Dear funcom, developers,players, server owners, and every one who's is fighting for this game

Dear funcom this is a letter for you from all the players on PlayStation 4 Conan exiles. This is for the devs the server owners for the players.
Alot of players have left the game, we all got 100 percent of the trophies, we all know this game has some serious potential.
I can’t stress this enough. The way things are going is bad real quick. We make the game the story is limited. Well, I figure team already know this.
People are just quoting and now giving it bad reviews.
The players us make the game great, we have events, make dungeons colosseums, trying to figure out what spot is laggy , what animations will slow down server where build. Rendering causes crashes and this is from admin point of view. Because it’s a job to keep.people playing on servers , we barely enjoy the game.
All these ideas these men and women posted here are correct. Players from a group of 1.18 k came up with a ideas to get players back. But u heard this before.
I always said it and posted it before. Make armor customizable for admins so at least we can give them out on servers or make everyone do it, Weapons also. Colors perks etc.
We need a parry block counter throw for all weapon types.unarmed combat, i think daggers are fine. Horses.
Even if they run very slow lol it’s just that aspect. Global chat and area chat need to be fixed, color buildings, notes to.leave to each other, animation for sword bow etc on back or sheathing swords.
Make the endgame bosses 200 times harder and allow cross server once a character goes through end game. Or something like a god coin that will allow you to go to 1 server and back to the home server.
Once the coin has been used you have to farm endgame bosses again.
Multi beds, bed painting, lockpicking

Make thralls have more AI and harder to kill? Make them have settings to form squads and patrol set areas. Also a more advanced clan ranking system with doors and chests only able to be open by specific ranks. And new recruits cannot build or dismantle stuff in or by the base

Increased lvl cap and sub perks
More makeup and hair styles , maybe a specific person on the map you can visit to change these features

Or more armor styles and looks, thats huge, still feels limited
Request them to make anything armor or hairstyle in the future thats cosmetic if it can be made into a skin to be placed on all armor.


admin option demigod that takes damage but has 2000 health and stamina like legendary thralls and extra perk points, not to be cheesy but to actually, be a boss battle, because we make dungeons. And we hold events.

Please bring the magic, sorcery would work perfectly you were going to cut it out or I don’t know if you did.

These are only a few of what the thousand requested.
I personally think if you do this. Everyone will come back. We know the map will expand we know pets are comming we know story is kinda lame. We know settlements might come , we know everything. But we need this asap. Or else the game will fall, I know for a fact that there are 100s more ideas on this forum, but I can guarantee, that this will be the only game playing on ps4. Conan exiles is in danger . And we the loyal fans and players are all struggling to keep playing it whereas any other game we don’t have to try please compliment half of this or all of this. Then work on other dlcs later.

Your fans


A response would be nice IMO. They have been very quiet since they supposedly came back. Very mum. Not a good sign.

I know. We need this game is dying even the trolls are getting bored of the game lol I lost 24 people on the server cause they got bored and reached 100 percent on trophies almost everyone got it. We need them to act fast. And just rem not everything is me it’s a couple I just picked because there was alot of comments on diffrent groups. We need them to listen. I seen people on 5 diffrent servers just go back to ark lol

The game was doing great, until 500 bug fix patch broke it. I was experiencing very little issues post official lunch, but the game is almost unplayable now.

Remember to come back because there will be lots of update and hotfix, just don’t know when, maybe forever


Come back? I’ll be here forever I love this game but I can’t promise the 24 that left of the existing 30 just on and off I mean we need these fixes like now or at least those suggestion those people posted to keep them playing. Remember the games story the profession is easy. Getting all trophies . Easy. The players make the game amazing. Rp, PvP. Keep them intrested cause without them. It’s over.

Some of your suggestions are features that are being worked on, some are features that were cut from the game indefinitely.

The bug fixes haven’t been coming quickly, so I wouldn’t expect that from new features. The new dungeons and pet taming will be coming down the pipe soon. That’s probably all we can hope for, for the near future.

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Well more and more are leaving as we speak. I don’t know what to do. It feels like a losing battle but I’ll keep my server up for as long as I can

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The number of armors and styles is just fine. It’s just that most people are tied to a certain set (and I dont want to know how many are tying themselves to some encumbrance armor…) due to their build.

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Although I agree with almost everything, this one particularly is a very nice idea since dying and reseting your character doesnt make much sense when finishing the story.

