Regarding God Bubbles after the upcoming patch/dlc

And ur gonna do what once the update comes out and trebs can shoot ridiculously far and can shoot through god bubbles? Also i dont know what server you play on but its very very rare i raid a base and dont find atleast 1/2 the dragonpowder i spent to get, then probably find thralls, purge thralls, legendaries, power fragments, starmetal, and who knows what else. Sure you can farm for most stuff but when u raid a base and most of it is just sittin there for the taking… On my official server i may not wipe a base cause u can see whats in containers. On the private server everything is locked and you gotta blow EVERYTHING leaving you really no choice but to wipe the base.

A single bomb is worth more than a starter black ice house. Raiding is nothing more than an elaborated form of griefing atm. You gain nothing and that’s also the reason why players in CE take things a lot more personal than in other multiplayer games. You literally just raid to wipe enemies from the server rather and not for the riches in that base.

Yeah, I have to agree on many people here.

You get punished on long term by developers, every good idea they will break that for reasons to make the game more interesting. But the update is for new people to make it easier for them instead finding motivation to learn and dominate the game. Devs want RP gamers to be hardcore gamers.
Bubble pillar bases, I often see mistakes but people are to lazy to investigate and expect devs to do something with their problems and taking away objectives that makes it interesting for hardcore players.

It’s getting worse by every update IMO compared when I started playing this game. I enjoyed this game a lot but I’m afraid of the new updates. ARMOR/THRALL Bug in the previous patch has made me building a new base etc because I got raided at that time and lost all my stuff (still I hate this fact why devs released this update without checking it better), but it is getting better like this, focussing on stuff which is not really important on long term for this game, to bad.

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dritt, that changes everything… I was getting ready to wipe all teh tower bases with ex+gas arrows in one afternoon

It will be interesting to see how far my treb will shoot from my base which is at the height restriction for building.

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Thanks for the clarification.

Absolutely sure on this? That’s quite the opposite of what they said in the stream.

You would have to go to the volcano and climb up to see where it stops letting u build

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"How "to kill PvP aspect in the game ?

1.Nerf Vaults = Kill solo players

2.Make Bubbles useless = Remove latest defence for small tribes

3.Wait when cheaters who have ton of duped explosives/arrows pulverise your base and wipe your server.

Serieusly devs are you plaing in PvP on your officials servers ?[2e07a072-d6f7-11e7-8461-37eb13761826]=true&sort=-players&countries=DE%2CGB

Probably no :frowning:

If the treb has any height to it i doubt it will matter



I really like the idea of a archer tower that has it’s own agro system with much greater range than a thrall. Maybe also a scout tower where u can place a fighter and it will blow a horn when enemy players are withing x range of your base. There is a lot of cool possibilities with these towers, great suggestion.


Well you have a raidtimer. You can repair, you can destroy their trebuchets and on the other side aiming with this big range is no easy thing to do.

That is very ignorant… I knew the game before God bubbles came and before vaults were made so cheap that people used them as trashbins all over the map. I assure you it was the opposite - players were way more engaged in PvP and less in grinding up materials. As well as builds were planned better - you wouldn’t just spam the map with PvE houses for decorum.

That’s harsh. We’re each entitled to an opinion, and for @Snake to say that, I’d expect he joined our rag-tag group sometime right before Official Launch. I do agree otherwise with what you say.

I believe PvP died when clean players realized they don’t have a chance against exploiters. Not with a bang but a shrug.

What thralls? :stuck_out_tongue:

I jest, I jest :wink:

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Perhaps this is coming from your own personal experience, or maybe the servers you play on just have really terrible communities, but the raids I have done, which have been many at this point, often result in worthwhile loot, and even when they don’t they still often result in some form of loot, it is super rare to get nothing out of a raid, unless you are a bad raider and can’t tell that the base you are raiding is a thrall taming shack or a decoy building or a fish trap base, because then you may come up empty handed, but if you know what to look out for then usually you will get something out of a raid.

Not to mention there are other reasons for raiding without the need for loot, sometimes you want to remove a rival, maybe you got raided and want revenge, maybe you are settling a score with another clan or maybe you just like to watch the cool explosion physics as you blow into some bases.

If you are going around raiding 1x1 black ice shacks and then upset that you aren’t getting loot from them, don’t assume that is how everyone else plays the game. When I raid, I scout a base first, make sure it will be worth it, check if it’s active, I have a look at the lay out etc. More often than not I come out richer than when I went in. Also like someone already said God bubbles are not going to be a “impossible to raid” defense anymore so that point was irrelevant, and lastly talking about raid times isn’t relevant either, you can easily play on a server with full raid time if you wanted to, and even if you don’t it does not make you unraidable. Me and my buddies play on a no week day damage server, raiding is reserved for weekends because we all work full time jobs, but somehow every weekend we go raiding and blow into a few bases and also defend and have people trying raid us.

Believe or not some people play these kinds of games for these reasons, and some people actually enjoy the back and forth of raiding and getting raided, You may feel it is just a form of griefing but that does not mean it actually is. I take it you play PvE? and if not then maybe you should consider doing that, I enjoy the PvP in this game and I don’t feel griefed by it. If you do then maybe PvP isn’t your thing, and that is nothing to be ashamed about.

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Yes - confirmed.

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So, pillar bases on big pillars are still OP. What is reason of this change? It’s still not possible to raid pillar base near Summoning Place. This change will make only small bases weaker

On most official servers Alpha clan has base on pillar near Summoning Place and new clans should build their homes on small pillars.

New change will make Alpha clans stronger against new small clans!

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