How about allowing lvl 60 characters to move servers?


I agree, move between major servers, just the level as leveling is such a grind, and when you are faced with abuse harrasment etc of a toxic community on a server you are told “just move servers” then they should make that easier and not have me back to square one.

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The problem is you are likely to get lvl60 trolls killing off the last population of the servers.


I do not think this is a good idea. In other games, I’ve seen ‘roving’ bands of high level characters jump from server to server all for the express purpose of ‘zerg’ killing everything and everyone in their sights. And it drove the remaining players away from the game. Unless there are safeguards in place to prevent such ‘trolling’, it would be disastrous for the remaining player base.


easiest way to solve this potential problem is with character transfer time limits, maybe only once a month for example.

Also, I don’t think this option will be feasible either. When a company starts handling character transfers, then a record has to be kept of who is where, what stuff they have when they transferred, and bringing on more people to handle the inevitable (“I transferred my character but she didn’t show up on the new server” or “Where’s my stuff?” types of malfunctions). Funcom is not Blizzard. They have less staff to work with and the overhead necessary to monitor all character transactions just doesn’t seem financially reasonable for a smaller software developer who, even now, struggles with just bug fixing, let alone adding full-time staff to handle the bugs and customer service that most MMOs have to deal with.

So while its an interesting idea, that needs safeguards to prevent PvP abusing trolls, from a financial and personnel position, it just doesn’t look like its going to happen.

In a previous thread I was sceptic about the idea of server transfer but I can see some advantages about this idea and I like several proposals you made so I try to add to that:

I think once a month is to long of a cool-down for that, the new server you choose could die of in a fraction of this time as well, so you would have to scout the servers, watch how they are and for that you just join blindly or create a new character and probably end up lvl 60 by the time you know the server and its community well enough anyway :slight_smile:

So probably once a week or so would rather be to the point IMO

That is a great proposal which makes me change my mind about my first sceptisism.

Here I have a question.
Do you mean losing the stuff in the inventory only or instant decay of your stuff on the server you left?

I personally would prefer the later so when you decide to switch the server your base and everything will decay or at least lose the ownership of it, scratch that last thing this would not prefent griefing players since they could just reclaim it later.

I feel you, that is what keeps me sceptic still.
But with you losing all on your previous server including the inventory would be way less of a incentive to switch just for trolling, but that is an uneducated guess of mine.

Here I do disagree with you about the liability FUNCOM would have.

Basically how you could implement this at a very basic level is like a “New game +” as you might know it from other games.

Say you want to change the server than you would use, as suggestion, the “Create Character” button. Then you get asked if you would like to remain on the same server or not, if you want to change then you loose your stuff, refer to my comment further in this reply, and get basically, upon joining a new server the chance to create a new character which get a vanilla lvl 60 (so you have to re-assign your stats and blueprints, might be required anyway)

Or instead of the button, you could make a special obelisk and a item to obtain before change, something as mentioned here:

I wrote that a few days ago. Only you should not forget that we PVP games and the RAID time is only 17-23. Traveling with his character and inventory would be good (certain amount) and without gods, that would make the game again interesting for many.

Characters are tied to the map file. This will likely never happen.

And do not forget that there is expiration time for buildings if no leader is on (as far as I know), would be bad if he comes back after 60 days so that would have to be changed and transferred to the clan. But otherwise I agree to travel.

Not gonna happen. But maybe how about a craftable potion, that gives you level 60?
Recipe will be automatically unlocked by an achievement for reaching lvl 60.

They should not be like that and make it possible for us

Almost like the Yellow lotus potion but one that jumps up your leveling.

It will be so fun to watch the stream of complaints when level 60 trolls start jumping servers and the guys that requested it to be allowed may be the loudest players crying.

It does not take long to get to level 60, jumping to a new server is not that big of a deal. There is no reason to transfer levels across servers.


Combining a bunch of ideas here, but on the idea of a “God Coin” used to transfer servers once per month/ 2week period:

Make the dungeon bosses alot harder and you earn an item from each. Then you have to find a forge that can combine them (very similar to end game in single player to remove your braclet). So if you want to return from the server you hopped to, you need to craft the item again. Kind of makes you work for what you want.

While true, empty character transfers (no inventory, buildings or anything) are entirely possible from a technical POV. Maybe it’s not quite plug’n’play TODAY, but I wager it’s close.

That said, I don’t like this idea at all. It WILL be abused, and even a small amount of abuse more than outweighs the (IMO relatively small) advantages a system like this brings with it. The thirty day cooldown is not a terrible idea, but the fact that limits like this would be necessary handicaps the system to near uselessness.

Not that I agree leveling to 60 is quick, for an average person just playing the game it takes positively ages, but if we’re having issues with orphaned thralls everywhere today, just imagine what it’d look like if people could jump server…


Yea…um…no…I remember during EA there was a group of trolling/exploiting scum (???) that would go from server to server destroying everything and everyone…leveling isnt hard if you WANT to level fast,trust me…let’s not make it easier for these people please.


Level 60 players do not need to bring their inventory to start on a new server. Being level 60 they can pretty much instantly start farming bombs and wreaking havoc.

I really don’t think the players wanting this realize how bad the downside can be or they are the ones wanting to terrorize players in new servers.

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I agree with the person who said it’s not hard to grind to lvl 60. But the jobless neckbeards hell bent on getting their jollies by zerging a server are going to do it anyway.

I’m thinking of the thousands of people who just play after work or on the weekends, who want some action, but their nearly dead server doesn’t have. For those people it would take a couple of weeks playing when they can, just to grind back to 60.

I recommend one can only transfer to another server once a month, at lvl 60, must be naked with no inventory, not in a clan, and structures they had on the old server instantly goes to decay status once they leave. At the new server, they start naked, lvl 60, in the desert.

I say give it a try. We may regret it, we may not. They can always change it later.


Not really, by the time the problem is obvious and fixed, you could’ve lost significant parts of the remaining players - who, unlike the “jobless neckbeards” are not likely to come back.

If it’s easy, it’ll be abused. That’s just a fact of online gaming.


While it is admirable to try and look out for the casual players who get bored from lack of other players or those who were harassed off, some people will always abuse any system available to them. As @Lexior1 pointed out, we had this problem in EA of people hopping servers just to make everyone quit, and they would do it again. Some folks just want to watch the world burn.