Cross server would be amazing to hang around other servers meeting other people/clans, joining a battle helping friends that play on other servers.

It seems to me what the PS4 community needs are more Trophies to unlock to bring them back :slight_smile:

I am a PC player so I cannot judge the state of the game there and I seriously do not want to bad-mouth you guys playing on console, did so many years myself.

Personally I doubt that. You got some great suggestions but I do not like all of them like the admin demi-god one and the one about switching servers.

If already so many people left you really think they come back to switch at lvl60 to another server? What would be the challenge there except farming another token as you propose?

As previously said, I cannot speak for the consoles but I assume content is not the main objective even for you guys.
I read about many asking for the parity-patch, which should come out soon, and after I am pretty sure I will see a lot of you reporting the bugs the PC community already experienced at least it will be less already :slight_smile:

Personally I would rather go back to prior MOAP (500+ patch), not because I hate it or want to bad-mouth it, but because it brought me more disadvantages than advantages.
I am a PVE player on my own server so my playstyle is different and propably the PVP gamers do not agree with my statement, and thats fine.

They should fix the base game, adding content alongside would be appreciated but not as long it introduces new issues again, talking bugs not balancing.

Just my 2 cents :smiley:

No capes please!

A lot of people warned Funcom that the game was not ready for launch, but they did it anyway. It looks like things are happening exactly as we warned them. It’s like none of the guys involved in making major decisions at Funcom have any connection to the online gaming community. Sad.

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I’m telling u a cape alot would be great I agree with that one . Adding anything will cause lag. Lockpicking etc and custom is for the rp players that are keeping the game that people want to try a diffrent kind of PvP. And If u pick it up u can customize it ther way u want. And trust me horses would be fun they wanted to put mounted combat. Now that’s not going to happen from the look of things. But look at ark people ride animals all day and that’s a big thing , and u don’t want to see a spear on your back or sword and Sheild sheathed? That looks cool. Lol but seriously these are some of the 100 responses I got from other people mine is really just the counter, block with every weapon, a parry. And maybe a throw . I think that just alone will.make PvP insane . But again I don’t speak for the thousands just prob maybe a thousand and people that actually care about the game alot. But look at the numbers they don’t lie look at the fall in players.

Also I don’t care if u don’t want certain thing or don’t agree but please add comments so at least they can really hear us. Cause we all love this game cause if we didn’t we wouldn’t be keep posting your ideas.

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Capes was one of the the last major features City of Heroes added, before NCSoft shut the game down.

If Capes failed to save a superhero game, what makes you think it will augment CE in any way? :stuck_out_tongue:

CE really only needs 3 things to become great again ™ :

  1. To get fixed. (they are on it)
  2. Working purges and all attached mechanics (crafter thralls spawning)
  3. Vanity slots. (they’ll discuss it when all the other things on the list are done)

Capes were added in issue 2 back in 2004… the game ran till 2012 and had a total of 24 issues. Sorry but not one of the last things added. In fact it was one of the first things.

Die hard CoH fan here… still miss that game.

Oh snap. You sent me back to schoolin x) That’s what I get for trying to remember old things instead of double checking.

But yeah. Srsly awesome game. Innovative in every way. Totally ahead of it’s time.

In their defense, the announced date for release was made many months in advance, and before the combat patch was on Testlive. Things seemed pretty stable on Live before the combat update, but then that patch broke so many things…

In retrospect, I wish that I had reported more bugs while that patch was in test build, but I was optimistic that they were aware of (and working on fixing) more bugs. Now I feel it is necessary to bring every bug to light, regardless of how severe it is, because it still has an impact on game play and immersion.

Funcom has done a wonderful job on this title and it has been well worth the negligible sum that I paid for access, but it isn’t as polished as the games I grew up playing. I have had to lower my expectations in recent years due to games being released by smaller studios with the ability to patch things after release.

You could not patch things on the N64 or early PC games the way we can now, and so they get some leeway to begin making profit before the game is finished. While I lament that Electronic Arts has not released any replacement for SWTOR or that XL Games has systematically destroyed ArcheAge with each update, I do find it refreshing to see Funcom making such an original survival game. I just wish that it was more polished, lol.


Oh I forgot knock out other players . I know they said they wanted to do it better then ark. Still waiting on that