Developer Stream Recap: November 21st, 2019

Might sound crazy, but I really hope that they will consider allowing private server admins/single players to opt out of these new dodge changes via server settings. I really don’t like what I am seeing.


Nope… never mean that. But I thought that agility makes your dodge faster and not only when you can swing a weapon again.

And what does Peak4 of agility then?



Multigun deserves something extra for the holidays :thought_balloon:

They are thinking of it, they just need to find the right (type of) game for it.

For all known details on Funcom’s pipeline, see
(And if we’re missing any, let me know!)

Conan Exiles’ specific upcoming features are summarized here:
(not updated with latest stream info)


Quite up to, and exceeding, your usual standards, @Multigun. Your use of gifs to show the animated sections is spot on. I was able to compare and contrast, for instance, the various differences between rolls in different armors. Quite interesting !

I’m really looking forward to this now, while before I was sort of meh, horses? Stunning implementation, and I look forward to a lot of practice sessions with an array of weapons that I have previously disregarded. And the saddles !

Well done, devs, and I hope you got a little bit of sleep, Multigun !




From a different post…What was said in stream was that orbs and arrows would go thru God Bubbles, but per Tascha here, only treb ammo will.

@Ignasi Can we get confirmation on which is 100% correct? This makes a big difference either way. Arrows can be done drive by style, while trebs have to be built and planned.

you see, with will , and with the right mindset i am sure they could if wanted to find a solution to the problem, allowing it will ease a lot of people… not doing it, just show lack of interest . thanks for your input barnes.

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With the old dodge roll mounted combat would be useless as it’s so quick a mounted player would never hit you, and if he turns the horse around for a new swing the player is back to full stamina and could dodge forever. Let’s see how this new one plays out.

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Hey peeps, here is the info I just changed in the write-up. Credit to Tascha for pointing out the inaccuracy and a thank you to Robert for taking the time to clear up any confusion.

God Bubble Other Changes? Incorrect (25:16):

On the stream, Jens and Vlad indicated that both orbs and arrows would be able to penetrate God bubbles as well. However, post stream, Tascha made a correction.

Obviously, accuracy is important, especially in major PvP changes. So, who better to ask then Robert himself. He had this to say.

Orbs and Arrows work as they always have done - only Trebuchets were affected in their impact on god bubbles. To clarify, I know this because I’m the one who directly implemented that change.

Thanks to @Tascha for the attention into it!


Doubtful, not everything can be a toggle (and anything that turns into a toggle takes a lot more work then people often realize).

Mmaaaaayybbbbeee moddable. I’m not an animation expert, I know enough to get me into trouble, but in theory you “could.” Depending on if there is anything else going on during the dodge mechanic.

Personally I’m in the wait and see to try camp. And not in the try it for 5 minutes and make a judgement on it, more like, a week.

To clarify, the exploitable instances I was referring to are from the mod pick-up side of things. I know of a at least one way just from basic second hand knowledge of general modding mechanics, and the mod author (Testerle) who has such a feature in his Better Thralls mod knows even more. Testerle is easily one of the best coders the modding community has (and wiki editors). If Testerle has something to say that is code or back-end related, I treat what he says as written in stone accurate.

Temporarily enabling" such a feature as some players have called for, I’m against that too. Or at the least, I can understand why doing so wouldn’t be a good idea.

As far as knocking out your own Thralls? Haven’t given it much thought to be honest. If it can be done in a way where it’s a permanent feature that isn’t exploitable, then ya, sounds good to me. Maybe add in an extra mechanic that doing so risks them turning on ya? :smiling_imp: Of course that latter part is highly unlikely given the window in which deployment is coming, but ya, just thinking on it.

I hope some sort of solution is offered though, just don’t really know what that could be. I do appreciate all of the back and fourth ideas people have thrown out there though :slight_smile: Have been some really neat ideas if nothing else.

You didn’t miss it. Robert sent it to me post-stream :slight_smile:

I double confirmed this with Vlad post-stream, since it wasn’t clear on stream.

Agility does not make the actual dodge mechanic faster, only the action of when you are able to initiate your next command coming out of the roll.

The 4th Perk for Agility is Nimble Tumbler, in my screengrab from the stream it says

Nimble Tumbler - When dodging, your armor counts as double

That’s a slight text change from what it is now. I am unsure if it’s different or just a clarification on the existing system in place.

