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The problem with not allowing players to avoid dungeons with group finder is that some of the dungeons are bad for group finder. They are not balanced as options that are equally good for pugs. Ankh and Polaris are mostly reliable but groups fail at a couple bosses. Hell Raised is fairly quick to know if the group can handle the dps checks but of course it’s random if people can handle Tyrant. Darkness War is tedious and might fail. Hell Eternal seems to take forever and there’s a decent chance of failure, or at least having to repeat fights a couple times due to bugs or player mistakes.

Hell Fallen and Facility would probably be difficult if they were brought back. Slaughterhouse would probably be quick to know if people can handle it.

Anyway, if more dungeons are going to come back and join group finder, Funcom might want to admit the strengths and weaknesses of the dungeons and in particular admit the differences in duration and reliability for doing them in pugs. I don’t feel the current dungeons in SWL are balanced as equally desirable options or offer additional rewards to compensate for longer dungeons or dungeons more failure prone.

So, it’s nice to have transparency that groups won’t be able to opt of less desirable dungeons, but it seems like the solution here is to investigate why some dungeons are less desirable and try to address those reasons in some way, either by fixing them or giving better rewards.


This should be the company motto.


It probably is easier for them there, given how the “official forums” is not their method of communication—the devs and CMs like their paths of least resistance too. They don’t announce things on these forums, why would they read them?

I’ll just stop reporting bugs I guess, unless it happens in an easy to control+b way.

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Why would they even make a dedicated Bug Reports category if they don’t want bugs to be reported on the forums? :confused:

Context is important - When this came up, it was specifically in regards to dressing room bugs.

Dressing Room/clothing bugs are a special category due to the larger volume and less information required per report, so we handle them specially to avoid clogging up other bug reporting channels.

To put it another way - we don’t want bug reports on things like missions, abilities, bosses, or weapons/talismans (to name a few categories) to get lost in the sea of clothing issues.

For everything that isn’t a clothing bug, yes, the forums are a great place to report those. You can use Discord if that’s your preferred method, either way gets them to our attention.


That makes sense! Thanks for clarifying; it’s a problem with reading things second hand, but given I closed caption most things, a podcast wasn’t going to be something I listened to :slight_smile:

(Still holding out hope for my black suit pants…)

The thing that got me thinking the most was:
“Would love to do * but the enginge can’t handle it. Or it’s not possible with the engine.”
Heard it on so many streams, and it makes you wonder why they did not move away from the old engine when doing the relaunch as “new” game.
Yes it would take time, and cost a bit… but it would handle things to come better than what we have now.

The rest of it was really good tho. Just this nagging feeling that the game will not last long with so many limiting factors in the game engine itself.

And concerning selecting scenario, it should be an option in private teams. Reactivate the console in sunken temple, and presto chango you can choose what you want.

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Replacing the game engine would indeed take time. Lots of time and work.
My guesstimate is that it would take 1-2 years of work - assuming everything goes smoothly, with few or no other updates during that time due to most of the team being busy with the new engine.
If they had replaced the engine prior to the relaunch - then we would still be waiting for the relaunch to happen.

I know that we woould still be waiting, probably half a year or so for SWL to launch. It would also make SWL a completely different game from TSW, to go with the rebranding of it.
Most likely it would have to wait for Conan Exiles to be launched before starting so kinda happy to not have to wait 2-3 years more for SWL :slight_smile:

Bounty hunters pop only for Dragon chars AFAIK, right ?
All others are good ideas :slight_smile:

Make a new rare cache drop that can give all the loot of the previous ones, maybe with a slightly higher chanche of blue/purple items too.

Bounty Hunters pop for any players who have completed the Tokyo story missions. I’m not sure if they keep appearing after the South Africa storyline or not, I can only speak from personal experience.

Haven’t seen a one since starting ND. If they are still supposed to pop, the spawn rate needs adjusting upward more urgently than even that of agent drops.

This is one of the biggest mistakes.

Thank you for finally putting that ridiculous request to bed.

Only if the Agartha Custodians actually walk around with balloons.

This is a big part of what made TSW under Joel the best era of the game to date.

Who would want something silly like that? /s
Nuclear face palm

I know that it’s never happening because of the time and resources required to fix rework the game again, but could someone at least admit that it was a horrible idea in the first place?

That’s fine, but I don’t know why the purple version even needs to exist.

Depends how much you are in ND, they don’t spawn near NPCs, and ND is pretty much nothing but NPCs. They don’t spawn in Agartha, and I believe they don’t spawn in dungeons.
I believe I have seen one in KD since ND launch, and had seen several before ND. I think it’s just spending time in ND that I’m not seeing them often.

Also, they don’t have any good rewards at the moment, why would having them spawn more often be a priority over many other actual issues?

I’ve been spending so much time in backwater CF lately that if I am supposed to see bounty hunters still, I should’ve actually seen one by now.

I see a bounty hunter about once a month.

Beyond that, they’re just an annoyance now that they don’t drop crap. Or rather, all they drop is crap.

Because they’re shiny and you can brag about it by showing your collection off!

… if the system had been designed by someone with any actual clue why collectible card games have shiny foil cards, and therefore had had the sense to implement a way to show them off.


I’m days and days behind here but I came to largely post the same thing. I’m glad I skimmed through before posting.

Are you sure ? I finished the Tokio storyline like … can’t remember, many months ago :slight_smile: and never seen one pop on me. Same goes for ALL of my friends who are not Dragon, while Dragon ones gets them to pop regularly.

we’re extremely sure how the bounty hunters work. they’re one of our ‘rewards’ for annoying a certain individual in tokyo. and they’re pretty rare and only show up in locations in the missioning zones (more concentrated around lairs and the areas that were ‘nightmare’ in tsw)

my main character’s a templar, seen more than a few bounty hunters, though none since south africa came out, but that still goes with their rarity. in tsw, could go months without seeing one, then get 6 of them in 6 days