Dev wiped? Everything is gone

No one said anything of the kind if you choose to read.




Because so far, EVERYONE, without exception, who has complained in these forums about having their base wiped or being banned HAVE INDEED been using some sort of exploits or have violated one of the other common sense policies. I’m going to go beyond guessing and actually claim, you did too! I know you’re frustrated that you’re not getting your way remaining unable to make everyone think that FC is evil and out to get you - for financial gain or whatever, but did you honestly expect anyone to buy into such a fantastic conspiracy theory, really?

What were you saying?

So you link from another thread? Care to keep it to the discussion here? Did anyone here go hard at the OP? NO. You can drag a fight in if you want I guess.

That thread was (before it got flagged) very similar to what this thread is about. No one is fighting here


I never said that, nor have I ever considered you a WK.
We all know the drill with Funcom by now, wiping bases without recourse or communication. Since the OP admits they were stacking, and most others admit it also when they get wiped, the only thing left to discuss is why Funcom has a communication problem with their player base.


No actually I appreciate everyone’s feed back and since the official rules don’t actually state that stacking specifically is a mandatory ban I am only assuming that’s why my char is suspended. However I am aware of this alleged base wiping bug and any and all shared knowledge of similar experiences is both educational and appreciated so please don’t feel like you just got brushed aside because I could not retrieve the details of the suspension so I still dont know why it is so.

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We’re good. Good luck man.

And just to satisfy others……I do not cheat and I’ll admit that back in the day I was a solo main so I would have friends come into my base and help me spam bubbles, back when you could still do that but just because if I did not I would’ve spent every night grinding zeal to keep a bubble up. I didn’t like doing that but neither did I enjoy spending every night doing nothing but grinding zeal so to me it was the lesser of 2 evils, boredom being the other evil.

But upon admission to this clan I did in fact try to persuade the builder into dismantling the stacked door frames.


I would just like read the other thread as well for my own benefit……

I’m not abandoning this one.

#ImBigLeagueNow #PlayerStatus #WhatWouldWarpathDo :grin:

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I apologize I realize I’ve been neglecting to quote the people and the comments that I’ve been replying to. It’s been a while since I’ve been active in these forums, ever since CodeMage’s alt account got me banned from forums for using an alt account to troll JJ :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That’s was a 6 month ban, kinda extreme imo

that is simply wrong, enough people (including me) have been hit by the reporting ban meta that is being played on officials right now

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What’s is wrong?

Not similar at all. This guy is wondering what happened. In your case you broke the rules, got dev wiped, knew what happened, and instead of taking responsibility for your actions came here to complain how evil Funcom was and to tell us all what a victim you were.

You should be banned again for laughing about it. Not extreme in the least! You exploited the forum in order to break the rules. That’s as close to actual cheating as it gets for forum behavior. About the only other thing there is is DDOS or Swiping people’s passwords. But you don’t wanna take responsibility either?

What is it with people these days, or has it always been like this and I just never noticed? You do something wrong, get caught and punished, and then beg others for sympathy proclaiming your own victimhood. wuuut?

Whatever happened to: ‘I’m sorry! I won’t do that again, I apologize for any hardship I caused!

You know doing that apology thing will actually make people feel good about you, right? Doing the victim thing makes people think you’re a little b… erm, immature, at best.

There actually is a bug that has been reported AND acknowledged by FC, where yes, indeed, absolutely everything disappears.

So you need to check with Zendesk or something in order to find out.

I’m not the one who quoted me into this thread. That was all you brother!

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Several items:

  1. POI protection - if the base intersected with a POI, it may have been wiped by the POI Protection system

  2. Undermesh Intersection - if a building piece is perceived to have intersected the undermesh, it can result in an instability condition and despawn a base

  3. A ban - often, a ban will be preceded by a base despawn, followed by a ban 24 hours later

Best of luck.


Tremble, you puny mortals, before the the almighty CodeMage, who has the godlike power of getting people banned on the forums :roll_eyes:

Seriously, dude, I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I don’t have any alt accounts, nor do I know how to get anyone banned. Also, I don’t need alt accounts. If you’re a troll, I’ll say it to your face, like I always do.

But you do you, I guess…


Lol, that was you? I actually reported you, not Codemage. Sorry. Not sorry.

Only six months? I told them I wanted a year.


Hi @WhiteRabbit ,

Please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures