Conan Exiles a Niche in the Survival Genre?

On PC — yay, but on consoles — neigh :slight_smile:

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So implement an in-line reporting system for PC and keep the reporting forums for consoles. Many bugs are platform-agnostic anyway, so quickly identifying and fixing bugs in the PC build helps the console players too, eventually.


Sound good, but, the stability bug with the stage pieces made it to the PlayStation when it was already addressed in both PC and Xbox.

I will also advocate for a console “test live” since again, the PS suffered from two issues not present on the other platforms, “freezing every 5 seconds”, and unable to join PVE-C servers on the Exiles Land map, both introduced by and not fixed with each update.


And I’ll back that call. There really needs to be some way to do this if at all possible. On PC testlive the closest we can get is finding stability/performance issues that affect lower spec PCs and extrapolate that this might cause problems on consoles. The differences in architecture make it far too easy for bugs to slip through, and console patches/hotfixes take too long for that to be a good situation. Much as I may not like it, I can understand why testlive goes live to PC pretty quickly (and unfixed), because that can be fixed fairly quickly, but consoles are not the same situation at all.


On a previous post I suggested a graphic selection option, now we have two.

This is a step in the right direction specially with the addition of the FOV slider.

Just more work is needed to make those options look perfect on the PS (I will go as far as saying that I would even take the pre 2.3 graphics at this point).


Looks the differences in not only architecture but, between the DevKit PS4 and the Retail PS4!

Now, this could be an isolated incident however, it highlights the need for a PS4 testlive more than ever.


Your suggestiong are great for single player, and private server ls, like we discussed on your original thread on this matter, and looks like there’s finally a dev response (good to have that thread!).

I would go a step further and suggest that they add a marker while on build mode, so that we can see restricted areas. Perhaps the area around the no-build zone turns red, and its yellow when close to the border, finally green when far away enough.


Well, looks like the server and player reporting has been streamlined with the updated rules, this is a good start. I would still want to see something integrated within the games…one day!

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Thats kind of you to say. Thanks @h3rb1.

A number of people have suggested this now, and may not be a bad idea. The landscape of buildable locations has changed so much now, it would be beneficial to be able to make an informed and strategic choice where to build ahead of time.

I would also throw my support behind this one. While its true that I am fairly limited in the amount of time I get to play each week, every little bit helps. And accumulatively, the feedback we as console players could offer would mean fewer bugs slipping the net and making to live.


Surv games just means it has Food and Water Drain… and often craftable items made from sticks and wood and stone you pick up off ground. XD

Test Live be interesting… I’m sure cost wouldn’t totally justified. Pretty sure abunch of peeps just use it to get early access so they can make YT videos, then actually report issues. XD

Now that I got 1tb SSD, I wouldn’t mind to play Test Build. If it shows up broken like other patches have… I doubt I be useful past day 1 or 2. I’d just be reporting broken features and then not wanna play till fixed. =/

As for Map marker to mark no build zones… Most of “No build zones” could be shrunk or… turned off.

It needs a OFF, feature for SP and Private servers. I 100% understand its purpose for officials. It should NEVER have made it to SP and Private servers.
I’m tired of losing my SP homes spots cause of Officials servers.

Bad enough some *********** added boars to my nice peaceful area next to lake. So now I just hear them out there… Thanks for ruining yet another great spot on map. -_-’

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Private servers and SP can use LBPR mod to build anywhere.

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To bad console users get middle finger when it comes to Mods.


I 100% agree it should be a feature. But I also know there are coding reasons it can’t be. Ignasis stated as much. The undermesh detection system along with blocking it may be cause for some of the no build zones being as they are. Turning it off may cause issues with spawning 8n general, then that dominoes into another bug that could break game and cause file errors etc.

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