Fun fact, Joel Bylos was in the financial stream a couple of weeks ago (via chat). I don’t recall his exact wording, but it was more or less along the lines of that the mounted combat system was at least partially inspired by Mount and Blade. I never played it, but looked up some people’s reviews and videos on the general mechanics. Looked pretty fun, and people’s responses for it is by far largely positive. The Dev Stream definitely reinforced the belief that I think the system used will be popular among the Conan community too.


So it seems that the main reason for not allowing thralls to be returned to inventory (via either pickup or KO) revolves around exploit concerns, particularly where the thrall’s inventory is concerned.

However, what if when we elected to Break Bonds, the lootbag that drops contains a brand new version of the thrall that was just dismissed? i.e. Instead of storing the deployed version of the thrall, complete with inventory and stats, it simply does a lookup on the thrall’s name/descriptor (e.g. Cimmerian Berserker, Darfari Bearer III, Nordheimer Entertainer 1, Beast-Tamer Varet) and places a brand new, level 0 version of a thrall with that same template into the loot bag?

What if this was only available for legacy thralls?

In this way, anything the original thrall had nested in its inventory would be dropped, and the thrall in the loot bag would be as if we just removed them fresh from the wheel save with no starting gear. Would that not avoid the Pokéball scenario that people keep bringing up? If limited to legacy thralls, would that not also preempt the endless attempts to respec a thrall that people are concerned about?


This makes sense. Wander how hard it would be to implement? It is basically just doing an item match to the thrall id, and giving you that thrall in return as a new item,

Still would not solve the hidden bugged thralls, but would help with people who have those pesky purge thralls.

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i dont care what the solution is as long there is a solution. . i am confindent if they are willing they will find a way to do so, i mean common, they can add mounts but cant find a solution to at least temporarily recover some of the hard to get ones? to show respect for the time players has invested in finding and capping some EXTREMELY rare finds?

thats even easier… enable the solution BEFORE you add the leveliong system., (voila, no one will redeploy a rare thrall before the leveling system so the thrall can gain advantage of it once its active.

this is a neat idea.

break bound on thrall (will destroy and summon a new one wearing the basic armor and weapon, just as it will be spawned in a purge …

recapture it,

tame it.

put it in a stash until the leveling system hits. (now tell me this system is exploitable) it is just a summon . and recapture it as usual., at least enable it only for purge thralls. !!!

that should be MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to do than adding mounts, and will show respect to players invested time.


As always an excellent write up. I’m always in awe of the detail you put into this. Thanks again and again and again.

My thoughts and opinions will be covered in video form. :wink:


Yes peoples I know that three consecutive quotes at the beginning of a post is bit over the top. However, I am planning to breakdown and analyse what I see as problem components of this change, and will need to draw from them. Ok so I get the impression we are basically going to have to start walking around with level 30 Agility just to be able to recover from a dodge in a timely fashion? And so we rightly should be able to dodge roll and escape easily in combat. For Singleplayers and Solo PvE players it is absolutely vital to be able to quickly breakaway from combat and buy enough time to quickly consume a healing item and regroup before jumping back into the fray. Especially when facing large groups of 5-6 strong opponents such as Skeletons or Lost Tribe, or more agile opponents such as the White Tiger and Albino Bat. Then there is the massive dilemma this creates for newer players. This change is going to hurt newer players period, but it will especially disadvantage them in PvP. A newer player will be simply out manouvered by higher level enemies. How on earth is a player under level 20 who does not have Agility 30 or a Horse yet supposed to stand a chance against, or even escape a lvl 60 player with high Agility or Horse? They will be utterly annihilated!

Look I dont have a problem with re-balancing the said weapons if they genuinely feel it is needed. And I can understand wanting to make Heavy Armour more competitive. However, this games dodging system is one of the few things which I didnt ever want see rebuilt from the ground up. This game already has an outstanding dodging system which is crisp and responsive. Do we really have to turn this into a race to the bottom by slowing it down just to “make certain weapons more viable in combat”?

For the gods sake please, PLEASE leave the dodge as is. If it aint broke dont fix it.



I see more problems coming than resolving.
Fix the big issues first, like getting under the navmesh.
I forsee problems like bubble will be easily broken by the new patch, that means hardcore gamers will find spots like undermesh you guys call it, spots that arent suitable for playing the game normally.
Problem is you make each other harder to find while your goal is to find each other quicker.

