Design Your Chosen (of Asura)

Okay, so it’s Chosen time again, and we already have speculation on the who, now lets speculate on the how’s by ‘designing’ what your Chosen would be :slight_smile:

Something like:

Name: Doll the Barber
Gender: Random
Type: Fighter
Special Notes: Wields a 2H sword, has a chance to drop 2H sword called “The Razor”.

Have at it :slight_smile:
Edit: Be as serious or as ridiculous as you want :rofl:


Just when I finish my D&D prep-work for tomorrow, and there’s another NPC-building opportunity to keep me up! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I’ll bite!

L. Aeilhart, Marshal of Asura
Gender: Female (looks like my main, Alis)
Type: Taskmaster
Special: While most exiles fear The Purge, The Purge fears the cute little buxom blonde with the battle braid known as L! No longer challenged by Cimmerians or Votaries, Ms. Aeilhart now has a far greater task ahead of her: whipping the Exiles of Sinner’s Refuge into capable defenders! She fights with a mace and shield, and has a chance to drop a reinforced truncheon.

Lila Heart, Consort of Asura
Gender: Female (looks like my alt, Lilyana)
Type: Dancer
Special: A lover, not a fighter, Lila left behind the wanton ways of Derketo to seek a new path. She wields blunted daggers and will attempt to KO your follower and sap your stamina rather than doing lethal damage. Chance to drop pieces of various dancer armors with the Asura Survival bonus.

Auugh, I’m going to be tired at work tomorrow now and it’s all your fault @Barbiedoll ! :rofl: Fun thread concept though, can’t wait to steal some NPC ideas for my next D&D session. :nerd_face:


Valerie (like the name of my fanfic for this game that I’ve unfortunately not spent much time on)


Fighter (I sound like a perv saying she should have big breasts, but thought I’d point it out anyways)

Guaranteed to drop a legendary 2H sword, Fury of the Exile. Not a recycled design, but a deadly, menacing design. Acts like a torch like the Jedias Greatsaber, but a little brighter.

Valerie was a Blacksmith before being whisked away to the Exiled Lands, and eventually made a life of her own there, tormented by the memories of a better time. Unjustly crucified for crimes she may or may not have committed, left to die, she turned this anger and helplessness into a weapon to make a mark on the cursed lands. If the gods abandoned her in her time of need time and again, she would have to be her own god.


Love it.

Braens the Mirthful
Drops bird hatchlings, random
Proposed NPC taunt: I’ll talk you to death or I’ll chop you up, your choice!


This sounds like a character from Hyperdimension Neptunia rather than Conan Exiles.

My Chosen of Asura would be…

The Captain of Asura.

He doesn’t need a proper name. It’s a title that doesn’t give room for individuality. But he needs to have a mighty black beard.


Well, that would be:

Name: Warstalker, Chemical Warfare Specialist of Asura
Gender: Male
Type: Alchemist (nearest to my real world occupation)
Special: You always find two pieces of glas on his dead body…


Alright, I have a few ideas :

  • Name : Brutor The Brawler
    Gender : Male
    Type : Fighter
    Special Notes : His armor is just a darfari skin skirt, he fight only with his fists but he has special gloves that boost his bare handed damages ! (AND HE NEEDS TO HAVE A UNIBROW)

  • Name : Gavinrad, Asura’s Protector
    Gender : male
    Type : Fighter
    Special Note : Has a heavy armor chestpiece and a TH sword.
    He needs to be tall with a big beard (As I am in real life c:)


Name: Landec The Sightless

Type: Archer

Uses infinite legendary throwing spears

1700 HP but does bandit leader tier damage


Name: Crazy Cat Woman
Gender: Female
Type: Beast Master
Special: A very bad fighter, somewhat like T0. Relatively easily knocked out. Has some minions like this one:

or even this one:

Minions aggro on you to protect their “mommy” if you attack her and hit painfully, but don’t dare to hit them back! Crazy Cat Woman turns into an aggressive 3-scull boss if one of her “sweet kittens” loses HP. This boss is not knockable and has no loot. But if you manage to knock her out, tame her and put her into a special workstation - “Greater Animal Pen” - then she will with some possibility make such “minions” from kitten cubs you give her and will raise chances to get Greater or better versions of all the other pets using appropriate food (up to 50% for Gold-Vein and Silver-Vein Rocknoses).


But figuring out a cool or playful anagram of your forum username is half the fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Patio Knee springs to mind. :smiley:

@Kapoteeni because my Conan dog Malinois thread was shuttered I never did get a resolution on the Belgian thing. We are talking Tintin aren’t we? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a good guess, and you’re not the first one to make the connection. Unfortunately, it’s also wrong. My nickname predates the beard, and was actually inspired by the main character of Star Control II.

@Larathiel: I’ve tried. I’ve failed. That’s why I decided to be boring this once in my life.


OMG! :joy: They should be seated in a giant, gnarled rocking chair, wield a 1-handed mace, and yell, “GET OFF MY LAWN!” before sicking wolves on any attackers.


Acceptable idea.


Hasmedor the Chosen of Asura Who Secretly Hates Asura for Being Unreasonably Mystical and Vague and Dealing Him a Bad Hand This Reincarnation Cycle


An ugly, short, misshapen yet manlike creature. Pale, stringy hair, dull blue sunken eyes, and abnormally long arms, dressed in an assortment of stolen Aquilonian gear. Intelligent, wields Aquilonian longsword and belligerent to other Chosen so sits alone in a corner of Sinner’s Refuge or wanders the desert outside.

I have high hopes with the way that name flows.


She wields the Katana named Crom’s Faithful

Which descript reads as…

"In Cloudless blue sky, In Desert far from home…
One of Croms faithful stands, almost alone…save for thunder of horses and men yelling over hills. She was wanted, for all wrong reasons… with nothing to show for it but clothes on her back.
The sounds grow louder as they close in…

She Kneels, knowing it means nothing.
She Prays, knowing it means nothing.

But she is not praying to Crom, just mumbling to herself, as if to enjoy her last moments.
“I will live and die this day”

The men can be seen now, coming over dunes and stones. And for moment…she knows no fear, she welcomes them as she stands with arms out wide, to try there best. But then a gleam shines on her face… she pauses to look down at hilt of sword, barely sticking out of sand, lost to time.
She raises the sword, old, but still fair in use and lets out a Mighty Roar against men soon to be barreling down on her against cloudless sky.

A thunder is heard above her in the cloudless sky.
And she can only smile.

She was going to Live and Die this Day."

Now bumping into her…staring at Volcano… she survived her last day. =p


Not sure if I would use Sera… or characters name…

I would just Put “Iiniku, Croms Faithful” not be one of Azuras. She’d drop sword over azura’s armor.

The Belly Dance is even more sensual, imo. But we need a Pole Dance in this game.:grin:


For some reason the first image in my head was one of those imp things wearing armour :rofl:

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Heh, had a funny thought for a silly one…

Name: Balobdriell
Gender: Female
Type: Dancer
Special Notes: The much younger sister of Galadriel, who jealous of her sister’s ring of power attempted to create her own. Unfortunately, she wasn’t quite as good at reading, and ended up making a Ring of Plower, leading to her current profession. It was also not, as it happens, jewellery.