Couple Questions

Greetings all. I’ve not played this in a while because I was not a fan of the UI.

Have there been improvements to the UI scale and ability to zoom out of your characters without the use of mods? If so, which expansion brought those improvements?

Also, with the new expansion, do we have to literally start over with a new character and rebuild? If so, is that new character backward compatible with all the work and building we’ve done before the expansion?

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Nope, the majority doesn’t bother with the UI or thinks its fine, however in next update there will be a few changes (arrow indicator fr building for example):

Currently only in single/co-op I believe:

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Thank you for the information, this is a HUGE letdown.

So I am still confused. Can the new expansion be stand-alone then? Why would anyone need the base game if they can’t go back into it easily with a new character?

Its the same as with the Ark dlc maps (you simply need the base game in order to play dlc’s).
I think when they implement the server hopping (transferring) you can go back and forth.

Although I’m not sure if the bases will remain when hopping (transferring) over one server to the other.

However they stated your inventory will transfer too. Not ideal if you ask me, Sipthas weapons will make Exiled Lands very unbalanced in PvP when they play against people without Siptha gear.

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The “expansion” or “DCL” as FC calls it, is actually a separate game. Calling a fish a bird does not mean it will fly.
Also per FC, someday in the future, you MAY be able to transfer your avatar from CE to IOS, but currently you can only do it if you play SP/Co-op on PC.

You still need the “base” game since FC decided to play the “DLC/Expansion” card with a separate game, obviously to increase revenue.

If it were actually a DLC or expansion of Conan Exiles, you would have been able to use its features with your current CE Avatars from EA day 1, and you cannot. (again unless you play single player, which is a very small part of the player base.)

If they ever actually implement the server transfer option for everyone, then it would actually be an expansion.

So in your opinion is it better to keep the base game and go with the expansions and forgo the latest one? Or is the latest one worth essentially scrapping everything that came before it?

I don’t really understand your question. Siptah is the only “expansion” as it includes a new map and some additional gameplay features. Every other DLC is basically armor and building pieces

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It is the same game , just different maps .
Yet this cannot include the whole truth about Siptah map .
For example if n Siptah map you have no teleport , you have to ride your horse all the time . The benefits this thing has ,is no spawn kills , or at least , less spawn kills when it comes to PvP .
In Siptah resources are plenty , rich and everywhere , that means (almost) nobody can complain if someone is blocking resources , because you can find them all over the Island . The looting from camps is rich too , you can loot extraordinary resources from camps .
The dungeons are plenty, the bosses are all over the map ,same with fragments , but …
Knowledge is something tricky in Siptah , you need luck , a lot , a lot . This comes against in favour of exile lands that knowledge has it’s points , always there waiting for you no matter what .
Siptah armors and weapons are a bit op , and the bosses can be staggered which makes the boss farm extremely easy .

Yet, exile lands is better ,no matter how shiny Siptah is . Some people live for the day that they will play in a map without teleportation , riding their horse everywhere … For me the greatest minor in Siptah is exactly this , if they won’t add a map room , I see my self 2 more months there . Teleportation is the best thing this game has , it kept me 2+ years in exile lands , horses can’t replace map rooms , period .

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