Conan exiles 2.5 ? Or DLC ? What will be after the DLC any future plans or a new map?

What do you think will come after the dlc after the 2.4 update? Will there be a new game like isle of sipath or something greater?

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Hey @cheezypigs

There’s currently no plans to stop development on Conan Exiles.
As unexciting as it sounds, the next planned update after 2.4 is… 2.5. We are currently focusing on bringing Isle of Siptah to a feature complete state to proceed with its full launch, which also includes releasing it for the first time on consoles, including optimizations and QoL additions for these platforms (you can see some of that work in the 2.4 Testlive patchnotes, under the QoL section).

After that, there will still be a road ahead, but we can’t share many details about that… yet!


I like what i read!

Improving the Rescue of thralls system, Settlement system, leveling thralls from T1 up to T4 eventually, improving Purges (for sieging), Perk system revamp, archery revamp (full pass, not just tweaks, for a viable build), restore fishing, fix RNG loot (get recipes you don’t have - not copies until the character has them all), and AI pathing (more intelligent AI), please! (in case you all were looking for ideas). :pleading_face:


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