Everyone is so hyped just by some horses, I like they are trying to get people moving faster in a way and might make combat more interesting but I don’t think this will be a solution for players to come to Conan on long term, because you still mis the core of this purpose and if I would say you can better spend that energy on a different project which makes more sense for long terms like making this world more interesting instead of dungeons, like why you want to move players faster and does it really add more combat plays!? This is more for RP gamers like decorating thralls and these are the people the developers are listining to.

For example the healing arrow, the problem is that you have players/gamers that like to do dungeons on their own and gamers playing straight forward with a thrall and get the stuff as soon as possible, which is not weird if you need a complete armor and have to do the same dungeon every time with the same variables again and again and again and again and again, but horses makes it all right for most people I guess. But what I mean by this example is if you did the dungeon once, it doesn’t make it better twice. If you want to do something effective you should remove the healing arrow instead of decreasing.

We also can say that the dungeons are to easy if you are with 5 people, are developers making the dungeon harder because of this? No…

Dodging and rolling, devs should not only take one part of the attributes to make changes, they should redo the whole attributes system instead focussing on 1 part.

I am not a dev, I wish I was but think more on long terms instead of panic changes to get more people on. Now you have the hype with the mounts but I think people will leave soon again when they have ride their horses for a week. I’m playing on PVP servers almost on my own the whole time, I have problems finding players to fight/have fun/improve because of the map design where most developers lack on like Call of Duty, you have a decent map but it is not interesting enough (long term) for a open/survival/adventures world. I have to say I still learn this game while playing almost a year, that’s one of the reason I love this game (LONG TERM SIGNAL).

Advice to begin with again:

  1. Re-balancing (and removing when more are added) on weapons & armor, but always keep an eye on this.
  2. Map re-design (current is good, but needs big adjustments to keep it interesting)
  3. Keep the current dungeons, but make the newer in a way that it is more variable.
    For example the big guy in the Brimstone Lake, make it a big bird and when starting looting Brimstone it might come after you instead triggering when coming close.
  4. Make a dungeon for teams but no power rewards, maybe rewards for customizing thralls or horses so many players will be happy :P. But I hope you guys (devs) played the game “Destiny” and doing the raid “The vault of glass”? That raid made that game and every new raid the devs made wasn’t a succes in my opinion, it was shorter and more shooting action instead of thinking how to come further.
    Bosses in between which makes you do stuff as a team or you will die as a team and start all over. Like the Warmaker dungeon has a little element with this, keys!
  5. Think harder on long term objectives.

Good Luck!

ps. Please don’t update if you break more.

That’s understandable. I definitely don’t expect a toggle to happen by any means, and it’s a stretch to hope for something like that, but they have no reason to consider it if nobody asks.

I think you make a very fair point mentioning that folks should try this out for a week rather than five minutes. I’m going to give the new dodge mechanics a try when the update arrives. I don’t expect I’ll like it, but you never know. I might be pleasantly surprised.

My concerns lie with the non-combat applications of dodging. The fact that something used so frequently is getting this change a year and a half after launch just doesn’t sit well with me, either.

Also, thank you for doing the recaps! Even though I usually get to watch these streams, it’s helpful to have a summary to look over afterwards!


Im not super against the changes to the roll dodge system, but I have my reservations as well. I like the side step dodge alot as im more of a small movement and precision kinda player, so I Don’t like seeing it removed. Although I have felt that all of the dodging should be the same for the three armor classes with varying speeds.

So here’s my suggestion :
Keep the sidestep. add it to every armor class and put it on the dodge button.

Keep the roll, make it part of the jump system in the likes of tomb raider, etc. have it so that you have to lock on to do it, then “jump” in any particular direction. It’s a system that works in plenty of other games with similar combat systems and is always well received for simplicity and control.

Make all of the sidestepping fast, make the rolling vary in speed according to armor class, love the need for agility, bingo bango more diversity to every fight

To be fair though, in heavy armor I CRUSH the albino bat and white tiger :tiger2: with a jedias greatsword and teliths lament and a throwing axe. I dodge quite fine with the sidestep, and shrug off hits with no problem.

P.S. I’m still agreeing that the rolling and dodging needs some more work, just thought I’d ad that. Ive noticed it takes two sidesteps to get out of most monsters reach, and that could be addressed as well.

Tying rolling to target lock is a terrible idea simply for the fact that a lot of people (myself included) don’t use it - AT ALL. The step dodge being removed is a bummer though, I agree with you there. The main issue I felt with the step dodge was that it had too long of a start up animation compared to the near instantaneous speed for rolling.