy them??? By the way, a lot of empty PvP servers


Indeed, we won’t touch those (or vice-versa). :slight_smile:

We were hoping to see the PVE-Conflict option available on Xbox in the near future and really thought it was an oversight to not include at least one for us on launch. That game mode is a great idea.

It is possible that the reason the servers were not at max pop was because people did not know exactly what they were. Not everyone follows every Funcom social media account and hits refresh every 5 mins for the latest and greatest news. These servers were listed under PVP from what I understand and I’d think the majority of the players choosing these servers would more PVE oriented just wanting a bit of PVP as an option. This would be like a store putting bread in the produce department. What bread lover would think to look there?

Hopefully you revert those servers back, give them their own filter list, and add a couple to the consoles!


Dude, you know I paid for the early access in January 2017 and I buy the Physical Collector Edition 2 days ago. I’m… very… Sad…
Bring back my Official PvE-Conflict…

This was such a back-stab move. No one thought to give it more time, or even Ask the all important Customer? Dirty move, FUNCOM, and this will cost you in the end.


Realy? But you do it!!! Where PVE Conflict???

Nice, some of your customers are safe from getting a bonus wipe for now.

but you see where we have no reason to have faith in your word?


Take your voice to Steam reviews. Probably carries a lot more weight then comments here.

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I signed up for an account just to post my voice to the masses. I have two friends that are going to hold off on joining me in game now because of this change. PVE-Conflict was a great idea, and I sold them on the premise, and the game because of it.

No PVE Conflict = bad idea.


So first of all, i was having a hard time entering my PvE-Conflict server cause it was always full… that dosn’t seem like under capacity… players on the server were talking about the need of another PvE-Conflict Server so we could low the crowd trying to join the server and causing lag…
Second of all, the demand for new servers included the demand for PvE-Conflict servers as mentioned above, you guys didn’t ask our opinion about changing PvE-Conflict to PvP, you guys just did it 5 minutes after warning the players… that’s a lack of commitment with the players that bought your game because they knew they would be able to play on a semi-pvp server and enjoy fighting others without the need to worry about their bases being destroyed all the time because they need to work/study and so on… PvP servers aren’t for everyone, just people with lots of friends to play in a clan and/or with lots of free time can play on those servers… PvE servers aren’t that good as well cause you don’t lose your stuff when you die for mobs, this makes the experience in dungeons/bosses/thrall fights way more easy and boring… thralls stoped attacking players on pve server so now people can just climb your walls and take your stuff cause not every placeable is or can be locked…

PvE-Conflict was PERFECT, it had the best of the two mods in one, if you see in ark you can see how many private servers have time restrict PvP and people love them… PvE-Conflict is awesome and can’t be deleted without even asking the players that were playing on it, and i can assure you as a player that most of the people that play on PvP servers will get bored of being raided all the time and will migrate to PvE-Conflict in the future so they can enjoy the game experience and search for the lore and exploring the game with still having to worry about other players ambushing them and so on.

Really hope you guys bring PvE-Conflict back, as a player since start of Early Access and someone who was amazed with you job and all the improvements made to the game for the launch i’m very disapointed with this decision and the lack of commitment with the player base… Don’t take a decision that will interfere with your players game style in 5 minutes and do it without asking for their opinion… that’s a dumb decision to make and be sure a lot of people won’t like and probably wont come back after asking for a refund.


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I believe the issue with lower numbers on PVE-C servers was that they were listed as PvP-F servers. I think most of us were confused because it was said there would be no PvP-F servers. There was no way to filter for PvE-C servers on the drop down menu, so I myself figured you added PvP-F instead of the conflict. I didn’t figure it out until this morning, about an hour before they were converted to PvP servers.


@AndyB Thanks for replying to the discussion,
I think many of us that started on conflict servers have a lot in common we’re not no lifers that can spend all our time grinding in pvp, we have jobs and families. We find pve gets boring but pvp can be stressful when you get raided constantly while offline, pve conflict was a good balance between the two. I personally preordered CE after I heard about conflict servers. I like the game alot and I think Funcom did a great job with the development time and money they had, but removing the conflict servers is a gut punch. I have’nt played the game since and I may not play again until you bring them back.