Conan Exiles 3.0

I actually happen to know for a fact what is in 3.0 but you won’t believe it.

Immortal Baboons of Babylon

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If you all want to see Early Access done right. Take a gander at Phasmophobia. And addicting little game that a single guy made and decided to pour a ton of love and effort into it long after it became a success.


You’re fired.


That’s definitely fixed on live, but may still be a thing due to how Testlive works for some assets. (Including the story animations at the end of vaults).


It worked for CoD, Red Dead, etc…

I’m not sure if this was already posted in another thread, but they left an easter egg on Twitter. With this text:

“While gathering supplies, something caught in tall grass and fluttering in the wind catches your eye. It appears to be parchment with random scribblings…except…wait, that’s wrong. There appears to be an order to it. Maybe you can solve this mystery…”


It is a simple shift cipher, but it doesn’t seem to say anything useful when decoded.


Cool, what does it say?

it’s shift +2 but with a twist

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Because much of the text is barely legible, I can’t guarantee this is 100% accurate.

Your pursuit of knowledge
it is meaningless!!!
Be a part of something far greater
I am at the precipice
I will shatter the foundations of everything you know!!!
Before I can complete my grand work I need capable talent
I need you…
Raise the pillars sun on the resting ones
receive gifts beyond your wildest imaginations
failure will not be tolerated
you will prevail I care not if in this life or the next


The only piece of evidence I can discern from this is “sun”, which might point to something to do with Stygia, since their symbol is that of a sun. What “pillars” are supposed to refer to in this context, I have no idea.

That word is the most questionable in the entire thing.


It only means “sun” if those annoying anime-emoticon-looking squiggles are “Uwq.” That last smear being a very lop-sided and loosely-formed q is pretty much the only thing I could come up with that makes sense though.



Summ on the resting ones. Summon?


I see what you mean. The last character is questionable indeed. But if the first two characters are indeed S and U, what else could it be? Sub, suc, sud, suf, sug, suk, sul, sum, sup, sur, sut? However, if that last character is in fact two characters, that would change everything.

I considered it being two characters as well. I even used a word generator site to provide with with every four-letter word beginning with su-.

None of them made more sense than what I settled with.

That sounds like a very plausible option. And just adds to my growing sense of something Lovecraftian in this.

It’s clearly sent out by some powerful individual. But is it something sent out to a specific individual (or group), intended for their eyes only (which certainly would appear the case on the surface - cypher and partially destroyed state)? Or is it intended to be found and decyphered as an initial test for some form of recruitment (as some of the parts hint - ‘I need capable talent’, ‘receive gifts beyond your wildest imaginations’ ). The opening two lines seem like they could be aimed at a known person (or perhaps the Relic Hunters in general, or some other group), but equally they could apply, Barnum-statement-like, to pretty much anyone that decyphers the text.

The bit about completing ‘my grand work’ makes me think of Thoth-Amon, but the overall tone seems out of character with what I’ve seen of him in the stories - the tone reminds me more of Raknys, of Raknys’ Journals ‘fame’

In the end, I think I have more questions than answers, the more I look at it, the more I can see different possibilities. I like it :slight_smile:


I wasn’t sure what you were saying before, but after DanQuixote’s comment, yes, I think you are correct.

Summ would fit the letters, but I discarded it because it isn’t a word. I had not considered ignoring the gap between Summ and on.


Truly I was being vague whilst tossing it out. It only occurred to me after I posted to use the spoiler tag too. :tugs on collar:

The imperious tone, I’ll agree with completely. Nice!


The bit about completing ‘my grand work’ makes me think of Thoth-Amon, but the overall tone seems out of character with what I’ve seen of him in the stories - the tone reminds me more of Raknys, of Raknys’ Journals ‘fame’

Interesting, but I was actually looking through Siptah’s journal for some clues or links. If I remember correctly, Valeria at some point said that she thought that Siptah was dead. What if he isn’t?


Interesting. Siptah certainly has the bombastic nature that could fit - at least in his later journal entries. And he would seem a suitable candidate.

He’s dead by the time of the Gem in the Tower - but of course we don’t know exactly where we stand within Conan’s timeline in relation to that story - CE could easily be set before he visits the isle. And likewise, we don’t know in that story how long he has been dead - months, years, days… It’s certainly plausible that he could send out a message of this nature.