Deadlock: (also known as hang or hard freeze) Possible association with location polling

I appreciate that.
Thank you.


Also, side note. I get alot of flags, but I try not to disparage people from posting thier opinion or issues. If I ever come across as judgey, please let me know. I really want more players that enjoy the game, yet don’t live vicariously through it. You sound like a player I would love to clan up with if you ever get consistent play time and machine cooperation.

Just on a hunch, have you tried playing the game without BattlEye?

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Frankly, there is a reason it was installed by the developers.
I don’t mess with it.

But surely that reason was to act as an ‘anti-cheat’ (successful or not)? I really don’t have the knowledge here, but I’m not sure I see why removing it would be a risk? (For what it’s worth, I’ve never even installed it, since I have no desire to play on official servers.) I imagine trying to play on officials with it removed wouldn’t work - but for testing purposes, would it not be a relatively simple thing to eliminate, just in case? Or am I missing something that makes it far more important to smooth running than I had understood?

The only thing about it that concerned me was whether or not it would affect me if I ever went into Admin mode to use those functions. From that aspect, it never had an adverse effect.
I am certain if it were to do so, it would have intervened the moment I used any Admin function.
It hasn’t before the first expansions and hasn’t since those expansions.

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Looks like im solve some lag and freezing for myself.Just build new computer.In old my SSD wos 250 gb so i install Conan to HD.When move in game-game need some data from HD and i get lag and freeze sometimes.In new computer game installed in superfast SDD in M2 slot.So responce is wery good

There’s also a reason why the developers offer you an option to launch Conan Exiles without it. Some people don’t want to run it, for various good reasons. Read on.

There are few things that can freeze up your computer completely, and it’s more likely that they’re happening at a privilege level that you normally see in kernel mode. That reduces the suspect list quite a bit, which is why one of the things people doing diagnostics normally ask you about is the version of your drivers. Drivers run in kernel space, and they can lock up or crash your computer.

Guess what else has really nasty privileges? Anti-cheat software, like BattlEye. That’s why I was asking if you tried playing without it. Since Conan Exiles seems to be the only game locking up your whole system, my hunch is that it might be BattlEye.

Even if you actively play another game that uses BattlEye and you don’t have that problem with it, it would still be good to check. After all, diagnosing a problem is often a process of elimination, discarding potential causes one by one until you have only one.

Without BattlEye, you can’t play on official servers, so you’re down to either single-player, co-op, or some private servers. But it might be a good idea to give it a whirl, so you can eliminate another suspect from your list.


Alright. I’ll look into it.


Side note: when the game locks up and you cant get task manager to show, hit the windows key and shift to another desktop under “task view”. You can then open task manager and kill conan that way. I have this happen occasionally but I’m on a heavily modified server but I do have top of the line hardware (i9 10980xe, 3090 RTX, 128 GB ram, nvme drive). So there is something in the game thats doing it to some degree. In my case its just inseparable from mods.


Right, @darthphysicist and @drukuku both bring up valid points: sometimes it seems like the whole system is locked up, but it isn’t, it’s just being incredibly stupid with its rendering. The best way I can think of to confirm that is to use the Win+L shortcut to lock your computer. If the lock screen doesn’t come up, then it’s almost certain that your system really did freeze completely.

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This problem also only seems to happen to me when I tab out to windows.

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  1. press windows+tab and click on new dekstop
  2. switch to desktop 2
  3. run task manager in desktop 2
  4. go back to desktop 1 and run CE as normal

in case of ‘hard freeze’ go to desktop 2 and see why desktop 1 is frozen

It seems I cannot find BattlEye, nor any option to remove it.
Any suggestions?

Thanks for publishing your GPU. 1080p should be no problem, somewhere around High settings for 60 FPS. Is that accurate, high/low, etc?

Let’s focus on the GPU. The RX 5500. It ships with, and has a downloadable version within its updated driversets, of Radeon Adrenalin (sic). Which version of it are you running?

Radeon Adrenalin includes a feature called Radeon Chill, Chill Mode or GPU Chill. This suite of GPU tools also includes a Frame Rate Target within the settings. Both of these use the same throttling feature. I have identified this as a potential problem in the past. It is very hard to replicate, but is catastrophic if it happens to you.

I do recognize your meaning of hard lock. No mouse, no sensor activity, no keyboard inputs, no blinking lights of activity – hard lock. This particular problem can occur with NVIDIA or AMD GPUs. To all: if you see a feature within your GPU Control Panel that targets or limits your Frame Rate (fps) do not toggle it on. This exact behavior might happen.

For my test set I’m using an ASUS Zenbook with a NVIDIA GTX 960M. If I enforce a Frame Rate Target in GPU Tweak (the ASUS GPU modifying App), Conan Exiles will hard lock occasionally. Typically when I have 13 unsaved text files open.

Let me know the answer to the questions please.


In Funcom Launcher, click on the “More” button below “Launch / Continue”:

From there, you can disable or enable BattlEye before you play:

You can even uninstall it and reinstall it, but I don’t know if you’ll need that.



Target Framerate is off. If I use it, I set it no higher than 60.


Thanks for the directions.
As a precaution, I uninstalled BattlEye.
For now, it’s a wait and see what happens.


Perfect. Make four changes, please.

Wait for Vertical Refresh: Disabled
Surface Format Optimization: Disabled
Tessellation Mode: Disabled
Issue Detection: Disabled

Tessellation is the one I’m most interested in, as it can gate FPS. Issue Detection is a long shot, in case their “error reporting” system might have a bad registry entry.

Ensure you’re not enforcing FPS in the settings.

ETA: I would proceed with BattlEye before changing these GPU traits, to keep it more scientific.


Thank you for the advice.
We’ll find out what happens.