Cheaters and funcom does nothing! WHY should we pay for Content anymore?

Dear Ignasis,

Thank you for your answer, please don’t be angry, but the time you spent writing this text would have been enough to ban the cheater clan.

It’s not about 2-3 players who are deprived of their fun, but these cheaters jump from server to server to spoil the game for other players.

To prevent the number of players on the server from shrinking again, it would be advisable to act immediately.

Don’t be angry, but I see the priority here

Maby u can remeber “Age of Conan” before funcom act, they had lost so manny players.

Thanks a lot Ignasis for your prompt reply.

It is my gut feeling and a rough estimate for which I don’t expect any comments but it means that as you have currently around 14k active players on Conan over the last 30 days + the fact that you didnt banned all of them. It might mean that around 5% of your current players base are cheaters. It is huge.

We are not discussing this most of the time and I want to bring the attention on something here.

Why people are cheating? Do you have a clue?

  1. Your competitor hire them in order to destroy the user experience and Funcom reputation ? I don’t like conspiracies but tbh I would consider it if I was the CEO of one of them for which I know that my engine is more robust and for which the anti cheat system performs well. Basically Funcom being raided by an undermeshed enemy.

  2. Some folks and big streamers in some territories that I won’t name who are monetizing their streams and audience on obscure platforms that you don’t even know the existence of? I have seen that.

  3. Some legit players who have been abused by cheaters and started to respond the same way and now have slipped to the darkside? I have seen that as well. You start to play with glitches and then you are in top of an enemy base and you take a look inside to know if you need to raid it or not.

  4. Some trolls who wants to play gods because they suffered when they were teenagers?

I know people can be stupid but I don’t think that we could have so many without a real reward for doing some silly things like this. I cannot imagine that there is not a real motive to play a PvP game like you are Zeus vs Humans. It would be boring for the vast majority of us. No question.

So just for the sake of trying to understand, what is Funcom guess on the reason that drive people to cheat so massively on Conan, more than other games I know in the same genre?


Please be aware that the community team is not in charge with dealing with infractions, just relaying the received reports. Our time spent in the forums communicating about the current status of the situation was well spent. No anger involved, just clarification. :slight_smile:

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I have the feeling it has always been the same for about 2 years, you report cheaters and the only thing you get as an answer are ready-made texts.

I mean, everyone of us bought the game, everyone buys dlc on a regular basis.
How can Funcom care that more and more players get angry and the media portals report more and more bad things about Conan.

Every cheater that is reported pissed off an infinite number of normal players who would like to continue playing and buy more DLC.

React at last and delete their records from your database.
Spear the steam accounts.

When the people on the servers see that something is actively being done, you create hope and trust again.
but just saying “we’re working on the problem” doesn’t help us now.

You lose players every day, it would be so easy to log into the server or look at the databases.

Stop telling us to be patient, please respond now

I agree 1oo% that cheaters should be banned, I play on a private server with an active admin so wedo not get these kunts, but I do have to point out there is no subscription to this game, so its not like policing is expected surely.

I am CPO and managed several products without subscription and there are terms and conditions for users. They cannot do whatever they want due to a lack of subscription.

I agree on banning cheaters wholeheartedly. 100%, ban anyone cheating immediately.

However, I disagree on your last line. There are literally thousands of games out there that will ban players for cheating without being a subscription based game. I think that if Funcom is hosting official servers, they should be enforcing the ban hammer a bit more then they do now - for cheaters.

@Ignasi, thanks for sharing all this information. It makes it easier to understand what’s going on with the moderation and why it works the way it does.

I hope that when the anti-undermeshing measures are ready to be deployed, it will make the number of related infractions decrease drastically, so that more attention can be allotted to other infractions, including, hopefully, griefing on PVE(-C) servers.

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Think about all he explained in this thread. Start with what he said about the numbers. If the suspensions are reaching thousands, what does that tell you of the number of reports, in general?

Any team in that situation will want to try to do something to reduce that workload. In this case, they identified undermeshing as the biggest source of infractions and decided to try to implement the system that prevents it. (Well, they were probably working on it even before this moderation thing was introduced, but never mind.)

The rationale is that preventing undermeshing is better than trying to play catch-up with cheaters and ban them. Thing is, for whatever technical reason, the undermeshing system throws a lot of false positives. Here’s what that looks like in practice:

Now imagine that going live. You walk into a cave and you die. You go to loot your corpse and you die. Eventually, you give up and you’ve lost everything in your inventory.

