Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here


After running Dante’s Devil dozens of times with different characters trying various traits, I decided to stick with Martin Espina to utilise his Probability Protection (Outstanding on Resilience missions) and got Virgil after two tries using just a blue Military-grade Breaching Robot △ □.


So you’ve been sucking up all my RNG on NOT getting that mission…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Congrats btw!

deleted snarky Funcom comment. They put out what they put out for whatever reason.


I can only suggest sending agents to focus on the Circle.
Quick Tier 1’s are resource farm, especially with agents with acquisition skills.
As a cat burglar text thief I originally started Christina Del Rio up the chain, but eventually utilised a team of acquisition agents to also work the tiers simultaneously.


After trying and failing outstanding on Dante’s Devil a dozen times (maybe a few less …) with Oleg, becouse Oleg is my best lvl 50 Agent for the stats needed, I noticed that the game sorts Lydia first and Oleg only second in the rooster when you select the mission.

I gave it a try and got Virgil at first attempt. Now of course it could be pure RNG, or there could be something under it, I really don’t know.

Lydia has better adaptability but much worse prowness then Oleg, so maybe the game does not count the highest stat but the overall stats when calculating affinity and/or outstanding chanche ?


If the sort order means anything, it’s unrelated to the stats. Cause it stays the same for any type of mission you run, and is identical to if you sort agents by “level”. (my lydia’s first too and has worse in all 3 stats than petru, who even has a +affinity bonus)


then it was 100% luck :slight_smile:


no only on last quest of the chain, the one that awards the agent


You don’t need any outstanding for the achievement, just completion, you need an outstanding in the last mission of the chain to get the agent dossier as a reward.


Thanks for this.

I tried around 15 times to get Sarah Skelly using other agents, but failed.

With Lydia, I managed to get Sarah on the second attempt.

Lydia also got me Virgil on the first attempt.


If outstanding chance is something low like 5% at 100% affinity, then failing to get an outstanding 15 times in a row has a 46% chance of happening. That’s not weird at all, that’s just the grind machine working as intended.

On my alt two weeks ago, I got Virgil on the first try with Roman who was level 39 at the time. I even have photo proof:

So would any of you like to de-level your Roman and take a shot at Dante’s Devil? Maybe that’s the very specific secret solution you’re looking for?

Alternatively there is no secret solution and Funcom just wants you to keep trying until you hit that cruel 5% roll to get your agent. Coding in extra hidden factors to influence outstanding outcome would be a waste of time and an extensive insult to the playerbase who are already deemed unworthy to see the outstanding chances.


The way I see it, it’s either based on agents with matching stats, or it’s capped at the same amount for every agent who hits 100%, and either way sending my agent with the highest triangle is the way to go on Greenhouse of Horrors regardless of their sort order.

If it’s some other option (lydia has good outstanding because everything in the UI that’s visible is lying) then they should feel ashamed.

If it is 5% then I’ve reached below average already (between them I’ve run 23 Greenhouse+ Devil without an agent)


Nine days here since the last post. Still haven’t seen Dante’s Devil on any character. I’ve seen Subterranean 3x, and did pick up another Sarah Skelly (third one). RNG for me has been abysmally bad.

Congrats to those that are getting agent though, does give one hope. “May the odds be ever in your favour”, right?


You know what they say, speak the Devil’s name 3 times in the mirror and he appears. (5th attempt of the mission, I cleared the 9th Circle on May 13 and ran it every time I saw it since)


What is the purpose of getting more than one? Can you sell the extra ones?


Yes, for 1,000 shards, which is more than any other tier 1 mission is worth. Unless you get crazy lucky with a green gear bag. Also, I believe that’s how you get the shiny Sarah Skelly, but whether the same agent dossier printed on shinier paper is worth more than 1,000 shards to you is a personal choice.


that is indeed how you get the shiny versions of agents. two people in this very thread have linked images of the purple ‘special agent’ (or shiny) versions of agents coming in from missions. onevia just a few posts above got purple/shiny/special virgil


Can confirm


So the rare one’s worth 2k shards? Even better. I think I’ll use one of the shiny ones. I like purple. The rest are free shards for an easy mission. Whenever the RNG deigns to throw one in.


Finally got Virgil on all alts, and Skelly on 2/3. Have done the other ones (Subterranean, The Island, Blood for Blood and Descent) dozens of times with no luck though.


Still waiting for 9th circle to appear. Also still waiting for everything else.
This is fine. Everything is fine. It is OK. I am fine.