Fixing those false positives takes time, not only because it involves dev work, but because you have to try to find them all before going live. The vast majority of people don’t play TestLive. I don’t have space on my hard drive for it, but that’s not really the biggest problem for me – the biggest problem is that I spend enough of my time testing code at work, I don’t want to spend my free time doing the same thing for someone else’s game.

I know this whole post will probably piss you off, and many people who feel like you. You’re all frustrated, and for a good reason. I’m also frustrated that their moderation isn’t good enough for my needs, so I have to find other ways to deal with jerks, trolls and griefers on official servers.

But the truth is that they are working on it. They just don’t have satisfactory results yet.

In the end, each one of us has to decide whether to stick with this game and hope things get better, or just give up. I still haven’t given up. Eventually, they’ll either improve, or I’ll give up, knowing that they did their best and that their best just wasn’t good enough. But it’s not that they aren’t doing anything.


I talk about it in this video in case some of you haven’t seen it. Funcom allowed a clan on our server a pass on circumventing their ban via alt accounts. Stating they needed more evidence. It just sounds like ppl not wanting to deal with tough decisions and the awkward positions one can be in when making them.

Funcom, you can’t fundamentally say a scenario like this needs to go through “infractions” or “strikes” this needs to be instant perma ban. I am referring to the video posted by dorizzdt.

TBC… a feel people missed this one point… so basically Exile Lands may get the patch intended for meshing… Siptah… not so much.

Just so we’re all on the same page here. So infractions etc is moot, especially when i noticed the same clan is still on the server(s) and I caught them transfering loot to a main holding account last night.

So… deploy crap accounts, do the cheat thing, transfer loot to holding account…rinse repeat.

Not sure how this master or conceptual roadmap on cheating is supposed to solve the issue, but you can only say the same thing over and over so many times before you have to accept that being ignorant of change is more appealing vs confronting it with new ideas.

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last week i reported cheaters to all the moderators and to this day i haven’t even received an answer.
Apparently we don’t even get an answer anymore.

And besides.
anyone who deals with 3D moddeling and game design knows that it is easy to pull a block under the earth where everyone dies immediately, but funcom is apparently trying to automate it. A game designer could have equipped the entire map with this function in less than a week, but no, they’d rather program something that should do it automatically, but not produce any results.

Just let a person edit the map by hand for 1 week and the thing would be done.

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The game is 39.99 bucks. You’re misinformed.
Also, your server is not the only one affected. There’s a line and you’ll have to wait your turn just like everybody else, until your complaint can be adressed.

So if it’s $40 it changes … $60 … $100? What’s that change price look like btw

$39.99 for all dlcs and game … where ?

Reported a few clans a month ago on an official pvp server for meshing with multiple pieces of VIDEO evidence-- still not banned :slight_smile:
yet one year ago I get banned for an accusation without proof… fun times

Unreal engine 4 has always had the undermesh problems with its engine the only thing they could do now is update to a better engine and get rid of Unreal 4 engine. But that is a major overhaul

Eh? that…what…eh? …

Unity3D has no undermesh / navmesh blocking system but Facepunch still is able to stop it with RUST… which is a game same as conan’s build system(s).

Blaming the engine for a drivers behaviour isn’t a solution at all. There are a plethora of perfectly fine technical ways to solve this issue. The issue isn’t the engine, its the notion that Funcom prefer to bank the house on a dynamic mesh prevention system which uses inverted volume checks. Meaning, you draw a rect transform into the spots you think players will mesh into, then if they build inside that spot they die.

The issue with this solution is firstly its dynamic and prone to false positives and secondly it still requires a human to paint the offending areas.

Either way you have it, the intervention of a human to essentially paint the vertex of a mesh as “non-buildable” is one step and secondly is programatically writing code that fixes certain placeables from going within boundaries of other placeables (ie rocks …tanning benches can’t be placed near giant rocks eg).

Then there are octree solutions which enable you to take the XYZ coords of placeables and pool them into a database of nogo spots, using that octree index you can quickly over time automatically map where placeables can and can’t be placed.

Example: Every server knows the XYZ location of crafting beches/vaults/chests. Have this data cycle itself back to main database. When players report that “hey xyz person is cheating at this coords” the offending placeables are flagged as being in invalid places. You eliminate the entire process over time by blocking the repeat placeables of offending items with a SQRT buffer. This in turn means the footprint of cheaters gets smaller and smaller over time.

How is an engine supposed to fix this? The engine will help developers map where the surface normals of a mesh are collidable but its role isn’t to also navmesh the inside of a mesh on the offchance developers dont do work on collider checks.

I didn’t even touch on colider proxies either…they’d fix this as well…

Heaps of solutions available for Unreal Engine and Unity3D here…

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Theyre actually quite responsive if you PM them and provide proof.

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